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Royal Pride's Nightshade (Princess) says the grass really IS greener on the other side of the fence!

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Tracy H
I'm overdue for a Princess Update!! Princess continues to be amazing. She held good weight this winter and continues to do well for us. My daughter has all but stolen her and they trail ride amazingly well together. They even did some "Mountains" at Big Valley Ranch this spring! She is a tough act to follow, but I think I have finally found a new trail horse, as I try to keep Princess to lighter riders than myself at this point, but sometimes I just need a ride with my Princess and she is always ready to oblige. She still stands by the gate when we get horses out, ready to rock and roll, and loves that she is spoiled and allowed to rush up hills and take nice green grass breaks on trail. She's earned it. My first equine love!!
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What a great update!  So glad to hear she is loved and pampered and spoiled...as well as a working girl!
Princess and Rebel getting loved on by a neighbor girl.

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Hello all! 
I haven't put up an update for a while, but Princess is still going strong! In deference to her age, typically only the kids ride her anymore. However, last month I had a car wreck and broke my arm. Last weekend I was feeling ready to get back on a horse, but maybe not my young/nutty one. Princess to the rescue! I took her out both Saturday and Sunday, and she was fabulous. It always amazes me how she knows when I'm hurt and treats me with kid gloves. Even her typically less than stellar ground manners improved. I got on her and, even with one arm in a cast, and a less than strong ankle, I felt secure and at home. I trusted her and she took great care of me!
Donna R
Oh Tracy, So sorry to hear about your car wreck!  Glad Princess can help with your horsey fix.  I'm guessing you aren't telling your Dr. [wink].  I hope you heal fast.
So glad you have Princess to fall back on during this time.  Drs dont need to know everything we do....wink wink wink....

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Princess still going strong at what Heike calls " a million years old".

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Donna R
It looks like Princess is enjoying life!  Looking good!
Sox and Princess

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