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Deb S

I want to let Scott, know we made it home just fine.  Rosie trailered very well , after the not wanting to load tantrums.  I think she is going to be wonderful for clicker training as she is "food"  oriented.  She has settled into her box stall , and the boys are out in their Paddock and she couldn't care less.  Tomorrow they go to the big pasture and she gets the paddock and maybe a bit of grooming and getting to know one another.


Thanks for letting us know Deb, we appreciate that!  I am so sorry that I missed you today picking up Rosie, I would have loved to have gotten a picture of you two together.  Congratulations from me too on the adoption, you two should do great together! 


Glad to hear she's home and settling in well.  Congrats!

deb s
We Will keep you updated with pics.  Already the neighbors love her. We have a flashy girl in our pasture.

deb s

Wow, Rosie is Awesome.  One of our employees (horse savvy person) told me how do I pick them?  Well, Scott had a lot to do with this adoption, and so far so good. She is bonding to us more than I thought.  I am falling in love with this mare!  My luck!  Just in the little time I have played with her today, she is separated from the geldings. She is respectful and willing to relate to me.  I am impressed and Scott knew the horse for me. I wanted one of the TBs and he told me no , Rosie was the horse I needed!  Thank you Scott, she is.  Your horse sense is too the max!!  I can't wait to teach her more things in clicker training. Just the few basics I did today. She is ruled by her stomach, and I promise she willl not gain any more weight. Thanks for a great horse!

Kim M.
This is wonderful! Mom and I loved Rosie, but figured she'd be too much horse for us. We'd love to see pictures of you and her as time goes on. Continued blessings to you!
HOORAY! Congrats to Rosie and new family--can't wait to hear future updates and see photos. Your comments got Eric and I interested in clicker training and just googled it--had heard of using it w/ dogs and seals, but not so much horses. Neat! Happy Mother's Day--new horsey mama!  --Christie
Jenni O.

That is great to hear!  Guess Rosie waited so long for a reason.  Best of luck with the clicker training. 

Deb S.

Talked to Scott tonight, and he thought you might like to know how Rosie is doing.

Well, we love her!  She has a minor issue of not liking to ride out alone but well it'll come.  She has super adapted to the craziness here.  She has to listen to the harmony of 50+ sled dogs when they start singing.  She could care less!  lol!  She occasionally adds a few notes in for fun!  She gets along with both my TB and Hubby's Fjord. 

The farrier came today and trimmed, she was a jewel!  In fact, the other two horses shamed old 20 year old Lestat (TB) into be the "big horse" not the Baby horse!

I will try to send some pictures shortly.  But as an update, Rosie is a wonderful horse, and we're thankful to Scott & Karen for recommending her.


What a great report!! Sounds like you and your family are busy over there :)


I'm so glad Rosie is working out so well in her new home, thanks a bunch Deb!! 

mel d

Thanks for the update and happy trails :-)




Rosie arrived back to MHWF a few days ago and is available for adoption.  She was doing great in her adoptive home, being ridden and doing great with that, but they had an issue with fencing and apparently Rosie getting out of their fencing.  In the whole time Rosie was with us previously (as you can see she was here for some time, I believe about 9 months), she never once even tested a fence.  She has been back since last week and has again not so much as even looked like she has thought of testing or going through a fence.  I just wanted to report that, as that is the reason that her adopters brought her back.  We certainly can't find any sort of issue with Rosie with fencing at all and never have.  We have waited to list her until she was here for a week to be sure we didn't see anything odd and we surely haven't. 

Rosie is a very nice looking and solidly built mare who has never had a lame day or any health issues whatsoever.  It is reported to us that she rides just fantastic, and we will be test riding her soon as well. 


Miss Copper Robin (Rosie) - 16 yrs.

$500 - Miss Copper Robin, or Rosie as she is known by, is a 16 year old registered APHA mare. She is sound, healthy, well broke, has always had good care and is a solid, well built mare. Rose stands at 14.3 hands tall. She is current on all of her shots, wormers and trims and is ready to go for the rest of this season. Rosie is easy to catch, gets along well with her pasture mares, is good for the vet and farrier and has been ridden quite a bit, both on trails and in the arena.

We have not yet been able to test ride Rosie since her arrival, but will get that done soon and will update her listing then. Being that she has been part of MHWF for a few years, we already know Rosie and can pretty safely assume she will ride wonderfully.

Here are some current pics from Rosie from today, 7/25/2012: 

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John B.
I am confused.  From being a great horse to now a problem with a fence???
And she never had that issue prior or now? 
I really hope this great looking - behaved gal finds a forever home, she deserves one!
I remember Rosie. I too am wondering about the fence situation and what kind of fence was used. My paint was putting his head between the two top rails and pushing on our fence. He couldn't get out but was making the posts loose. Anyways we ran one string of hot wire between those rails. One good ZAP and he leaves the fence alone now including the turn-outs that don't have hot wire.
Beautiful!!!!  She looks like Josey! 
We had an awesome group of volunteers here at the farm today, which I will start a separate thread for.  I wanted to mention that Rosie got lots of attention and Kara even rode her for us today!  Rosie did really well, she saddled up very nicely and took the bit and bridle just great.  She did walk and trot very nicely, but just did not want to get into the canter today.  Kara did get her to take a couple steps of canter.  Kara spent a lot of time with Rosie and it is clear that Rosie is a very confident mare who needs a confident handler, and even though Rosie didn't want to get into the canter she surely does have a lot of energy.  If you read through her thread from when she first arrived, I can say that her ground manners have improved greatly.  The ground manners can be a little rough around the edges with her being a little pushy, but nothing that isn't easily fixed and dealt with (and will be). 
Thank you so much Kara! 

Here are a few pictures today, 7/26/2012: 

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Name: rosie-ride2-july26-301-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1104, Size: 150.38 KB

Name: rosie-ride-july26-288-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1113, Size: 147.32 KB

Kara W.
Rosie is a fun little mare :) I think she could trot for HOURs. With someone that can guild and focus Rosie I believe she would be a wonderful horse.
Her ground manners are very good when redirected correctly. And let me tell you that one blue eye of hers is just BEAUTIFUL! With a little time and work someone is going to have themselfs a really fun horse :D
Deb S
We never wanted to return Rosie.  We found that anyone of our family could go out on the trails with her.  We did not do much cantering so that may explain the reluctance there.  She was never spooky nor cranky.  She was good for vet and farrier, and was good girl.
I am grateful Scott and Karen have not had the fence problem with her.  Perhaps the herd is large enough and she doesn't need to look for a boyfriend elsewhere. But as Karen and Scott can tell you we did take excellent care of her.  I wish her new adoptive family luck.

We have yet to get a single call about Rosie and I think there are some folks out there who are missing out on a very nice horse. This is a horse that is still in her prime, is an easy keeper and just about anyone can ride her. If you are a trail rider, looking for a good reliable horse......here she is.
This is a nice looking horse and sounds like a great ride. She showed up in some of the photos on the thread about the volunteer workers and caught my eye. C'mon people..take a look.

BTW I don't think anyone doubts the care she had in her last home. From what I can tell by the photos she was well cared for.
Scott: MHWF
Another BUMP......Rosie is the perfect horse for someone....loves to trail ride and is an easy keeper, easy to get along with.
I was able to hang out with Rosie for a bit this Saturday. She is a pretty girl and very friendly. Seems like a real sweet horse that likes to be around people.
Rosie is a great horse and I hope someone comes to meet her soon! 
Here is a quick pic of Rosie and Mandy sucking up some attention on Saturday. 

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