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Donna R
Great update! 
You did!  You did win the lottery!!!  And so did Ruffian!
Jenni O.
So happy to hear she did well. Sounds like a good match. And she's pretty to boot!
Ruffian has settled in wonderfully. She nickers whenever she sees me. Such a sweet girl.

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Ruffian shedding out the winter fuzzies.....

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Heike B
They are a bit of a matched set!  She is beautiful.
Ann S.
Ruffian aka Chocolate is as sweet as they come. She is friendly and gentle and always has a soft little nicker whenever she sees me. She’s such a nice baby girl.
Chocolate (Ruffian) was especially cuddly today which was especially nice.

- Ann S.

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Great selfie!
Ruffian (Chocolate) sporting her sleek new summer coat and sunglasses. She is quite the fashion Diva.

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Ruffian, now known as Chocolate all shed out and looking great!

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Jenni O.
She looks really good! Wow!
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