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Hi everyone! Just a quick update on Sailor. She has now been with us almost three weeks and is doing great! She quickly settled in and seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself. We've found out that she eats more than Layla (which is amazing, because Layla ate a TON) and we're really going to have to watch her weight. Sailor's been getting lots of exercise and she is just so much fun! The second time I rode her after she came home, we let her loose in the arena so she could explore while we ate. It was so cute, she didn't want to leave us alone! One thing we found out that day is that she likes McDonald's french fries. No.... She LOVES McDonald's french fries. But only if they're plain. I dipped one in my shake and she wasn't interested. I do have a video of her eating a fry and I'll see if I can get it on here... And I have pictures, but they're HUGE and I have no idea how to make them smaller!!

Also, and this is totally random and on a completely unrelated subject, but I just got accepted into a two week veterinary "program" to go to Thailand next summer to volunteer and assist vets at the Animal Rescue Kingdom and the Elephant Nature Park. Unfortunately, it's super expensive and I was just wondering if anyone had any fundraising ideas?? I'm already sending letters to family, but that won't cover it all and since I don't go to a school (taking generals online right now), I don't have any ideas where I could do a bake sale or anything... I know this is a long shot, but I figured someone on here might have experience with something like this and could give me some ideas hahaha :)

Here's the video link to my FB of Sailor eating a fry (hopefully): 

Mc, I bet a few ideas come across on how to make this work.  It is a challenge but this group seems to thrive on a good challenge.  Somehow I think Heather can assist (just a wild ass guess)
Anna WI
I don't know how much this would raise but I buy soap from "Goat Milk Stuff" and they offer fundraisers with selling their products.
Glad to hear that Sailor is doing so well, and that you are enjoying her company! Congrats on the internship to Thailand...how exciting!! Hopefully you will find some good opportunities for fundraising.
Sailor says good morning and is hoping everyone is enjoying the Fall ride, despite the rain yesterday! :) 

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Wow it's been a long time since I updated. Not normal for me, I'm slacking! Oops! 

Anyway, not a whole lot to update on. We love having Sailor home, she's such a character! She brings so much personality to the barn. She's just such a fun horse, always curious and always learning. And boy oh boy can she eat. She gets more hay than any of the other horses hahaha  we're debating whether or not to enter the obstacle course at horse fair. It was a ton of fun last year but as many of us know, a lot of work lol we will also be participating in the Freezin' for a Reason as soon as we can find someone to take the pictures! Every time I get a chance to go to the barn, there's nobody available. Soon, I promise! I have a feeling a couple of them are going to be Frozen themed. Just a feeling ;)

I do have some new pics to share! Finally got the VERY close up that I wanted! Ian was having some fun with my camera one of the nights so he got the black and white. 

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Oh, and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!! Hope you all are having a great day! :)
Great update Mc.  What great pics of you two. 
Donna R
Nice update.  Glad everything is going so well for you and Sailor.  Thanks for sharing.

Great update, love the pics, and you two look very happy together!

Jenni O.
Great update and photos! Have you had any luck with fundraising for the trip? I don't have any good ideas, sorry, but there's probably tons of ideas in the internet.

Happy Gotcha Day, Sailor!! Today is our one year anniversary and we celebrated with a workout, a popsicle (she likes them), and some McDonald's french fries (her favorite). She rolled after her workout, which is why she's completely caked in mud in half the pictures.

It's been quite a year... At first, I was a little hesitant to open up to her. I liked her a lot and knew she was just what I was looking for in my head, but it was so soon after Layla had passed that I don't think I realized just how much I was hurting. I wasn't as open with her and started thinking that maybe I had made a bad decision in getting another horse so soon, but Sailor being Sailor, she didn't give up. I think she knew that we were supposed to be together before I did. Whenever I'd walk into the barn and say her name, her head would pop up and I'd get that "hello" nicker. Or maybe it was a "hey lady, where's my cookies??" nicker, but I like to think it was the first one. [smile] Little by little, her quirks and charming personality started to break away the shell that I'd built towards her and here we are today, one year later, and I'm loving her more than ever(especially more than when she was bucking lol). We still have our days and our issues, but she has just made such a special place in my heart and I can wait to have many more years with her!

I miss Layla every day, I think of her every day, I still cry, but now, I'm not alone in that hurt. I can go out to the barn and tell Sailor about Layla's adventures  and how I wish they could've met and she's there for me to cry on. I can honestly say my life has been blessed again by having her by my side. Thank you Scott and Karen for not giving up on me and helping to bring this girl into my life! [smile]

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Jane Liess
McCleod, that is just beautiful.

What a lovely and touching tribute. McLeod, you are a special young lady. I wish you and Sailor many happy years together [smile]

McLeod you are wise beyond your years! Tears here, sad tears for your loss (it never goes away completely) and happy tears that you have found another love. And I just love the term "gotcha day"!
Happy Anniversary (or gotcha day)!!  Wow, that year went by so fast!  I'm so happy that you have been able to open your heart to Sailor.  [smile]  
Sue J
I think Layla and Sailor were very lucky to get such a special person as you for their owner. I wish every horse was as blessed.
Your updates make me cry but it is because they reflect such a bond, not because they are sad. 
Mc, you have a big heart and maybe you did not know it at first, but there was always room for Sailor.
Wishing you many years of happiness together.  What barn are you at now?  Would be great to see / meet your new bud.

Happy Gotcha Day to Sailor & McCleod! 


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John B.

Sailor - 18 years 

$500 - Sailor is a beautiful paint stock mare that just turned 18 in the past few days. She stands at 15.1 hands, is sound, healthy, current on everything and is as well broke and well-behaved as a horse can get, having spent many hours on the trails and lot of arena work by kids as well as adults. If you can ride even a little bit, this is the horse for you. Sailor has been part of MHWF for about 4 years and has been in the same home all of those four years. Her adopter moved and had to take a different job and because of that Sailor is here with us again. Her adopter loved her and did not want to give her up, but finances simply would no longer allow it. This is a super horse in every way, well broke, no special needs, an easy keeper and very quiet and nice to be around.

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She's perfect
She really is perfect, Tricia, and she is one lucky girl who is adopted too!  Sailor did get adopted today, 9/17/2017.  Of course Sailor was very popular as soon as she hit the website, and Lauren and Sam were lucky enough to have gotten the first appointment to meet her today.  They loved her and we made the adoption happen!  Sailor is going to live with Lauren's other horse and mini donk, and we look forward of seeing pics of them together.  [smile]  
They didn't bring a trailer today, so Sailor won't be leaving until next weekend.  We happen to have our MHWF horse camping weekend at Ukarydee next weekend, so we are going to bring Sailor with us on our horse camp trip and Lauren and Sam will pick her up there since that makes the drive a lot closer for them.  

We did do an official adoption day picture today, and I'll share that here.  Thank you so much for choosing adoption Lauren and Sam, and congratulations!  

Here's a pic of Sailor with Lauren and Sam from today, 9/17/2017.  

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Jenni O.
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