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mel d

This one is pure art...would like a print of this on canvas.


Have to agree Mel - that is a cool shot and would look really neat as a canvas print!!

Denise S - WW
OMGosh that is beautiful!!!
Absolutely beautiful picture! I love it!!

My sister and I have been at Midwest twice now. The first time was to choose between 3 horses we had seen on the site. One of these horses was Rosie. Unfortunately we decided she was not right for us and we chose Mikey. Rosie is a fabulous horse and she is very loving. I felt bad walking away from her. Today when we picked up Mikey she stood at the fence watching us load him. I know she was wishing it was her. She gives you that "Pick me, Choose me" look. Please take another look at her and tell everyone you know about her. I know that all of these horses need homes but there is something a little special about her. She tugs at my heart but we could only take one and Mikey fit the bill for us. She needs to have her own special someone to love her.


I can't wait to hear what they have to say about her.  Poor Scott, I have been bugging him for 2wks about her now. 

Finally, an update on Rosie!  Now that the ice is gone and we have gotten so many projects done, we finally took Rosie out to ride.  Thank you Karin! 

Paige, go ahead and give us a call and we can go into greater detail than I can type here. 

Rosie has horrible ground manners, the time off over winter did her no good in that department.  We worked with her for a while today on that and they are much better already.  We will continue to work on her ground manners at every opportunity, and that should be good in a short period of time.  I do not think that ground manners were worked on much in her past, but that will come for sure.  I can say that I do not think that Rosie was ever worked in a round pen in her life, and for now any work needs to be done on a long line in the round pen.  We did get her to the point we felt she was okay to ride.  I/we do not like riding horses who are rude/pushy on the ground, but with some work and with her listening she was behaving wonderfully and we felt ready to ride.  Karin rode her for a bit in the round pen, and kept her at a walk.  Rosie did very well with that, but we did not feel like taking it further than a walk today and ended on a very good note. 

We can now say that we know for sure Rosie is not a horse for a beginner.  Rosie will make someone an awesome horse, and that person will have to be strong willed and not let her get away with being pushy.  Rosie will do very well with someone who is going to work with her and show her leadership. 

Here are a couple of snapshots from today of Rosie being ridden in the round pen. 

Wendy W - WI

She is beautiful!  I love your honesty on horses and with that, they will go to the proper homes.  She will be so worth it in with the right leader and teacher.  Beautiful girl.

Sara F

She looks beautiful! if she just worked on her manners a little more she would look awesome in shows!!!!!!

*Rosie* looks really nice. With Karin on her, that looks like a MATCH... anytime Karin is on a horse, it looks just right! Yes, *Rosie* is a good looker...

Well, guess I got my answer   I will continue to look.

Laurie L.

The good news on the photos of her being ridden is that she is looking alert and "forward" vs. pissy.  Since she took real well to her refresher lessons, I'd imagine that someone who isn't a real nervous rider would do ok with her as long as they took it slow and didn't let her get away with any shenanigans. 

Scott: MHWF

Yep, that's exactly what we said.

mel d
Yep, some horses need more reminders than others after "winter break"! Ruby is an angel, Stormy needs lots of "hey buddy, no way...get your head back in shape!" Looking at Rosie, she probably is just doing a little testing...

I commend you for telling it like it is. One of the many reasons people can trust you when adopting. :-)
Actually, this isn't just a winter refresher with Rosie.  Shortly after she came in I took her in the round pen to work with her and assess what she knew (in fall), and she was very disrespectful, etc., and I dismissed it to her being in a new place and not being settled yet.  Some horses can be like that, and then a totally different horse once they are settled.  With Rosie it is that she was not taught the proper ground manners, but if you want an easy problem to fix that would be it.  Rosie is the type of horse that is going to need someone who is not going to be a pushover, or she will revert back to those same ways of being pushy.  She is going to make someone one heck of a horse, but we just do not feel she is for the beginner or anyone who is a complete pushover, someone who knows how to keep manners in check. 

It serves no one any purpose to not be honest about the horses....we don't want to see them not be the right match, we want the adoptions to stick and the horses and adopters be as happy as possible. 
Kelly S

Congrats, Deb, she is certainly a striking horse!  I totally agree with Wendy, I believe you get what you put in.  Even the most well trained horse will take time to click with a new owner or rider.  Even if you don't have the training experience, an open mind and eagerness to learn is half of the battle.  I really hope it all goes through for you and have fun with her!

Deb S.

Thanks for the kind words.  Rosie is very striking, but I long ago quit the show circuit.  With over 300 miles of sand roads in my backyard, I think having fun on the trails is in the cards now.  My neighbors who all ride western are going to give me abit of a tease.  That I now have a horse more to their liking.  They used to take bets on me when I'd ride English with our TB's out on the trails.  Nice Guys, huh! LOL!


It looks like Rosie got adopted! I've been watching and wondering about her. Best Wishes to her new family!

Scott: MHWF

Rosie heads off to her new home sometime this week....maybe even tomorrow.

Jenni O.

WOO HOO!  Congrats, Rosie and adopter.


Congrats to Rose & her new family!

mel d

Another congratulations!

Deb S
Hi to all,

We are going to have a cup of coffee, and hook up the truck to the trailer and we're off to pick up Rosie.  We'll all really excited to finally get her home.  Our trip to Alaska was profitable, but didn't get the one thing done for Scott to work on our web site.  Will pursue that shortly. 

But back to Rosie,  Rosie and I are going to be going to clicker training classes, much like dog obedience classes.  Our trainer is only 5 miles up the road, so I will trailer her there, work with him, and Rosie and I will come back with our "homework".  I saw Blair work with my TB and my hubby's Fjord and loved the results.  I think this is one of the most amazing methods I have seen.  Let you know how things progress.

For tonight , Rosie has a 12 by 12 box waiting for her so she can get to know the guys in a safe environment.  Both geldings we have are really laid back, so I am not anticipating any issues. 

Wish us luck!

Congrats & Good luck with your new girl & the training :)

Oh, YAY!

Congratulations!  I think clicker training is a great way to work with a pushy horse- really gets them thinking about what you want them to do to earn the reward, instead of just barging in and grabbing.  And once they get it, you can click under saddle, too.

Sounds like another perfect match.
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