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Wow someone does a nice job with the camera! Beautiful pictures of Beautiful Rosie!!
Rosie looks wonderful and sounds like a perfect addition to our herd...working on our application!
Denise S - WW
Wendy...hurry up! :-)
Debbie T.
I'm the Deb T. that adopted Monte (the 16H quarterhorse gelding) in August(2012).  I'm seriously considering Rosie - Am wondering how she would be with just one gelding.....
Jamie M

wondering why Rosie is still there and not adopted yet!  Such a beauty of a mare!  I would be checking her out if I wasn't at my limit already!  Hope she goes to her perfect home soon.

Deb S.
I am suprised that Rosie is still available.  To the girl with one gelding Yes Yes Yes,  She loves a boyfriend!  She is a horse anyone can ride!  Our issues with Rosie are ones that Scott should tell you about.  They we're not in anyway, about manners, rideablity, health, etc.  I think if she would bond with one friend it would be best for her or have a large enough herd that she is complacent. 

She is the most trustworthy and not at all marey even in heat.  We could saddle her up cold and go out for a ride!  Try that with my TB, that's need lunging before mounting!. 

I really liked this mare, she just had some issues that forced us to return her.  She obviously is not having those issues at Scott and Karen's, but there fence line doesn't butt up with a neighbor's that also has horses. We had 10 horses that  became one big herd rather than two small herds.

This mare is a jewel in every way shape and form.  She just likes a lot of boyfriends.  PS.  all my neighbor's horses were geldings as are my other 3.

So she was the wild woman with the Chippendales and she loved it, my neighbor not so much! Lol!

Bump for miss Rosie! Any updates on her?
I really don't have much new to report about Rosie, other than we have been riding her outside of the round pen and she really enjoys being out of the round pen much more than in it.  :)  She does great riding around the property here and she will make someone a great trail horse. 
Shocked, just shocked that she is here this long. 
Emma F.
I'm shocked too. This horse is beautiful.
Is she still available for adoption?
Would she be compatible for an intermediate rider?
Scott: MHWF
So am I.
Ger R
Have you guys been working with her at the canter? Does she know her leads?

We don't have an indoor....winter happened around here, I'm not sure where you are from but it's been brutal here. 

Danae K.
I love her so much!!
Scott: MHWF
Little miss Rosie went into heat this week and decided that she was in love with the only tree left in the pasture, so she backed up into it and punctured herself in a place we won't talk about. So we call a vet and get her cleaned up yesterday. She has a tear on her vulva about an inch long. With the amount of blood she lost, we were certain it was going to be something much more serious. She's going to heal up just fine and will be on antibiotics for the next ten days.
Floozy - likes it a little rough huh?!
Kara W.
Bahahhhahahhaha OMG that is the best thing i have read all day! Thank you 3Ponies!
Ouch! Poor mare!! Love our chaste tree & raspberry leaves to calm that heat cycle. Our mare would rub herself so much she'd make sores on her vulva, dock & butt cheeks. Now it's just an occasional cramp/need to push & rub, but no more sores or tail loss
Rosie's never done anything like that before, and she hasn't been rubbing on stuff....kind of an odd, out of character thing that was hopefully a one-time thing. 

I've heard all about the dog shaming pictures.....

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I attended a clinic not long ago that had a reproductive specialist that also had a part. He said in a nutshell March/April are the hardest heat cycles for mares because it's their 1st big cycles again after winter & the shorter days. They can be pretty wonkie hormonal & behavioral wise because of it.
Hang in there Rosie! This too shall pass ;)
I have to say that with Rosie she isn't showing any behavioral signs at all of being in heat.  She isn't rubbing on anything or acting funny at all, she is acting normal, mostly standing around eating hay at a round bale and going about her normal business as usual.  The vet guessed that this was the cause, and while I hate to get into great detail, the only reason we guessed this is because when washing and cleaning her up she was winking a little bit, so that was our only clue that she was in heat.  Other than that, she showed no signs of anything and you would not know that she was in heat.  The vet put that picture together and guessed that is what happened, but as far as we know she could have just backed into that tree by accident, or who knows what else, or even taken a kick to the area.  So, no need to feel sorry for Rosie thinking she is having a tough heat cycle...she seems absolutely fine in that respect.  And the cut isn't serious and is healing great. 
Wendy W - WI
Oh what about the spring itchies?  I can see that happening because I see my horses itching with the shedding.

Hope Rosie heals up quickly and without any problems. 
Jenni O.
LOVE the horse shaming photo!  Poor girl, but as I said on another thread tonight...better her than me.  Hahaha!  Not that I would ever have that issue.  I stay away fr...ok, I'm quitting while I'm ahead.

Horses have a gift for doing things to mysteriously injure themselves.  Hope she recovers quickly and steers clear of trees in the future. 

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