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Royal Pride's Nightshade (Princess) - 20 yrs.

$500 - Royal Pride's Nightshade, or Princess, is a registered 20 year old TWH mare. She stands at 15 hands tall and is sound, healthy and looks and acts more like a 3 year old than a 20 year old. She is current on all her shots, wormers and trims and is in excellent shape, no lumps, bumps, scars, scrapes or any signs of age at all. Princess has been in the same home for the past 17 years and was very much loved, but due to health problems, she was donated to MHWF for someone else to enjoy. She is a veteran trail horse, crosses water, bridges you name it. She has also done a lot of overnight camping rides. This is one big stocky absolutely beautiful mare with a lot of good training and a lot of good years left in her.

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Kara W.
What a pretty girl :)
The pictures do not do this girl justice.  She is really stunning, and don't let her age fool you, this girl has a lot of life in her and is in fantastic shape. 
Kim B
I don't comment a lot on new horses, but she is beautiful. Someone is going to be very happy to bring her home, wish it was going to be me :)
She's absolutely gorgeous!  Bet she's adopted quickly!
Hey Karen, Is it too late to start moving that fence line over???? 
Oh my!  Lovely lady!
Stunning, just stunning.  20 is not old! She will be perfect for someone.
Wow!  I just came back from trail riding with Magic... she is like 17 or 18 and a MWHF Adopted horse.... this one looks pretty nice like a princess.... does she gate?  or shall I say glide?  Looks like I see Lateral movement in that photo..... 
Jurita, it's too late.  :) 

Princess did get adopted today!  She didn't even have an appointment for anyone to come and meet her but you know how that goes...one horse isn't the right match but maybe another one is, and that was the case today.  We are really happy for Tracy who found herself a great horse and a great match.  We also want to thank Heike, who has adopted Max and Holli, for referring her friend Tracy to MHWF for adoption!  Tracy and Heike came to the farm today to look at other horses, but by chance the last horse they looked at was Princess and she was just right.  Princess will be living with Max and Holli at Heike's place and Tracy and Heike will be hitting the trails together! 

Thank you so much Tracy and Heike, and congratulations! 

Here is a picture of a very happy Tracy with Princess today on adoption day, 8/4/2013. 

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Jan N
Zip! Zoooom!!   ZOWIEE!!!  Best of congrats to you Tracy and Princess !
Donna M
That is one stunning horse and another beautiful adoption!
Wendy W - WI
What a beauty and a wonderful picture.  Congratulations!!!  
Princess took the ride wonderfully and is getting used to her new home. She is great!
Congratulations to Princess and Tracy!
Scott: MHWF
Thanks for the update Tracy! We love updates and pics!!!
Again, a big congratulations to Princess, Tracy, and family!  What a simply wonderful mare, and you are very lucky to have her, and her to have you and your family (including Heike)!!!  It was very nice meeting you today and good to see Heike again!
I guess I am not surprised!   She Looks like a Fantastic Horse!  Congratulations Tracy ... I hope you have as many HAPPY TRAIL RIDES with Princess as I have had with my Magic ang Morning and Bandito Horses from MWHF......     
Holli (also from MHWF) and Princess stopped to check out that crazy lady standing in the rain and staring at them, so I just had to get a picture. Skye and I braided about half of her mane before it rained and she stood like a champ! It feels like they are bonding already. I can't wait for the inaugural ride this weekend. We are so lucky to have her.

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Tracey! You sure have 2 gorgeous horses in that pasture. WOW, both are watching the lady standing in the rain with the camera!! Now, that pose is a HOOT, as if, WHAT, *in the RAIN*.
Jenni O.
Hi Tracey  I and my husband are the ones that gave Princess up for adoption and it makes me very happy to see that she went to the right place.  If you ever want to ask questions,  please contact me.
I am glad to see I am not the only one with weeds taller than me.  With all the early rain, weeds are the worst I have seen them in 16 years here.   Princess looks beautiful and like she has it made in her new home.
Christina - NY
what is that fencing you have up? it looks so tidy!
Heike B
Hi Christina,
I use Safe Fence tape, it's my favorite electrical tape.  For the connectors, it varies, but I always look for T-Post connectors that provide just a bit of tension, rather than just a "holder" for the tape, it does make the fencing hold up much better (I hope that makes sense).  Some of the fencing you are looking at is about 15 years old.  I love that I can put it up and maintain it myself! 
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