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Rolo - 16 yrs. 

$600 - Rolo is a 16 year old Appendix QH gelding. He is sound, healthy and a pretty big boy at 16.2 hands tall. He is ultra mellow, well broke, loads, leads, ties, is good for the farrier, vet, etc. Rolo's donor will be working over-seas and because she will no longer be able to see him much, she opted to trust MHWF with his future. Rolo has done a little of pretty much everything you can ask a horse to do over the years. He started out in Montana as a college equestrian team horse. He has done some jumping, dressage, trail rides, drill team, clinics, you name it. He had a minor suspensory injury a few years back, which healed great, but because of it, no more jumping. Other than that, he is still a big, strong, super mellow ride, capable of doing just about anything. The past few years he has done some low level dressage and been used as a lesson horse for advanced beginners. Rolo can be a little lazy at times, so if you are looking for speed, that's not him. Honestly, he is pretty solid and all he really cares about is his food....he is a big foodie for sure. He does not buck, bolt, bite or kick and is a very sweet and trusting soul. He would make some teenage girl the horse of her dreams for sure....or anyone! 

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We would also like to add a few photos his donor emailed us from Indiana, where Rolo has lived these past 5 years.

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Heike B
What a cutie!  He sounds like the complete package.  Kudos to his owner for making a tough choice.  How lucky for him to have landed with MHWF!
Cassandra PS
What a big handsome guy!
Donna R
What a handsome big guy!  That halter shot looks like something my non-equestrian family members might seriously try with the thought they are putting it on correctly[smile].
Oh, I love him!
Rolo looks like a nice combination of training, experience, and goofball!
How beautiful
Barb S
Good looking and a wonderful personality...lots of women looking for that 😉😆
[love] he is gorgeous!
Heather J.
To adopt him should I just complete and application and wait to be contacted?
Hello Heather. Yes, to adopt any of the horses you need to get an application in. We will contact when the application is processed, which we get done quickly. An approved application isn't for any specific horse, but sets you up to adopt any horse here that may be a good match and your application stays on file with us.
Thank you for thinking of adoption!
Jan N
Wonderful!! Tentatively Adopted, Mr Rolo -- good going you handsome hunk! Two of them I am discovering on the forum finding home(s) on the same day. Well, turn your head aside for a few moments and sometimes great things happen. Good Luck Rolo!
Hooray for Rolo! Someone is getting a wonderful boy! Congratulations!

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