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Double WOW! Except for the blaze on Holli, she would be an amazing match to my TWH, Fancy.  Black with white stockings, white and black tail.  She adds a lot of chrome to the pasture.  Congratulations on your latest adoption.
Hi Linda,
Thanks for reaching out. I would love to talk with you and get some hints on how to make Princess feel more at home. I will call, well, when it is not 10:00 at night. :)
Heike B
Well she's not my horse but I thought I would post on Princess anyways since she is at my place.  It's so much fun to have her around, she's whipping us all - humans and animals alike - into shape and keeping us on our toes.  Princess is an alpha mare and has no trouble letting us know.  She taught my dog Sadie in 5 seconds what the other three horses could not teach her in 10 months (that horses do not need, nor much appreciate, being "shepherded")!  She is also the very first horse that I have ever met who is protective of her hay from humans.  I've been around plenty of bossy horses, have one, too, but they all seemed to understand that really, I'm not trying to steal their hay, I'm just patting their neck.  Princess?  Nope, she was sure I was there to take every last lick of it (even though I had just tossed it to her).  Whipped around and crow-hopped at me.  Errrrr, REALLY?  So that led to some basic respect exercises.  Clearly she had an excellent home before and good handling, she definitely understands respect issues; I think that this is her first new home in 17 years and everything is new for her, so she is figuring out where she fits in.  At any rate, not a boring moment here!  We're planning a ride tonight - I'm sure Tracy will post tomorrow!  Just a head shot of Princess and another of her and Marcus, my guy, getting to know each other.

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Jane Liess
Princess really is gorgeous.  And I'm sure she'll have no trouble bossing Marcus around, either (even though he seems to have quite a height advantage over her).
Jenni O.
It will be interesting to see how she changes as she settles in. Good thing you took care of the hay guarding issue. It's not funny, but I had to laugh a little at the picture in my head. And at least she trained the dog for you!

Tracy and Princess!

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OMG!! Tracey, you sure look EXTREMELY happy. And *Princess* is standing there in such a REGAL stance. Now, that is KOOL... I love how her tail is kinda *Blowin in the Wind*. 
I am EXTREMELY happy with Princess! She rides and ties beautifully! We have some work to do with leading (she is a total lawn-mower) but we are learning a ton from one another. I am getting better at being in charge and I feel like she is really starting to respect that. I call her my Rolls-Royce when we ride since she is so smooth. Today we went to MHWF and Heike adopted Rebel, I can't wait to ride these two together, they both have really smooth rides and really like to cover ground.

Bright (or not so much) idea for today:
I have a Great Dane (Norman) who sometimes goes to them farm with me.I have not taken him since adopting Princess because I wanted her to settle in before she had to deal with him. You see, he is a bit confused and believes that because horses are the closest animals to his size, they surely must want to play with him. Really, they must just think he is obnoxious. My thinking was that since Princess immediately put Sadie (resident dog at the farm) in her place, that she would likely do the same to Norman, and voila, that issue would be ironed out. Boy was I wrong, OMG, it was hatred at first sight. Norman has never shown any aggression towards any living creature in his entire life, but for some inexplicable reason, he Hates Princess. He didn't growl, but he sure had out his big boy bark, even jumping at her neck. Princess was amazing the whole time and really kept it together. I tried to wrangle the dog and hold Princess, but ended up letting go of Princess when she had enough and I decided that I would rather be ANYWHERE than between and angry great dane and a had enough horse. Off to the races they went, down the outside of the fence line. Thankfully, Norman did come back when I called him, so I took him in the barn and locked him in a stall. I came back out hoping that Princess' lawn mower tendencies had overtaken her run away instinct, but horrified that I would be wrong. Lo and behold, that angelic equine was standing right outside the gate to her paddock when I came out. Princess enjoyed some much deserved loving, brushing, and time with her human in general tonight, and Norman has had his farm privileges revoked for the foreseeable future. I have tabled my daydream of pleasant trail ride through the countryside with my loyal canine tagging along, and am simply glad we made it out unscathed.

Disclaimer: This was probably not that big of an event, but it is thus far the biggest one I have had to deal with alone, so my adrenaline was pumping. At any rate, I am so proud of Princess, what a great horse!

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Scott: MHWF

Tracy, post a photo of that big beast of a dog you have!

I love reading your updates Tracy!  It was really fun to be there when you made the connection with Princess and to hear the progress...keep the updates coming!  As for Norman, holy smokes!  I would have had angst too!!  I would love to see pictures of him as well, and really love his name!  I am disappointed that I wasn't there when Heike adopted another horse hahahaha!  I will have to move over to Rebel's thread and ask Heike why she didn't call??!!  :)
My beastly puppy. He was so on my bad side last night, but he's too sweet to stay there for long. I attached a couple of pictures. In one, he is sitting on Skye's lap. They watch cartoons together, and I swear he can make himself lighter at will, since she is 5 and it doesn't bother her a bit to have him on her lap. That or I am raising superwoman. In the second one he is sucking on his "pacifier."  It was his puppy bed, but now he carries it around and when he lays down he will wad it all up and suck on the corner, not chew, but suck, like a little kid. I have talked to other great dane owners who have dogs that do the same thing. Scott, I wonder if your big guy will adapt this habit? Sorry we missed you yesterday Christine :( but I have a feeling we'll be back, especially since Heike still has to bring Rebel home :).
I do wish that Norman and Princess got along better, with their similar markings, they really make a striking pair. Norman as a name was my idea, but officially his name is Norman Ho Clifford Rothchild III, as each member of the family added a name.

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Norman is adorable!  It's funny, I've heard from a lot of Dane owners that many times a Dane who normally gets along with all other dogs will eventually find one dog that they just don't like, no particular breed or sex, just find one they don't like.  It sounds like that may have happened with Princess.  I hope maybe he can get past it. 

Kane has a toy that he's had since he was 2 weeks old that squeaks and he still will sit and squeak it and imitate the noise that it makes.  He sleeps with his big bear that he got from Aunty Wendy when he was just 2 weeks old too.  :)  At 7 months old he still suckles in his sleep from time to time too. 

Nice photos!! The second photo with his left eye. As I looked at it, I thought, that he was thinking something to the effect, *ah ha, You think so*, kinda in a COCKY way... Incidentally Tracy, I sure hope the issue with *Norman* CAN be worked out. I enjoy how you tell your stories and describe things so PRECISELY... thanx for sharing.
Thanks for the support. Princess and I had a great ride yesterday with Heike and Holli. We went all over the farm. Princess makes me so happy (once I get my stomach back where it belongs) when she shows us over and over, what a great trail blazer she is. We haven't gotten boots yet and gravel still irritates her so she has invented some interesting new trails to avoid it. Over the river and through the woods is this girl's theme song. Yesterday I think she would have gone right down the bank and across a stream if I had let her. She is still just a little braver than I am, but I can't wait to go back and try it in the near future. Right now play/adjustment time is ending and we are both learning that I can be in charge. She makes me so happy. I feel invigorated and more confident each time we go out together. Thanks MHWF, for a beautiful addition to our family, I am enjoying her immensely!
Jenni O.
Love your photos and updates! The dog may eventually come to like Princess, so don't totally give up on the dream of riding with them.
Got a very nice update and photo about Princess tonight...thank you!!!

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Hi Forum Friends! My computer has been on the fritz, but I have missed you! Princess has been doing great! I just love her so much! She and Rebel are sharing a pasture now, and getting along well. We did have some trouble with girth sores last month, but hopefully we have that under control now. Although, with her out of commission for a couple weeks, I did finally get to ride Rebel. Heike sure found a gem in him, what a great horse (another MWHF success). That being said, I am overjoyed that Princess is back in action. We even tried, and loved, an English saddle, so we will be bringing that on the camping trip this weekend. We are so excited to be able to join you all at the camp ground, I hope to put faces to at least some of the names I see on here.

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture of Princess, I couldn't hold the lead rope and get far enough away.

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That little RIDER sure looks HAPPY/PROUD... *Princess* and *Rebel* now that is a beautiful DUO.
First off, I can't find my last post from a couple of weeks ago? Maybe I didn't do it right. Anyway....

Princess is fabulous! I would really like to bring her up for the fun show and let my kids ride in it, or maybe ride myself (hopefully my knee will cooperate by then). All three kids got to ride tonight! Greyson got his first ride ever, and he went like 4 feet, but he is only 19mo. old. Skye, my 6 year old got to do the reins herself for the first time (with mom holding a lead rope, just in case), and Leah, my almost 8 year old, who seems to be deathly afraid of everything that moves, got on and rode voluntarily with her eyes open, and a somewhat less than white knuckle grip. I'm calling it a rousing success! Well, there's the good news...

Unfortunately, while we were grooming we found a good size wound on her leg. This is her first "serious" boo-boo since I have had her. Heike recommended a cold hose and I did that tonight, and I will do it again in the morning etc., but I am not positive what else to do. I read Scott and Karen's post about wounds and it is very helpful. My problem is that the Tomorrow Dry Cow that they recommend uses peanut oil as the vehicle for the medication, and I can't apply this due to my own allergy. They have another brand, but the active ingredient is Pen G instead of Cephapirin Benzathine. Is the Pen G kind okay? or is there another product that would be better?  It is not a huge wound by any means, but there is some proud flesh and I want to stay on top of it. (Yes, I could get someone else to apply the Dry Cow if necessary, but it is a lot to ask of Heike before work in the morning and I would definitely need video of my equine-phobic and squeamish husband attempting this.)

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I have a couple of friends that have used Underwood's Horse Medicine which is super easy to use. I had to ask one of them how it is applied since I do not own a horse and have never used it. He said you just spray it on, place Baking Powder over that and just repeat twice a day. He did say that you are NOT to bandage or wash off. Just keep reapplying. This also takes care of the proud flesh issue. They buy it at their local tack shop but can also be ordered online. They have had great success with this.

Kara W.
I used this on Cassie as well when I treated her abscess.
Just a quick update. Princess is doing great and her wound is looking much better! Thank you everyone for the great advice. 
Linda B.
Hi Tracey

I know it has been a few years but am wondering how you and Princess are getting along.  Hope is as good as all your previous notes
Yes, an update on Princess would be great!  
Heike B
Princess' person, Tracy, will probably post her own update but since Princess lives at my place, I can start [smile]

First off she came through the winter great - still such an easy keeper on just grass, no grain.  She's in a pasture with my horse Rebel, who is a but of a sassy pants, and Princess does an excellent job of keeping him in line.  They are a great match that way, and when those two mix with the other horses and animals it's a bit of a reign of terror, so they get their own little area. 

Unfortunately for Princess and me, Tracy is expecting (a little girl), and is due this summer, so for now, no riding.  But she (Princess) does come out to play and gives the little kids rides.  I looked for recent pics on my phone but don't have any.
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