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This will be Ruby's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos. 

Date of arrival to MHWF:  8/10/2012

$500 - Ruby is a 12 year old QH mare. She 14.1 hands tall and is a strong stocky gal. She is also very easy going, sweet and mellow. Ruby is very sound, healthy and well broke. She has been ridden Western and has been out on the trails, as well as the arena. She is an easy keeper has no special needs. She leads, loads, ties and is good for the farrier. We are told she is a a horse anyone can ride, and we will test ride her ASAP and update her listing as soon as we do. We are also told that she is afraid of needles, so we tested that out here...so far so good, but it might be that particular vet and not all vets. We will update Ruby's description as soon as we get her evaluated and test ridden...hopefully this weekend

Those are white spots you are seeing on Ruby.  She is adorable with her little white spots!  We also know that Ruby ties very well too.  We will be learning more about Ruby as she settles in here and will report as we learn. 

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Jane Liess


This one is a beauty!
mel d
Oh Ruby, you are going to make someone very happy :)
Sitting here looking at horses with my little brother and we both agree that Ruby is VERY pretty! :) Love that halter, too!
Karen F
Very nice girl!
She has birdcatcher spots. My Paint mare has them all over her body. Unfortunately APHA doesn't recognize them.
Ruby is adorable.  Lots of nice horses coming in lately.
mel d
Love her belly freckles :)

Ruby got to come out and be test ridden on Saturday, 8/11/2012.  Ruby hasn't been ridden in a while and is a bit out of shape.  She saddled and bridled up just beautifully with no signs of being cinchy or anything.  She is pretty laid back.  We only did walk and trot with her, as she hasn't been ridden in a while and we didn't want to push her too hard when she was hesitant to go into the canter.  She did really well for her first time out here and not having been ridden in a while.  I think we also have video of her being ridden that we will share as well as soon as we can get that rendered. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Ruby from Saturday, 8/11/2012, at walk and trot and also just a shot of her pretty head: 
(Thank you Jurita!)


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What a sweet expression this girl has..she never lost that quiet calm look.
love her spots! what a nice looking girl!
Ruby is so pretty :) She just has such a sweet, calm look on her face all the time...



Ruby came to MHWF on Friday night and the following morning we took her out for a test ride. For a horse that just came in to a new place and has not really been ridden much, if at all in the past few years, she did very well. She stood nice to be tacked up and once was very calm and cool under saddle. She did protest a little bit when pushed for the canter, but not too bad and all in all, she did amazing for a horse that we know has not been cantered in years. Wait another couple of weeks and another couple of rides and see what a nice horse Ruby turns out to be. This might be that nice quiet horse that anyone can ride.

mel d
Ack, ack, ack...another one waiting for me to win the lottery! Jeese!
Ruby arrived at MHWF on Friday and we test rode her on Saturday morning. We thought she did very well for a horse that has not been ridden more than a handful of times on the past few years...and for a horse that just arrived the night before.

Tentative congrats to Ruby and her family! Hope everything works out!! :)
A very big CONGRATULATIONS to Ruby and her new family!!!  If ever a horse and human were meant to be together, this is it!!  :)
Keeping my fingers crossed for Ms. Ruby!!!!!
I'm so happy for Ruby! She deserves her new family and lots of love. Have a great life, Ruby girl. Miss you!

Very happy to have found such an awesome horse to add to our family. Looking forward to bringing Ruby home. Can't wait to go on a trail ride with her!

Happy to see you are going to adopt her and use her for trail riding. After I rode her I thought she'd probably be great on the trails
Ann & Mike G.
Pictures are of Ruby on arrival around 5:00 pm tonight. She was awesome for the 4 hour ride home and took to our pasture right away as you can see her eating grass. Additional pics include her & our 3 other mares getting acclimated through the fence and eventually all in the same pasture. All is good! By the end of daylight they are becoming friendly and respecting herd rank and space.

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I love an adopter who gets an update here even before I had the chance, this is great and I'm so happy that Ruby is settling in so well already!  She settled in here really quickly too, she is such a good girl who just takes everything in stride. 

We are really happy that Ruby has found such a great home!  Ruby easily became one of my all-time favorite horses.  She had that way about her that just puts people at ease and she accepted anyone riding her too, and Ann can attest to that I think too.  :)  Ruby hadn't been ridden in a long time when she came here, but she quickly got back into the routine and very accepting and having fun with that too. 

I think Ruby is going to be really happy with the loving home she has found herself and we couldn't be happier!  Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Ann and Mike, and thank you to Christine for referring Ann to MHWF.  You are making a big positive difference in the lives of a lot of horses. 

We look forward to hearing of Ann and Ruby's adventures together! 
Here are a couple of pictures from official adoption day, 9/8/2012.  I had to include an eye shot of Ruby because she has the most unique eyelashes, a mix of orange and white.  :)  Ann and Ruby's hair color matches too!  :) 

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Another match made in heaven...so happy for Ruby, Ann and Mike!  What joy she has instantly given to Ann and Mike!  What a great program, making so many humans and horses so happy and joyful....now that is priceless!!  Ann, you may have to figure out how to mimic those eyelashes, since you two are twins with your hair already!  Congratulations again!
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