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Sassy - 2 yrs.

(will be 3 in April)

$150 - Sassy is a 2 year old mini mare that will turn three in April 2014. She is sound, healthy and has already had her Coggins, all her shots and  was de-wormed upon arrival at MHWF, so she is ready to go for the season. Coggins, shots and wormers alone would cost most people almost as much as her adoption fee. Sassy loves people and treats and is a very well-behaved little girl who leads, loads, ties and stands for the vet and farrier. She is exceptionally easy going for such a young horse and she has the looks to match. Sassy stands at about 33 inches tall.

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She is cute and just think how much cuter she will be once she sheds out and is all groomed up :)
Since when do new cute little minis not get a bunch of oohs and ahhs?
Ooooh Ahhhhhh! What a cutie she is! Someday when I cannot climb on my riding horse.........I will get a couple of these!
She would look so cute with our goats:)
Are Katy and Sassy any relation? These girls are adorable! I think they are going to find new homes quickly! They are pretty much an open chalkboard for the right person :) possible lesson ponies? Possible cart ponies? I cant say enough how adorable these girls are!!!
Someday...when I have my farm...I will have mini's just like these guys...gotta win that Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes..they keep telling me that I am going to win!!!!
Elizabeth, Sassy and Katy are not related.  One is just as cute as the other for sure though!  
I had fun hanging out with the girls this afternoon for a while and working with Katy.  Sassy was getting to know Kane through the fence for a while too, and I grabbed a quick shot of that to share here.  :)  

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Oh, for heaven's sake. That is an awesome photo. Inter-species camaraderie is the best!
Scott: MHWF
We laughed yesterday...Kane is a true horse whisperer.
Love the pic with Kane!!  Too cute!  Sassy has a really neat mane and tail with all those white streaks.
That is an amazing picture!
Kane knows he's a dog.....right?
Scott: MHWF
I don't know about that, he loves Bella and Monty, but when he goes outside, he goes straight to the horses and he is really, really good at dealing with them. Somehow he gets them to stand there with him, calmly, they groom each other, they play, they drink together. I hate the term "horse whisperer" but if there ever was such a thing, Kane is it. I'll get some of it on video soon.
The mini's are soo cute and so is Kane! Love the picture!
I would say at this point that Kane and Sassy are pretty obsessed with each other.  Kane runs right out to visit her as soon as he gets outside and she is always anxious to see him.  :)  

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We all have friends in different shapes and sizes! This picture is priceless! <3
How cute.
I think I am bringing Kane to the fair with me so he can keep my horse company.
Love that shot!
Jenni O.
So Sassy's adopter better have a dog, and the bigger the better.
Donna M
It looks like Kane wants to adopt Sassy. What a cute couple. :D
So, I'm out grooming and playing with the girls this evening and Sassy and Katy find it a whole lot of fun to steal my gloves!  I had the little camera out with me so I took a couple of little video clips to share.  :)  



Jenni O.
Hehe, too cute! I want a pony!
Wendy W - WI
That is just too stinking cute. 
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