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Way to go Rosy and Gabby! 
Sandy K
Congratulations again Gabby . Sometimes I forget about going to the forum when I've seen photos on Facebook , as I am sure others are guilty of doing also . Rosy is such a character and it's great you keep her busy with new things . I've attached one of my favorite photos of her clowning around after a trail ride .

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Congratulations Gabbie & Rosy!!  Way to go!  Love the water pic too...LOL
Rosy is such a good all around horse for almost anything, & has
become quite a good little lesson horse for Abby to ride as her horse Zelda
is getting older & on medication for her arthritis. She gives Abby just
enough to work on during that lesson while behaving like a good girl. Never
thought she would become a lesson horse for a kid, but she has! Such a calm
collected girl. Beautiful walk, trot, lope & everything in between.

Thanks for everything you guys do, & for giving us this opportunity to adopt
an amazing horse like Rosy! 

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Sandy K
It looks like Abby and Rosy are going to be best buds for a long time .[smile]
Rosie and Lisa

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Great shot!  Love how Rosy is eyeballing the camera!
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