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Lisa C.
Rosy's her new haircut.

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I love the new haircut, and *Rosey* is gorgeous.
Sandy K
Awe how cute ! She has such a ladylike forelock .
New pics of Rosy to share!

Rosy trying to help me shovel, trying to get a treat through the gate and trying to stay warm from the-40 below on Monday & Tuesday.


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*Rosie* is one beautiful appy. She is in it to HELP you and HELP she will. I love these photos.. Its a nice haircut, because in alot of the BEAUTY SALONS one can walk out with some choppy holes usually in the back, so it is more difficult to see. She is unique in her own space, and the photos are PRICELESS. Thanks for sharing Lisa.
Jenni O.
I LOVE those whiskers! She looks like she's quite the goofball.
mel d
Gotta love the "helpful" horses! Super photos, thanks for sharing.
Lisa C.
A couple more pics of Rosy.

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She is such a pretty Appaloosa!
Val P

Love how she has her legs tucked up under her blanket. Snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug.

Jenni O.
She's adorable. Does she play with that red ball?
I LOVE the muzzle-through-the-gate photo. Maybe there could be an extreme close up thread to capture more delightful photos like that. Odd angles or poses are always my favorites.
Gabby C.
Yes Rosy does play with that red ball!! She loves it. She's very curious and uses her mouth to investigate(: She also likes to chase birds that walk into the paddock and is infatuated with butterflys(:
I wanted to send you some updated pictures on Rosy. She's doing awesome! Mom and her have been doing consistent groundwork everyday, and believe it or not, she loves ground poles! She used to be really testy, but now she's so much better! She's really a sweetie, and she favors Mom over the rest of us! Me and my sister will come out but she'll pay attention to us for about, oh, 2 seconds. Then she'll walk down at the end of the paddock to wait for Mom. Oh and I might be showing Rosy in some halter classes at the fair, but we're not sure yet. Thanks again!

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Hello, its Gabby again! Our county fair is almost here and we did a photoshoot for our fair pictures. Here are some of them we did with Rosy. She is definetly a looker and photogenic! She grabs the eyes wherever she goes and she knows it! 

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Such great pictures!  What a cute pair [smile]
Jenni O.
Wow, very nice!
Really great photos... I like them ALL but the first one is a WINNER... how her eye is keeping track of the photographer.. nothing is getting past her... She looks AWESOME....and she sure DOES know it.
At fair this year, we cleaned up pretty well! She got a top 5 in halter out of 20 horses, we won our western showmanship class (with 2 nice big trophies by her stall) and we went into the grand and reserve championship class for our showmanship as well! We didn't place in that one though, because we are still working on the pivot and that was one required move we couldn't do. Other than that we did great!! I qualified for the State Expo with both Bullet and Rosy but we decided not to go because it's too much stress and I already went once; the horses placing well at the county fair is good enough for me!! We love Rosy and we've started some trick training so I'll update you on the progress soon!! Here are some pics from fair and around the farm of Miss Rosy.

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Sue J
Great update!
Brings back memories of my fair days way back in the day. Some of my best times with my horses growing up.
Thank you for posting.
Donna M
I always admire people like you Gabby who can take a horse to events like this. I enjoy watching but not sure I could accomplish what you have. What a wonderful job you are doing with her. You and Rosy look great!
Jenni O.
You always have great photos. Rosy has such cool coloring, and I bet she really stands out at shows. Congratulations on all you've accomplished!
Rosy and Gabby won 1st place in Showmanship.

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Job well done!!  Congratulations to you both!!
Jenni O.
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