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I think that I may be getting Rosie's thread started here before her profile is up on the adoption horse's page because Scott is stuck on the phone yet and hasn't gotten there, but I want to start her thread for her while I can. 

Rosie just arrived here today, Wednesday, September 23rd.  She is a lovely Paint mare who is really built.  She seems to be settling in very well already.  I do not have any further information than her profile will have since she just arrived, but I will update this thread as we get to know Rosie better. 

Rosie does have one blue eye and I will share a shot of her showing off that off here. 

Welcome Rosie! 

Drop dead beautiful!

Denise S - WW
Another beautiful paint!!
Patty Rottmann
I am speechless!  When I took a look at this gal! Then the blue eye did me in. Positively beautiful!

Whatever do you mean?  I told my husband I just needed this beautiful horse, and all I heard back was a grunt from the couch...


What's been up with Rosie?  I can't believe this pretty baby hasn't been snapped up!!  She had me from hello!!  If I had the means, she'd be mine, mine, MINE!!

Eric B.
I agree with Jodi, I do not know why someone has not snatched up Rosie.  I might have to try her out when I take Hazard back.  She is a beautiful horse.  Someone needs to take a chance on her.

Eric, we can make a deal!!  If you and Christie adopt me, then I can adopt Rosie!!  How's about it??!! LOL!!

Eric B.
As long as you keep a paying job, and turn your paycheck over to us.

I really just want to get on her and see how good she rides.

Rosie is quite a striking looking horse.  She has a lot of personality to go with those looks, and I'm sure the right person is out there somewhere. 
We will have to pull Rosie out again and ride her soon before the weather completely turns on us.  We will post pics and details of that as soon as we are able to and hopefully that will help people take a second look.   

Well, I sent out my application tonight.  I am really excited to see if any of your horses are a good match for me.  I am so impressed with Rosie.  She is so beautiful...actually Chrystal caught my eye too :)  I love your website and respect what you guys are doing. 

Jane Liess

Good luck, Heather!  I'm sure the right horse will find you!

Sara F.

I want this horse beyond want! I have the perfect home for her! she is beautiful and she has that look in her eye that just screams intelegince!!!!!!! wow I cant spell, but I want Rosie badly!

Rosie is still here waiting for someone to come along and make her a part of their herd. 

Here is a picture of Rosie from yesterday, December 9, 2009.  (I have to admit, I'm having so much fun getting eye shots also of Rosie with that gorgeous blue eye)

"Fire and Ice"



Jodi W.

She is such a pretty baby!!!!  I've been praying that Santa would bring her to me, but alas...  I just want her to find her happy, forever home.  Love that eye!!

Lori W

Very cool.

Kiersten A.
Wow! I never noticed how blue her eye really is! It practically glows  She's a very pretty girl. ^^

i've been keeping an eye out for a match for my mother in law, has Rosie been ridden yet?


We cannot ride in this frigid weather, we do not have an indoor arena and the footing in the round pen is not good right now either way. 


ya its cold here in northern mn too!!!! i was hoping maybe it wasnt so cold there! or maybe she got ridden before. Thanks for letting me know!!

I really love taking pics of Rosie with that blue eye.  Here is another one from this morning. 


That is one really cool pic.  Not only do I like her blue eye, but I have always had a "thing" for pics where they are over the back like that.  Good shot, Karen!  Thanks, as always, for sharing your photograpy skills!


 Very cool picture of Rosie!

christie Bronder
Awesome. Love the eye AND the lines in this photo. Nice work, photog :)

Awesome picture Karen (as always!)!!!!

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