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you snooze, you loose. 

Congrats Jurita on a real find and wow, what a match.. you look like you fit together perfectly! 

Thanks for the honest, open explanation.  It pays to be up front about what happens in the long run.

I really appreciate everyone being so understanding, and truly appreciate that you respect our honesty in this as well.  

Today it was made official!  Jurita came over to help with the horses again today.  Weekdays work well for us sometimes to do these things because with working weekends at times, we will get a day off during the week and then the day is without the hustle and bustle of weekend activities.  We really appreciate the help too!  Jurita and Travis will be coming this weekend to pick up Levi, but we did some adoption day pictures today since it was such a nice day.  

A big thank-you and congratulations Jurita!  

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Wendy W - WI
I am actually misty looking at these pictures.  I am so happy for you Jurita!  I also see you have used your clippers already.  [biggrin]
Beautiful pictures Karen and Congrats again Jurita!

Ha!  Someone noticed!  She made me do most of it!  Oh, I am not good at it either!
Congratulations Jurita and Levi!!  I love the pictures and look forward to the updates [smile]
Donna R
Beautiful adoption photos!  Congratulations Jurita and Levi!
Denise S - WW
Love the pictures. Rogan knows he has hit the jackpot! Congrats again...are you gonna call him Rogan or Levi?
Yes, I had Karen clip his mane. I realize looking at the photos we spent all this time clipping that mane and I brushed him all over head to tail and then I combed through his tail really well, and then didn't even bother to quick run a brush through my own hair. Ha! Can anyone relate to that?
Tricia - No. WI
Congratulations!  What a cute couple!!  
Jenni O.
I bet all the horses get clipped and you neglect shaving your legs, too! [tongue]. I think we all can relate.

The pictures are awesome, even if you didn't brush your hair for them. Lol.
Kelly S. Yes, I adopted Lobo the grulla. I also adopted Sassy the mini and Mandy the mini mule. I didn't think you were a stalker. LOL. I am glad someone is reading the forums and paying attention though.
Jenni. My legs look fine. I just wear shorts to the barn sometimes and run my clippers over them while I am clipping bridle paths. [biggrin]
Jurita, you are a real HOOT... run the clipper up and down your legs...[rofl] *Levi* looks beautiful, and by the smile on your face, it just doesn't get any better than that. Congratulations girl![thumb]
Donna M
I see nothing wrong with this adoption process. The first person with an approved application is considered. 

Congratulations Jurita! What a beautiful match. I know what a wonderful home this special boy will have. Looks like you will make that 2015 video after all. [wink] 
Love the pics!  Levi looks great with his new haircut! 
Eli was introduced to the herd and it was pretty uneventful. thank goodness.

Mandy did introduce herself right away and it went something like this, "Hi, I am Mandy. These are my teeth and here are my back feet!" LOL..Mandy..gotta love her.

Travis did snap a couple photos so those will be coming in a day or two.

Right now Eli is just going to just spend a few days getting used to the routine and his new surroundings.

I am calling him Eli because since day one I had accidentally been calling him that. One day I sent an email to Karen about him and mentioned that for some odd reason I kept accidentally referring to him as "Eli." Much to my surprise she informed me that she and Scott were accidentally calling him Eli as well. We had no idea we were both doing that until I mentioned it in my message.  I thought it was such a bizarre coincidence!
Jenni O.
That Mandy, always the extrovert. Eli-Levi-Rogan will win her over in no time. Can't wait to meet this guy.
Jurita, as soon as I read how you described *Mandy* introducing herself to *Eli*, I laughed out loud all by myself... Too funny. I think you will have plenty of FUN just walking out to your pasture. How many pastures are LOADED with that type of personality? You just never know which one will do something just HILARIOUS.[rofl]
Denise S - WW
Glad he is home & things are going well! LOL Mandy!! Eli is the perfect name! Congrats again to you, Travis & Eli!
Nice update Jurita!  I love that Mandy Mew had to be sure she was making a lasting impression [smile]  She is such a character!  Glad all is well [smile]
Kara B.
Eli sounds like a great name [wink]
A couple photos

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Name: eliMandy.jpg, Views: 311, Size: 220.49 KB

Name: Eli_Day10002.jpg, Views: 314, Size: 173.23 KB

Name: EliDay10008.jpg, Views: 313, Size: 260.76 KB

Jenni O.
Wow, love the color palette! I see no attitude in that top photo at all. Too funny. Will you be ready for Lake Wissota sometime soon?
Donna R
Oh Miss Mew!  That would be her stamp of approval to the new member of HER herd.  I love the name Eli.  It really fits.  Beautiful herd!  Your updates will be fun to read as always.
You have an awesome herd Jurita and a great home for them all.
You will be kept busy with all the riding but I bet there will even be a smile or 2 along the way.

Ditto Donna: always nice to see the virtual herd updates.  Sometimes even in person.

Gotta love the Mandy Mew photo...what a hoot that girl is, just made be burst out laughing!!  Glad all is well with Eli & the herd.  How interesting about you, Karen & Scott all calling him Eli.  It is a nice name.
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