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Sailor - 14 yrs.

$600 - Sailor is a 14 year old QH mare. She is sound, healthy, well broke and current on all her shots, wormers and trims. She stands at 15.1 hands tall and is a horse that just about anyone who rides can ride and enjoy. Sailor is very sweet and laid back when being handled. The past few years she has been doing level 1 dressage. Previous to that, she was owned by a 12 year old girl who had her until she turned 17 and did just about everything with her over those years. Sailor is now looking for her new home with someone who wants to do a little low level dressage, maybe some trail rides and a few fun shows. This is a nice horse with some good training and a good head on her shoulders.

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Sue J
Oh my! Why can't I win the lottery?
What a beauty!
Jenni O.
Wow, she's beautiful and sounds well trained, well-mannered, and calm. I'd have to consider her, despite her being a QH. ;) Although her height would be wasted on me. Some long-legged person might be looking for a nice horse.
Jane Liess
IMHO, there's a horse that could win a conformation class!  Gorgeous!
What a pretty mare!  And I am a sucker for snips...smile...
Oh, yeah, she's a lovely lady!  Solid topline, nice angles, great legs and good sized feet... looks like a nice sturdy girl. Maybe some appendix in there?
Oh boy, she is perfect.  Someone is going to get very lucky.
Tentatively someone is luckeee
No official adoption day or official adoption day pictures yet, but here are a couple of tentative pics.  :) 

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Tentatively excited for all!  :)
She is such a gorgeous mare!  Very exciting news!
Nice, nice, nice! Congratulations on a wonderful horse!

The tentatively is over, and the official adoption took place!  The lucky girl riding in the pictures and who took Sailor home is McCleod!  We are so happy that McCleod found the right horse in Sailor and Sailor is getting such a great home.  All of the volunteers here at MWHF got their chances to ride Sailor, and she is really a dream.  I'm pretty sure Karin H. would have taken Sailor home if she had the time for another horse.  :)  Sailor is one of those horses who is laid back and sweet and yet has a really good work ethic and fantastic under saddle.  She cues from a walk to a canter with ease, collects up nice in all of her gaits and will stay in frame nicely, side passes, etc., all done with a very level head.  Sailor has experience with trail riding and Dressage work (level 1).  McCleod was looking for a horse to trail ride and also do some fun shows with, and Sailor can do those things with ease.  Hopefully we will see McCleod and Sailor at the fall trail ride (if she can find a ride and a horse for her boyfriend to ride..that will be on the trail riding thread). 

A huge thank you and congratulations to McCleod!  Here is the official adoption day picture from today, 9/9/2013: 

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Oh, fantastic!!  Yay and congratulations!  I am looking forward to reading about your next adventures, and I'm really happy that you both found such an awesome partner.
Yay!!  Great big congratulations to both of you!  
Fantastic Mc!

I hope we will see you and Sailor on trail one of these days soon
Big congratulations to McCleod and Sailor!!!
Denise S - WW
So happy to hear of this adoption! Congrats Sailor & McCleod!! I'll be looking forward to updates!
Jane Liess
I feel so stupid that I didn't recognize you, McLeod, in the pictures!  You two look great together.  I'm so happy for both of you.
Congratulations to McCleod and Sailor!!  She sounds like an awesome mare!  Have fun together!
mel d
Congratulations! Happy times ahead!
I think I am a little too jealous to be happy just yet...but I guess if he had to be adopted before I won the lottery he is best off with McCleod.  *Sigh*
Jenni O.
I'm so happy for you!!! Happy trails and shows and whatever else you two end up doing together. Hope to see you on the ride. Sailor is a beautiful horse, and I think we are all jealous.
Thanks everyone :) Sailor really is a sweetheart. She's settling in nicely. No issues with other horses. It's funny though. Layla was the only mare on our side of the barn and they haven't gotten any other horses, so Sailor has taken that job. When we put her out in Layla's old pasture, all the geldings lined up at their fence lines and stared at her. I walked her the perimeter of the fence and they all sniffed. As we walked by, the boys would take off and squeal and let out a great big buck or leap into the air. And then they'd come back and be like, "Did you see me, did you see me?!". It was pretty cute. She's in Layla's stall, so I know she has an angel looking out for her and showing her the ropes. :) This picture is from when I was leaving. She was like, "lady with the treats, just where do you think you're going?". I will have to get more pictures, short on time this morning and she wouldn't let me go far enough away to get a decent picture. :)

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Mc, I always think it must be so confusing for an equine to "get in the magic ship" AKA trailer and arrive at a new place and suddenly be in the company of other horses and be at a new place. 
Enjoy your adventure, take the time to just bond 1 on 1, work into it slowly to set the many years of a wonderful partnership - foundation you will enjoy together.  JMO.

It will be fun to read about your many adventures together for many years to come.  Sailor looks to be an amazing horse and I can see you 2 having lots of fun with a variety of equine things.  You sure picked a pretty gal (but you have an eye for it as Layla proved) and one that looks to have a great foundation behind her; nice choice.  I hope next time in town we (Cindy and I) can stop by and say hi to you both. 

Now go get that degree then job so you can add a truck n trailer to your portfolio and take that gal trail riding, camping and some shows (e-gads I hate when I sound like a grandpa but it just spills out)
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