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Wendy W - WI
Oh what about the spring itchies?  I can see that happening because I see my horses itching with the shedding.

Hope Rosie heals up quickly and without any problems. 
Jenni O.
LOVE the horse shaming photo!  Poor girl, but as I said on another thread tonight...better her than me.  Hahaha!  Not that I would ever have that issue.  I stay away fr...ok, I'm quitting while I'm ahead.

Horses have a gift for doing things to mysteriously injure themselves.  Hope she recovers quickly and steers clear of trees in the future. 

mel d
Oh Rosie, sometimes a girl just has an itch! Hope you are healing up and stay away from the wood!
Oh gosh, Rosie is so beautifulll~ <3 If I could get more money this baby would be at the top of my list. What a pretty girl.
Scott: MHWF
Did anyone notice that Rosie got marked as tentatively adopted today?
Kara W.
I did... sorry I couldn't post it was crazy busy @ work today... but congrats! that is wonderful!
Jenni O.
Really?! Awesome! Congrats to Rosie and person/family. Woohoo! I'm sure she will be a well-behaved girl in her new home.
Lindsey N
Just getting around to the computer time and saw Rosie's update.  Fingers crossed!!  I just knew there was someone right for her waiting around the corner ;)
That is awesome!!!  Congratulations to Rosie and her new family!!
Congratulations to Rosie & her new family!
mel d
Well isn't that awesome!
Heike B
Looks like it's official now, YAY!!
Congrats Rosie!!  You are going to do fantastic in your new home!!
Lindsey N
Gooo Rosie!!!  Can't wait to see adoption photos!!
Congrats to Rosie and her new family. This has been a long time coming.
We are so thrilled that Rosie finally found her home!!  Gena and her daughter came and met Rosie last weekend and did fantastic with her, so Gena and her husband came yesterday to pick Rosie up and take her home with them!  Rosie has a few things that she will test people on now and again, and thankfully Rosie did test so they could see first-hand exactly what we were talking about.  They both handled Rosie beautifully, riding her around the property and Rosie respected them both and did great. 

Rosie decided that she did not want to leave and getting her on the trailer was an exercise in patience that Gena passed with flying colors. 

Thank you so much for choosing adoption Gena, and we look forward to hearing updates on your adventures with Rosie girl! 

Here is a picture from adoption day, April 7, 2013. 

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Jenni O.
Awesome! Congrats again.
Once we got Rosie into my trailer it was smooth sailing.  She rode nicely, maybe because she was so tired she couldn't move. :)  She settled into her stall for the night no problem.  She has been a total angel.  Thanks for the kind words Karen, it WAS a test of my patience but she still got treats when we got home.
Hi Gena, thanks for posting!  I'm glad the trip went so well and things are settling in so nicely already.  Rosie is really a sweet mare and you guys are really going to enjoy her.  Thank you so much for taking her into your hearts and pasture.  :) 
Lindsey N
I really am super pumped for Rosie :) It is so awesome that she found someone who understands her!
Rosie or Roz as we are calling her has made a new freind.  Her, yes I said her, name is Classy.  She's a
4 yr. old quarter horse mare that is boarded at my place.  We have not done too much with Roz yet, just
spoiling her for now.  We did have one ride which went great.  Then had one try at trailer loading.  It
took about 45 min. but much less drama this time. LOL  Roz and I are hoping to get together with Harley and Dedee next week.  I will hopefully post some pictures.
Sorry, picture didn't work on the first post.

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Hi Gena, thanks for posting!  That is so sweet Roz has a new girlfriend, and they both look great too.  :)  I'm glad to hear that your ride went great and less drama with the trailer loading!  I hope that you guys have a great visit with Harley, and we'd love to hear about it too.  :) 

Jenni O.
You get to ride with Harley?  Cool!  Wonder how th ehorses will react when they see each other.  Great update and photo.  Happy trailering!  I'm sure it will get easier each time.
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