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Scott: MHWF
Bestest buddies :)
Heather H.
Those photos are SO cute! Glad the herd is starting to settle in. That is so adorable they are sunbathing/snoozing together.
Poor Sassay, you can see the pure fear in her face regarding that meany Mandy.

Very cute pictures :-)
Jenni O.
Awww, so cute! They love each other! It's funny how they are so nasty when a new one enters the picture and then soon it's like they were always buddies.
ooooooooo!  I so love that last shot.  "whut, Mom? we wuz seepy..."

Congrats to all!
Sassy met the neighbor kids today ages 5 and 2. She was a good girl as expected.  The little boy seemed to really like her and he invited me over for yogurt and a sleep over..LOL!
Jane Liess
Just wondering...did he invite Travis, too???
Catching up...love love love the pics of Mandy & Sassy!  They are so cute together!  Too funny about the sleepover invite...LOL...
Jenni O.
LOL! Yogurt and a sleepover, gotta love it!
Sassy is so small she looks like she could walk under Jax. And actually she can because last night they were standing around and Lobo walked up. Sassy is still a little leery of him so she ran under Jax. It was just so funny to see her run right under him.

Sassy has had a couple busy days. She recently had her hooves trimmed, she was dewormed, had a bath, and had a short lesson in lunging. She will have to do some lunging as she is getting a bit chubby.
She was a good girl for everything but needs a little work of some things. She is a big horse in a little horse's body. 

A short video clip of Sassy learning to do stairs.

Sassy learning steps part 2

Not sure why the first video didn't work. Youtube is appearing to have an attitude tonight. Is there another way to share video on the forums???
Jenni O.
Such a smart girl!
Okay...going to try this again.....

Donna M
Looks like fun!
Looks like she takes it all in stride. She is just so cute!
That's great!  Mini's are so much fun to play with, aren't they?!  Therapy horse in the making there.  
Great job on the stairs!!! Just wait until you get her going up and down flights of stairs. I brought my old therapy mini to my high school a couple years ago to visit the special ed students and they thought it was the coolest thing that a horse could go up and down stairs.
Thanks Alyssa. I think Sassy could do the flight of stairs but I need to get some Build a Bear shoes for her. Are they difficult to get on and take off?
Hi everyone.

Yesterday I was showing how I can jump over small barrels and then Mandy Mew ran over and was like
"Look what I can do!" Then she pawed at the barrels and rolled them around. She kept doing it and was all like "Look at me..look at me." Then she lay down and sat up and was like "look at ME...aren't I cool." [rolleyes]and then SHE got all the attention and chased everyone else off. [frown]

So I just ate hay then.
Jurita, between *Mandy Mew* and *Sassy* you have an EVERYDAY circus... and then there is *Lobo* who has to NUDGE your husband while he is trying to video record you and *Mandy* working out together... Life is sure a  MIRACLE at your place... one never knows what to EXPECT when walking out for their GREETINGS every day... huh? Gotta just LOVE IT.
Poor, poor Sassy. Big sisters are just the pits! I can say that cuz I have a big sister too. She gets all the grain. Sometimes I want to push her away and take it from her but Mom won't let me. I have to just eat hay too. 

I bet you ROCKED at barrel jumping!
Your friend Ariel
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