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Wow, it has been a while since I posted an update [frown] But, at least I can post good things about my beautiful girl. [smile] Heike is absolutely right, Princess came through the winter great. Thanks to Heike's excellent care, she actually gained weight, I had to let her girth out a couple holes by spring. I'm due to have a little girl in July, and this pregnancy has been a challenge, so I've been grounded longer that I care for. But, princess has been the best therapy ever. I go out, saddle her up, and go for a walk sometimes, to keep her at least used to me being in charge, and because walking with her makes me feel good. She has been spoiling/torturing me by being extra well-behaved lately, which is very considerate of her, but also makes me miss riding even more. My daughter Skye has been riding her lately, on a long line, as she is too headstrong for a 7 year old independently, but she has been doing really well with her. I can't get the sizing right on the pictures in my phone, but I'll try to adjust the camera setting and take a smaller one today. [smile]
Scott: MHWF
Thank you both for the update! Feel free to email me a handful of pics and I will be happy to resize and post them for you.
Just last week I posted that princess was "too headstrong for a 7 year old." Today she gave said 7 year old an amazing lesson. I am so very happy to be wrong! Here's to continuing this trend!

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Linda B.
Thanks for replying.  Wish the best to Tracy on her new baby and hope to hear from her
I have to share pictures from this week's lesson too, I'm just so thrilled with how far both horse and girl have come! Special thanks to Heike of course! This week she and Rebel led Skye and Princess in a great game of follow the leader. [smile]

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Great photos, and I love how you word your short stories. Thanks for sharing. *Princess* & *Rebel* look AWESOME.
Jenni O.
What a great update! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. Those last couple of months drag on even when things are going well. You'll be back in the saddle by the time bug season is over though!
Miss Natalie is three weeks old today! I have been blessed with a fabulous healthy baby girl AND I'm finally no longer pregnant, so I can get back to riding. Win-win! I took my second ride post baby today and Princess was wonderful. You'd never know that she had been exclusively ridden by a 7 year old for nearly a year. A friend rode her Sunday, and otherwise Tuesday was our first ride. Heike and I went out together with Princess and Rebel and it was awesome! Of course, this weekend I can finally ride, and Heike thinks she can run off on a trip with her family! The nerve of some people... Anyway, I decided to put on my big girl panties and go by myself. I always think I'm going to do this, and nearly always chicken out. Today I did it! I saddled up and headed to the arena. Nothing fancy or complex, just a chance to bond and relax. I also finally got to try out the Aussie saddle that I bought myself as a push present. I love, Love, LOVE it!! I was nervous, since I've never bought a saddle before, but I've never felt so secure. I am a Very happy girl today!

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Congratulations!  Miss Natalie is a beautiful baby, and Miss Princess is a beautiful horse. 
Two beautiful girls you have there
Thanks, I couldn't agree more!
Fabulous looking baby and mare.  I remember my first ride after having a baby.  My gelding was a champ and seemed to say "where the heck ya been?"  Enjoy your baby....time flies.
Natalie is sure CUTE... and *Princess* and *Rebel* sure look great together... 
Great ride tonight. Princess gave nice pony rides to my sister in law and her kids, and then took me for an awesome ride with Heike and Rebel. We have been avoiding the woods lately due to some fallen trees. Today we took the plunge and Princess did great (Rebel too). Over, under, around, and through. Success! I am still amazed by what a difference a saddle can make, I feel like a whole new rider and the confidence has improved, literally every aspect of our rides and overall relationship. I'm just thrilled! AND the baby was good for the sitter (Heike's hubby is starting her grease monkey training early) so we might get to do it again some day, just wins all around!

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Sounds like a perfect ride [smile] Great update Tracy! 
Jenni O.
Congratulations on the beautiful little girl, the saddle, and the good rides.

Princess got a friend.  Sunshine is my daughter's new palomino quarter horse and we can finally ride together! Best. Day. Ever! 

- Tracy

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Jenni O.
Cool! Here's to many fun rides together. I can rarely get my 18 year old to ride anymore. [frown]
It is just the best! We have gotten several rides in already this year, and princess is doing great. Her age is starting to show in her top line, but hopefully grain, good exercise, and some excel EQ, will keep that in check. She still runs the pasture, literally trying to kick sunshine out the gate when she first arrived, but they seem to have reached some sort of agreement and rode out together well. I was almost surprised at how much I missed princess after only a ride or two on my daughter's horse to try her out. I love my sassy girl!
Baby Natalie got to play with Princess for the first time! Also, my alpha sassy pants mare was showing her sweet side again. Last weekend I got my husband to ride for the first time in 5 years of marriage. I put him on my 8 year old's quarter horse and set off for the trail. Sunshine was very good to him, but of course, just because I wanted Princess to show him how awesome she is, she was a compete jackass for me. She would not lead, and forced the newbie to go first, and refused to go out, made me go back to the barn for a crop, which we hardly ever need, wanted to run home, and just all around was a stinker. So it was not without some apprehension that yesterday I set off with my daughter on her first totally independent lead-line-less trail ride, with her on sunshine, and me on Princess. Princess totally kicked into "kid mode" even though the kid was only with, and not riding her, and listened, and slowed down, and even went first (which she totally refuses to do normally). She may be exasperating at times, but she always comes through when it counts. I can finally trail ride with my mini - me! We had a blast!

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Evening Ride:

Heike B. on Rising's Little Rebel and Tracy H. on Royal Pride's Nightshade (Princess).

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Jenni O.
Jealous! And I like that bright headstall.
Donna M
Winter riding is so much fun! Thanks for the pic. 
Royal Pride's Nightshade, adopted and ridden by Tracy H.

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Looking good!
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