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I just want to hug her head, she is so darned cute!  Thanks so much for the great pics Ann, it is wonderful to hear that things are going so well. 
mel d
Looks like Ruby is so content out there on the trails...gotta love that! A calm, smart trail horse is just the best in my book! Glad to hear folks are getting out to ride.
Great pictures Ann!  So glad you and Ruby are doing so well and what a perfect match the two of you are for each other.  Success!!
Jenni O.
"A bad day trail riding is better than a good day at work."  A great day of trail riding is better than anything!  Here's to many more happy trail riding days with the steadfast Ruby.
A very cute picture of Ruby yesterday after the snow fall in Southeastern WI. The horses were in the lean-to and came trotting out when they saw me. Ruby was the first to say hello!

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Cute, cute, little peanut!  Looks, talent, and personality....you hit the equine jackpot Ann!
Awwwww, what a sweetie!!!  Thank you for the smiles Ann! 
Hi Ann! Came to check out this thread after seeing you this weekend. I always love reading about the adoptions, but it's especially fun knowing the human! : ) That last picture is fantastic.
Thanks Terra!! I am glad you decided to look us up and it is so nice to have a new friend with a common interest. Yes, I love the last picture... I don't especially appreciate winter, but horses, especially Ruby, can take a great pic no matter what time of the year [smile]

Pics of Mike riding Ruby last weekend. She is amazing!! Immune to traffic and doesn't mind being tied to a totem pole. We are so fortunate to have her as member of our horse family! Definitely a "husband safe" horse.

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Neat photo of 2 buddies having some ONE on ONE time together. [biggrin]
Nice pictures!  A man and his horse [smile]
Jenni O.
Love the update and photos. Ruby is a perfect horse!
I love the photo of *Ruby* sticking her nose into the camera over the fence...... she is adorable.with PERSONALITY PLUS.[kiss][thumb]
Great update and great photos!
New pics of Ruby and her adopter, Mike, taking her into town for a ride!

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Great news, one of MHWF's very own will be working border patrol at the Midwest Horse Fair this year! A big congrats to Mike and Ann G., adopters of Ruby a few years back. Mike and Ruby will be working border patrol this year. Make sure to say hello to them during the fair. Karen and I will make sure to get some nice photos too!

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Ruby doing border patrol at the Midwest Horse Fair.

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Ruby, adopted 5 years ago by Mike and Ann G.

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Ann and Mike
So happy this baby girl is now part of our permanent horse family! Thanks MHWF for your good work on horse rescue!
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