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Ruffian - 5 yrs.

$500 - Ruffian is a 5 year old grade QH mare. She stands at 15 hands tall, is very healthy, sound, put together very well, quiet, easy going and raised the right way. She is current on all her shots, a brand new Coggins, de-wormed and just had all her dental work. This is a very nice mare who actually come from a rescue situation when she was a young filly. In fall of 2015 she was worked for a few days by Ray Ainsworth, then last summer had 60 days of professional training at Pine Dance Ranch in Lodi, WI where she learned walk, trot, canter, trailer loading and even did some riding around the ranch. She was ridden Western, mostly bitless, but also with a snaffle. While this horse has some very good training and a great start, she is still green and will require an adopter with some experience. We will not entertain inquiries for new or green riders, a horse for the kids or grandkids. This horse needs to be ridden by an experienced adult who can take her the rest of the way, the right way. This is one heck of a nice mare with the manners and personality to match.

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Lovely, lovely mare.
Love that face,so gentle,so sweet[smile].Someone is going to very lucky to get this mare[thumb].
Jenni O.
Wow! Sounds like my kind of horse. No room here right now, but the right person will be lucky to adopt her.
Look at the nice conformation on this girl.  She really is a beauty!  
What a beautiful mare!  Can you tell us more about her and her background?  Did she come to you from the farm where she received training or from a private owner?  Has she been ridden since the 60 days of training last summer?  Do you know if she works on a lunge line?    I am really interested in learning more about her.  I am looking for a horse that I can both trail ride and do some low level dressage.  I do not have an application on file with you yet, but am working on it!  Thanks!
Hi Sherri, thank you for considering adoption!  Adopting a horse who is in a transition period in their life is a very rewarding experience, and it helps not only that horse, but also supports the horse rescue/adoption program to continue doing the work they do.  When submitting an application to us, once that application is approved it stays approved and on file with us (unless your residence changes).  In other words, our application process isn't just for one particular horse, it gets you approved to adopt any horse that might come into our program that would be a good match.  

Ruffi came to us from a private owner, the person who rescued her as a youngster and got her out of a bad situation, along with Ruffi's mother.  That private/previous owner then sent Ruffi to the training when she was old enough and ready for that.  I believe she has been ridden a few times since the 60 days of training as well.  Ruffi's previous owner has completely gotten out of horses at this point in her life.  

Really nicely built and lovely to look at mare!
Sandy K
What a pretty mare ! Nice sturdy legs , short back , and great looks to boot . She's put together nicely and has such a beautiful face .
  • She looks pretty [love]
I saw this girl in person today...all I can say is sweet girl and gorgeous...
Beautiful mare. Very lucky of you Roxanne.
I really need to get new pictures of Ruffi.  She is completely shed out, slick, pitch black and gorgeous!  
Donna M
What a beauty! There is always one that calls to me but alas, no room at the inn. Someone will have one heck of a partner in this girl. 
I met Ruffian at the raffle party.  She is very sweet, likes people and attention, and is really well built.  Solid, square, straight where you want straight and angles in all the right places.  Karen said she LOVES to get fly sprayed.

I thought she deserved a <BUMP> since she ought to be at the top of someone's list. 
Scott: MHWF
Several weeks ago we had someone come out to meet Ruffian and they did pretty well together. A few nights later, we got the call, "Yes, I would like to adopt Ruffian". Today, squeezed in quickly while working on the arena, it became official. Ruffian got her her home. Best part, her adopter is Ann S., who also adopted Apache Sam, the little black mustang years back. So now Apache will have Ruffian as his new pasture mate. Should be interesting to see who bosses who. Ann is an excellent adopter and all around good person and good horse person. She and Ruffian will do very well together out on the trails.

With all the craziness around here lately, instead of taking an adoption day photo, Ann promised to send us one that she had her hubby take when they got home. They also sent some photos of Ruffy in her new pasture.

Congrats Ann and Ruffian!

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Excellent news! Congrats to you all.
Barb S
So glad for you both[smile].
Hope you have meny wonderful years together.
OH great news!   Thank you Ann!  Looking forward to following the news of your adventures together.
Jenni O.
She looks right at home. Congratulations!
Oh wow! Congratulations Ann ☺️
Took Ruffian out for a ride this morning. She is everything I hoped she would be. Calm, gentle, respectful, not spooky. Kind of feel like I won the lottery.

Ann S.
Jan N
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