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Carol B.
Another beautiful picture of horse and adopter! Congratulations! And the eyelashes, how unique! Love the pictures!
Congrats! Gotta love it when the horse and adopter have matching hair color. (remind me not to adopt a gray...)    

A great day today with our new mare Ruby. I have been calling her "peanut". This is her nickname.  All my animals have nicknames and this one came naturally. Ruby and I had a nice first ride at home today in my arena. She was easy to tack up, easy to lead and easy to ride in the arena. I first walked her in the arena, did a little bit of ground work and got on. We walked and trotted. A very good experience for a horse that hasn't been ridden much in past years and has only been at our farm for a few days. She is awesome!

I love the matching horse and human hair color posts! However, my eyelashes will never be as unique as Ruby's. They are one of a kind.

Oh, Peanut is just perfect!  Thank you so much for posting Ann, I'm so happy to hear that things are going so well already! 
Ann, so glad you are enjoying her. Isn't it funny how we make up nick-names for our pets?!?!? I wonder why we do that? 
Ruby mare (aka Peanut) and our other mares are starting to find their places within the herd dynamic. One of our mares seems to be more threatened than the others, but Mike and I have been watching and making sure no undue harm comes to the Peanut. Today was the best day overall. They all got along with each other. I knew they would but didn't know when this would occur. Good to know that it only took a little over 4 days. We will still be observing but all looks good so far.

And yes, it is funny and cute how we give our animal family members nicknames.

So glad the little Peanut is doing well!  =]
Jenni O.
Congratulations!  I think it's funny how people seem to be gravitating to horses with similar hair color.  Jurita, don't you have a Paint?  I'll need a gray soon. 

It's cute you named such a stocky girl Peanut.  Enjoy your future rides.

Ruby is getting further integrated in the herd as noticed by me today. She is still somewhat concerned with the mare that I mentioned but not bad overall.

Even though she is muscular, as noticed in her pictures, she is only 14.1 hands. I love a smaller stocky horse!! My other horses are at least 15 hands or taller. The nickname Peanut came naturally given her size as compared to my other horses and is a term of endearment. She is sweet, stocky, and smaller. I love it all!!

Who couldn't love a peanut??!!  You will have to send pictures of the four of them standing together, once that happens!

Had some friends over yesterday afternoon for a trail ride on our property. It was the first time 4 of us could go out as we now have 4 horses. I of course rode Ruby. We all did a test run in the outdoor arena to make sure we had a level of comfort and then hit the trails. Since we have "single file" trails, we had to pick the order of line-up. I ended up being fourth in the line, behind everyone else and Ruby did awesome. I have had horses that would not accept anything less than being first, and Ruby didn't mind at all being last. We also went through the woods riding on neglected trails with branches and scrub growth all around us and she all did amazingly well! It felt like we had been on a million rides before. We also live on a busy highway and she doesn't seem to be bothered with loud noises. This was an excellent ride for a horse I really don't know yet and for only being at our farm for a week. Ruby is great!

mel d
Wow, what a wonderful ride for you two! Yippee and more happy trails to you in the future :)
Big smiles.  :) 

I haven't had a lot of time lately to ride my horses because of school and work. I decided to ride Ruby today because she was calling to me subconsciously. I saddled her, took her to our outdoor, did ground work, walked her around, tightened her girth, got on her and we had a wonderful ride. She is what I had hoped for. I feel blessed!!


Thank you Ann!  It makes me extremely happy to hear that.  :) 

Awesome!  Glad you were able to make time with your little peanut.
Jenni O.
Sounds like you two are doing great together!  Hope you can get in some winter rides as well (if you do that sort of thing). 

I went out with Ruby for a trail ride yesterday at our farm. My husband rode his horse and I rode Ruby. We were gone for about 45 minutes. We rode through the woods and some parts were overgrown. We stepped over broken tree branches, had branches brush us on occasion, and rode through fallen leaves, all without any problems. I have not been riding her very much and she was the perfect trail horse. You would have thought I have been riding her everyday. She also stops immediately when I say "whoa". I feel very fortunate to have such an awesome horse as part of my animal family. 

 That is great. So happy to see you using Ruby for trail riding. I just had a gut feeling she'd do well with that.  
John B.
Don't ya'll love updates like this?!  A person proud of their equnine and the accomplishments they both make...  Great job Ann :-)
That is wonderful Ann.  You and Ruby are so good together!
That is really wonderful Ann.  I am so happy that you and Ruby are such a great match! 
mel d
Great update! Nothing like a trail ride on your sweet horse :)
Ann & Mike G.
Awesome ride with Ms. Ruby today!! She is an incredible trail horse and trail riding is our passion. It is win-win! Our other horse was a bit spooky but "Ruby Tuesday" was steadfast. See the pics.

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Lindsey N
SO awesome :)  She looks like she's very a peace in the woods!!  It is so awesome when you can get everything aligned like that.
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