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Scott: MHWF
As you already know, Sailor got adopted last weekend. Her adopters wanted to pick her up this past weekend, but we were not going to be available because we were at the MHWF Annual Trail Ride all weekend.

So, we decided that I would take Sailor to the ride and she would be my riding horse this weekend and they could simply pick her up right there at the campground and take her home. Plus it would save them about 45 minutes of driving.

So that is exactly what we did. I rode Sailor on Saturday night and Sunday morning, amazing horse, and when we got back to camp, her new adopter was there waiting for us. We chatted a bit, then loaded her up and off she went to her new home. Kind of a unique adoption weekend and I wanted to share. Sailor was a rock star of course and it was my honor to be able to ride her this past weekend.
Lauren A.
Sailors first day home was a success! I posted a picture of her meeting my horse and mini donkey for the first time! All went well, my 3 year old was very excited to have a new friend! Can't wait to go for a ride on her! Will post pictures of the ride when we go this weekend! So happy she is a part of our family [smile]

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New pics of Sailor and her new pasture buddies!

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Jenni O.
Beautiful! Those halters look so clean and new.
Looking very content together!
Haha the halters were brand new so I figured that was a picture perfect moment!
We have an update on Sailor to share.  Sailor wound up coming back to us on Saturday (3/3/2018) because of some life changes for her adopter coupled with the fact that Sailor wasn't getting along with her two pasture mates.  We had been talking to Lauren about this return for a couple of weeks now and just waiting on the time for Sailor to come back when she could make the trip after her new Coggins was drawn.  Also, we have another update to share on Sailor, and that is that she got adopted already!  Tina has been looking for the right horse for some time now and she made the trip over to MHWF today (3/4/2018).  Sailor was the right horse for Tina and Sailor is already home with Tina and her herd and settling in nicely.  😉  It was a very smooth weekend and a smooth transition for Sailor.  

Here are a couple of pictures of Sailor from today with her adopter Tina, and also Tina's friend who is also named Tina.  

Thank you so much Tina, and congratulations!  I hope Sailor is everything you've dreamed of, and we look forward of hearing about your adventures together.  And we'll see both of you Tina's on the MHWF ride at Ukarydee in September I hope!  

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Perfect! Congrats!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! That couldn't have worked out better, could it?
I'm glad Sailor found her new home so quickly.  Congratulations, Tina. 
That was a nice quick layover for Sailor!  Congrats to all! 
Perfect! Congratulations 😍
How wonderful!  Congratulations Tina and Sailor!
Sandy K
Congrats to Tina and Sailor . Such a nice mare ! It was fun watching you ride . It helped to break up the winter doldrums for me . 
Tina M.
Sailor has been here a week now and has settled in very well. In fact, it's been less drama than any other new horse that's been introduced here. She has gone into heat tho. My boarders TWH gelding has that effect on the girls. Now I'm just hoping for all this ice and snow to disappear and some of the mud too so I can take her for a ride around the farm!

Sailor in her new home 😉

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She's looking good
New pics of Sailor getting ready for her 2020 Health Report 😉

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Love this mare! She is a beautiful horse
Sailor looks awesome!
Sam B.
Hello! I just wanted to share a bit. I used to own Sailor years ago. I bought her when I was 9. The first horse I bought myself. I owned her for 7 years and was honestly one of the best horses to walk the earth. At that point in my life I moved up the levels in dressage and she really didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. When I found out that she had been adopted again, it broke my heart but I am so happy to see that she again has a wonderful home! She is truly one of a kind mare! I miss her every day! I added some pictures from when I had this gorgeous girl 🙂

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Donna R
Sam B., so nice that you took the time to share about Sailor.  It must make you feel good to see updates and know she is in a great home.
Good memories. She obviously is a very special mare
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