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Rosie looks so beautiful...as do your other horses!  Thanks for sharing!

Miss Copper Robin (Rosie) - 16 yrs.

$400- Miss Copper Robin, or Rosie as we have always known her by, is a registered APHA mare. She is sound, healthy and broke to ride. She has been used as a lesson horse as well as trail riding. She has been ridden both English and Western, but mostly Western. Rosie is current on all her shots, wormers and trims. She leads, loads, ties, is good for the vet and farrier and gets along well with her pasture mates. We have known Rosie for the past 5 years and also know her original donors who live in the neighborhood, so we know where Rosie has been and what she has done for a good share of her life. Rosie stands at about 15 hands tall and will make someone a great trail or arena partner.

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Hey I want to give a bump to this thread for this beautiful and qualified mare.  I am shocked she is still available.  
Jenni O.
Also adopted?? Wow, spring has sprung!
Rosie did get adopted and went to the same home as Cheyenne.  I had scheduled my lunch break from work today so that I could help with loading and get adoption day photos, but unfortunately the adopters were quite late and my work break time had passed, so I have no adoption day photos.  
Scott can update Rosie's thread with more info as soon as he has time.  
Jenni O.
Apparently Scott is not allowed to touch the camera, lol.

Congratulations, lucky adopters of two horses!
Rosie and her new adopter!

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[biggrin]*Rosie* looks marvelous... Congratulations to her new adopter, and what a really beautiful duo when you also adopted *Cheyenne*... Wow, you will really be NOTICED with these two paints on the trails...Updates will be very appreciated...[thumb]
Congrats. Good to see Rosie find a new home.
Jenni O.
Nice photos. Enjoy your mares!
New pic of Rosie from today!

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Jenni O.
Looks windy there too! Rosie must be behaving, bareback and in a halter. Nice!
Yaayy Rosie!  You guys are looking awesome!!  Thanks so much for the pics, we love 'em!!  
Looking good!
Rider looks very comfortable, and *Rosie* looks very relaxed... great photos.
Ashley W
Rosie is doing great! She evens rides out alone with no problems!! It's great. She is very well behaved! Her and Cheyenne get along great! Cheyenne is the lowest on the pecking order so we have her and Rosie in a separate pasture now. They do well together.

Miss Copper Robin (Rosie) - 21 yrs.

$400 - Miss Copper Robin, or Rosie as we know her by, is a 21 year old registered APHA mare. She stands at 14.3 hands and is sound and healthy. Rosie is broke to ride and has been used as a lesson horse and trail horse. Rosie has not been used as a lesson horse for a very long time, but will make the right person a very solid trail horse, something she enjoys. Rosie is not a horse for a very green or timid rider, but someone with a little time in the saddle will do very well with her. She is sweet, healthy, easy to catch, loves to be groomed, leads, loads, ties, great for the farrier, etc. We have known Rosie for many years now and want to assure anyone interested in her that the reason she is back has nothing to do with her at all. Her last adopter used her as a trail horse and did very well with her.

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Rosie is such a nice looking mare!
Can you update her pictures and her status I would really like to know more.
Sure, we will do that soon.  If you have an approved application, please give us a call and we can go into great detail with you on any of the horses that are available for adoption with all of their current updates, and set up a time for you to meet any of them as well after that.  [smile]  
Thanks [smile]
A couple of snapshots from the pasture today of Rosie with her friends.  Rosie is doing very well and ready to find her special someone!  

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Rosie finally got adopted, and let's all say a little prayer that it truly sticks this time for her!  Lorie and Bob have met Rosie in the past, back when they adopted Chloe, the Paint stock mare that they adopted 3 years ago.  Lorie also adopted a horse named Bo from MHWF waaaayy back in 2001!  Lorie and Bob want to give Rosie her forever home.  They came and met Rosie and they had a lot of fun playing with her yesterday (11/11/2017), and decided to make it official.  Rosie will be joining adoption horse Chloe soon!  Rosie is still here with us, but arrangements will be made soon for her pickup and heading off to her new home.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Lorie and Bob, and we really look forward to hearing about your adventures with Rosie and Chloe both.  Even though Rosie is still here, we decided to do an adoption day photo anyway, and this couldn't be any cuter.  

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WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! Great news! Congratulations ❤️
Jenni O.
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