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Rosy - 14 yrs.

$500 - Rosy is a 14 year old Appy mare. She stands at 14.2 hands tall and is a sound, healthy, well broke mare. She has been used primarily for trail riding, being ridden Western. We are very familiar with this mare because she came from a friend, and one of our Board members has been riding this mare for the past 6 years on a very regular basis. Rosy is a laid back, veteran trail horse. She is current on all her shots, worming and trims and is ready to go for the summer. She gets along well with her pasture mates and is good for the vet and farrier. She leads, loads, ties, crosses water and will even swim with a rider on her back. She will also come running when you call her to come get her treat. She is an easy keeper and has no bad habits. Rosy got kicked in the mouth last year and split her tongue. It has been healed up for a long time now, but because of it she cannot have a bit in her mouth. She has to be ridden in a bosal, hackamore or a halter with a lead attached works great too. Her owners are moving to Tennessee and cannot take her with them. This is not only a beautiful mare, but a well broke veteran with exceptional manners and a nice quiet personality.

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Photos now added!
She would make a nice girlfriend for Cody! Very nice! My appy boys would fight over her I'm afraid....
Jenni O.
I love her coloring! One more nice horse to choose from. Perfect age and height, trail horse, and no need to waste money on bits! :)

What a pretty face on a nice well rounded, experienced mare!

Sandy K
I am so glad we were able to get one more day of fun in before her new adventure at MHWF . She is going to make someone a great trail companion . She loves to lead , but will follow if asked . I cannot say enough about how she has given Sandy's other horses confidence on the trails over the years .

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Stop I say.....you guys are killing me over here with all the wonderful horses you have up for adoption. I want them ALL!!!!
mel d
Someone...I wish it were me... is going to get a perfect, ready-to-go trail partner. I told Stormy there is a beautiful appy girl waiting for me, he was not too worried...ha ha.
Seriously, Rosy sounds like one wonderful horse.
Donna M
When I saw her on FB I thought "Wow, what a beauty!". She sounds absolutely perfect and will find her new home soon. Sure wish it was up here in northern Wisconsin.
I think Monte would like to have her around!
WOW!!!  She sure didn't last long.  Congrats to her new family!
Sandy K
Congratulations to Rosy's new adopter . She is going to have a wonderful horse who absolutely loves trails and if she has a younger horse , will give him tons of confidence . I'm so happy for both Rosy and her new adopter .

Congratulations to Rosy and her new family!

Jenni O.
That was fast but not surprising.  Congratulations and happy trails, or whatever you plan on doing.  Hopefully the weather cooperates for a nice summer and fall to spend getting to know your new horse.
mel d
Ah, and there she goes! Congratulations!
Rosy's official adoption day took place yesterday, 6/10/2013!  We are so happy that Rosy found such a great home and so quickly too.  We know Rosy so well since Sandy (my sister) has been riding her for the past 6 years, and we hope she does well with her new family. 

Lisa was looking for a horse for herself to be a buddy to her daughter's horse and so she could trail ride with her daughter.  Lisa had been interested in Pippin, but Pippin got adopted before she could meet him.  But that was not a problem because Rosy seemed to be exactly what they were looking for! 

We hope to hear lots of updates on Rosy's new life!  Thank you, and congratulations Lisa! 

Here is a picture from adoption day, 6/10/2013.  I want to explain the beautiful pink halter that Rosy is wearing. A wonderful lady named Toni came by the MHWF farm brought 20 halters, 10 pink and 10 blue. The Sandy Hook tragedy hit her really hard and she was thinking about the 20 acts of kindness and she came up with this idea. Each horse that gets adopted now will leave with a beautiful rope halter with attached lead rope, pink for the mares and blue for the geldings. You will notice that there is a little horse figure attached to the halter, and each one of those little wooden horses attached to the halter has the name of a Sandy Hook victim on it.  What a wonderful way to remember them and share their memory!  Here is an adoption day picture of Rosy in the beautiful pink halter in remembrance of ANA from the Sandy Hook tragedy. 


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Lisa C.
Here is Rosy in her new home!  Will post more pictures this weekend.  Thank you Scott & Karen and Sandy for the chance for Rosy to be part of our family.

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Photos of Rosy  and her new pasture mate in her new home tonight!

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Sandy K
I am so glad to see Rosy in her new home and settling in . Looks like she is getting used to wearing a fly mask . Hope she's enjoying her new buddy .
mel d
Congratulations! Rosy looks very content in her new surroundings :)
Lisa, you sure look HAPPY with *Rosey*. *Bullet* looks great. Almost like 2 bookends in that leanto!
Am excited to watch for your updates, and photos, and then will come those adventures when you saddle up... thanx for sharing.
Lisa C.
I just got done doing ground work with Rosy all afternoon, she did awesome. We did showmanship, in hand walking and trotting and then I did lunging on a lunge line with her and she listened very well and she would stop on a dime when I told her to. When I told her to walk she walked and same with trotting and cantering. When we were all done I did a join up with her and she came to me when my back was turned all by herself. She is trusting me now and I will be doing this with her every day until I get my saddle, I love her so much.
Thank you again,
mel d
Congratulations, you have one fine horse :)
I am so behind with all these horses finding great homes.  Wishing you all the best.
New pics of Rosey tonight!

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