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Rowdy - 10 yrs.

Rowdy is a 10 year old Morgan/QH cross gelding. He is a short, stocky guy standing at 14.1 hands tall. Rowdy is current on all his shots, has a brand new Coggins and just had his feet trimmed. We are told he is a pretty solid trail horse, but he just arrived, so we will let him settle in then put a few test rides on him. He is sound, healthy, well broke and is a cute little dude for sure. Stay tuned for updates.

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Heike B.
He's sooooo cute!  He looks like a pony :-D
What a cute little guy!!
What a wonderful face!  Looking forward to updates!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience.  We do have riding evaluations done on both Rowdy and Tye and I have a bunch of video to render and get uploaded.  I will get it all posted up as soon as I can.  

I will briefly say that Rowdy is definitely not for a beginner rider.  This guy is a little powerhouse, and he could do anything.  His movement is amazing and he has quite the motor.  
Dressage ✔️
Jumping ✔️
Eventing ✔️
Cross country ✔️
Trail for someone who enjoys a little powerhouse ✔️
Possibly endurance if conditioned ✔️
Western Pleasure NOPE!  Not a prospect for WP  

Stay tuned!  

That must be the Morgan half! I'm remembering Belle, the Morgan mare, zooming around the arena during her test ride.
What a handsome guy!! He’s going to have a bright future!
I have some video of Rowdy processed finally to share.  

As I mentioned in my post above, Rowdy is definitely not for a beginner rider and needs someone with confidence.  This guy is a little powerhouse, and he could do anything.  His movement is amazing and he has quite the motor.  

Rowdy had his riding evaluation done this past Saturday by Priscilla (thank you Priscilla).  Rowdy came out of the pasture and wasn't buddy sour or anything at all.  He stood nicely for grooming, picking hooves and tacking up.  He has nice ground manners.  He lunged nicely and listened to his handler well.  Rowdy can be a little bit jumpy or unsure (though he was not under saddle).  First time at the mounting block he moved around a bit, but second go at it and he stood nicely for mounting.  Under saddle he listened to his rider well.  His forward movement is powerful and strong.  He does well under saddle, but isn't super fine tuned, but knows walk, trot, canter, turns, stops and backs.  

You can click on the video to watch, or click here

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MHWF, Inc.
A little clue: Rowdy in his new home 😉

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Exciting news for Rowdy - he got adopted yesterday!! 

Rowdy got himself a great home with Sara and her family, and this is their second adoption horse from MHWF.  They adopted Nevermore last year after the Trainers Challenge.  If you don't know who Nevermore is, you can see him on his thread at this link:  

Sara and her daughters came to meet Rowdy yesterday.  They got to go into the pasture and meet Rowdy out there and see how he was for catching (he came right up to us), and brought him out of the pasture away from his buddies and he never called out or had any issues with being taken out of the pasture and away from the crew and his main buddy, Tye.  Tye never called for Rowdy either and never even came up to check and see what we were doing.  Rowdy did some ground work with Sara and he was very responsive, and then they moved to saddle and had a great time together!  Rowdy is going to be the main riding horse for Sara's husband, but her husband has an aversion to the term "husband horse" [wink] , and we know we don't categorize Rowdy as a "husband horse" as the term is normally used.  He wanted/needed a horse with more pep and a good motor.  😉  

We got word that they all made it home safe and sound and things are settling in nicely.  

Thank you to Sara for choosing adoption again, and a big congratulations on your adoption of this magnificent boy!!  

Here is a sweet adoption day picture.  We had everyone in the same position as they were in their adoption day picture from almost 2 years ago with Nevermore.  😉  

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Well, that was quick, but not surprising that such a great little horse was snapped up.  Congratulations to all!!
Sara H.
Hi everybody! First Rowdy update...
We’ve had Rowdy a few weeks now and this weekend was the first time my husband was home to ride. (I offered to test him out before he got home to ride him, but he told me no way-that I steal every horse we get😁). We have a couple state parks around us, so we trailer. We wanted to keep it short and sweet for his first ride, all positive. He did great! Everybody wanted to ride today so all four of us went. (We have two 19-year-old daughters that ride). Today he did even better! We trotted, cantered, crossed water and a bridge. Nevermore made these pics too...

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That's awesome, and love the pics!  I'm happy it went so well.  😉  
Couldn't ask for a better update
Rowdy all suited up for his daily fight with the flies! Never tries to outrun his sheet, so until I get him used to it, he only gets spray and a mask😄

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