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Lorie B.
We are beyond excited to be Rosie's new Mom and Dad. We told Chloe and she was happy too. Bob bought her a new saddle pad and bit today and he's acting like a expectant father. He saw new saddles in a catalog and wants to buy them matching saddles. Slow down honey I told him. Rosie will be loved and spoiled like Chloe is. Picking her up on the 25th......
Barb S
Fantastic news! Congratulations!!!
Kate L.
So Happy for you guys [smile]   Congrats [smile]
Sandy K
Congratulations to Rosie and her adopters !
Congratulations to Rosie and her new family!  Great adoption photo!!
Lorie Bump
We cant wait to pick her up on Saturday..Bob bought her a new saddle blanket..a new silver bit and a blue rain sheet..She is going to be a fashion diva like Chloe is..Bob said he wants his girls looking good...

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Lorie B.
Here is a pic of Chloe..Rosie's soon to be sister....

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Donna R
Congratulations!  You probably just want Thanksgiving to hurry up and be done with so you can pick up your Rosie[smile]
Chloe looks beautiful!
Lorie B.
Thank you..now we will have 2 beautiful girls..
Bob E.
Yes Chloe is a bit spoiled and  Rosie will be too.  It's been almost 3 years since she came into our lives and it's been quite a learning experience,Chloe has leaned to trust us quite a bit and gets better every day.  I've learned a lot including not to fall off Chloe as much L.O.L.[smile]  Rosie is going to be a great addition to our family as Chloe is good on the trails when she has a buddy with her and Lorie and I can ride together, this will be great !!!! I'm so excited to bring Rosie to her new home,, makes it a greater Thanksgiving !!!  Thank You Scott and Karen for giving me the opportunity to pull a couple more post it notes out of 55 gallon drum bucket list.  
Lorie B.
Lorie here..Chloe has taught us so much and our love for her grows...Now We will extend that love to Rosie..I give thanks to Scott and Karen for the opportunity to have these girls in our lives..Thanks to the love of my life Bob for sharing my love of horses. I love you honey....And thanks to God for making all this possible..
Jenni O.
Happy trails! You must have been taking turns before. That gets old fast...I'm not one to share riding time, lol.
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