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Way to go Rosy and Gabby! 
Sandy K
Congratulations again Gabby . Sometimes I forget about going to the forum when I've seen photos on Facebook , as I am sure others are guilty of doing also . Rosy is such a character and it's great you keep her busy with new things . I've attached one of my favorite photos of her clowning around after a trail ride .

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Congratulations Gabbie & Rosy!!  Way to go!  Love the water pic too...LOL
Rosy is such a good all around horse for almost anything, & has
become quite a good little lesson horse for Abby to ride as her horse Zelda
is getting older & on medication for her arthritis. She gives Abby just
enough to work on during that lesson while behaving like a good girl. Never
thought she would become a lesson horse for a kid, but she has! Such a calm
collected girl. Beautiful walk, trot, lope & everything in between.

Thanks for everything you guys do, & for giving us this opportunity to adopt
an amazing horse like Rosy! 

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Sandy K
It looks like Abby and Rosy are going to be best buds for a long time .[smile]
Rosie and Lisa

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Great shot!  Love how Rosy is eyeballing the camera!

Rosy update!  😉  


Today’s adoption story is about Rosy.  Every horse that comes into Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) has their own unique story, and every one of them is just as great of a horse as the next.  There are great people out there who are a perfect fit for every one of them.  Today’s adoption story is about Rosy, an Appaloosa mare who came into MHWF in 2013, coming to us from a family who was moving out of state and could not keep her.  They wanted the best for Rosy and entrusted MHWF to find her the perfect match.  Rosy was adopted in 2013 by Lisa and her daughter, Gabby.  Lisa was looking for a horse for herself to be a buddy to her daughter's horse and so she could trail ride with her daughter.  Lisa, Gabby and her family absolutely love Rosy and she has been perfect for them.  Here is a recent note from Gabby, included with the photos of Rosy from the county fair and from Gabby giving lessons to Abby on Rosy:

“She is the perfect horse for our family… We still can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years already. She has personally taught not only Abby & my mom, but even me as well. I have learned so much from her & she is one of the reasons why I chose to pursue an Animal Science major at UW-River Falls. We love her to pieces, & again, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to adopt such an amazing horse.” 

A huge thank-you to Lisa, Gabby and family for choosing adoption!  We are so happy that Rosy has enriched their lives and has such a perfect home. 


#HelpAHorse #EquineAdoption #EquineConnection #RightHorse #GreatPeopleGreatHorses #AdoptionSaves 

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Beautiful horse, beautiful family, beautiful story.
Love these adoption stories by the way!
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