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Jenni O.
Sassy, tell Jurita we need more pictures of you. You're stinkin' cute (so is Mandy, but you're tiny horse cute, she's tiny mule cute). And if she doesn't appreciate you enough you can come live here. We can make room by sending Gus to live with her.
Sassy and I did our first parade today. Sassy did really well and I think she liked it.I have a couple photos of us just before the parade.

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Scott: MHWF
Hehehe.....I love these pics!
Too cute!
Jenni O.
Haha! You're both so cute!
Wendy W - WI
So incredibly adorable.  Mini's are so much fun.  

Denise S - WW
That is so adorable! You all look great!! I agree with Wendy, mini's are so much fun!!
Yes...I am finding out how much fun minis are. Sassy was a hoot. We are planning to do the Menomonie Winter Daze parade Thursday night too.
Sassy did her second parade Thursday night at Menomonie Winter Daze. I didn't get photos but she wore her little Packer outfit with lights added. Sassy and I were a bit overwhelmed with everything going on but she handled it well. There were lots of kids and with that lots of noise..LOL. I think the kids really liked her and a lot of them were excited and yelling and screaming. At one point we had stopped briefly and a little girl ran out to us. She hugged Sassy and kissed her!  I hope someone got a photo of that.

Sassy wasn't too fond of the fireworks after the parade but she actually did well with that too. 

Oh and the mayor came up to us and said how much he liked the "Packer horses."

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It sure looks like *Sassy* loves all of it,,, and your other horse, looks just BEAUTIFUL,,, standing there all decked out, and his head looks so nice with all the trimmings, and his FEET so nice and WHITE...you sure take LOVING CARE of your herd.... Is that a lot for you, *Sassy* and you riding the black/white in a parade.... Simply AMAZING.
Just to clarify. The person on the big horse is my friend on her Gypsy Vanner. She is the one who has made all the costumes for the horses. She creates all the costumes with just an idea and no patterns. That is pretty amazing. All I do is put the costume on and lead my mini in the parades. Pretty easy.

I am just having some fun and getting Sassy used to different things. And it was really neat to see all the kids at the parades.  [smile]
Scott: MHWF
I love your posts, Jurita. I sent the Sassy Packer pic to a friend who's a diehard Packer fan. She is in her mid-60's and wears Packer attire for the entire football season. Pre- and post-season as well, or post- for as long as The Pack is still in the running. She's going to love the photo, but she is going to object heartily to the Vikings' purple lead rope! She bans all things purple from her office (living and working in MN). Perhaps Sassy Santa will bring you a green/gold lead for Christmas.
Aww..thanks Terra. Yes Sassy has a purple bucket and a purple lead but not Vikings purple..just cute mini purple and Mandy's color was already pink.  I didn't even think of it at the time we first tried on her costumes. I put a black lead on her for the parades.  [biggrin]
Just love all of this!
Look what we found on Facebook this morning....a photo of Sassy and Jurita in the Christmas parade!

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Soooo cute!  Wonder what they are thinking about their outfits? 
That is so cool!!!!!
Jenni O.
Lol! That's the best parade picture. What happens on Facebook does not stay on Facebook.
Well Sassy is living up to her name! I don't have to worry about her getting pushed around by the others now.

I guess she just woke up one morning and decided she wasn't going to take anymore crap from anyone!
Jenni O.
That's funny! It might be embarrassing for the two bigger guys if she becomes herd boss.
A little Princess and her pony......

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Denise WW
Is that your granddaughter? That is beyond adorable!! Needs to be framed & on the wall!!!
Wendy W - WI
OMG those are beautiful pictures!

Jurita???  Are you taking up photography?  Why I ask is only meant to be a compliment, fantastic pictures.
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