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Scott: MHWF
Love it! [smile]
Adorable!  I really love the second one.  [smile]  
These are amazing! Love them, they need to be framed! Thank you for sharing.
Yes, that is my granddaughter. Today is her first birthday. No, not my photographs. My daughter has a friend that did the photography.
I am very impressed.  Great timing, well lit, adorable models.  Sassy looks like she's ready for the show ring!
Sassy has three parades on her schedule for December. She has gained a bit of weight so hopefully she still fits into her costumes.

Maybe I will have some pictures in a few weeks.
Sassy did the parade in Eau Claire Saturday and another one a couple weeks ago. She does not like fireworks and the ones on Saturday were very close and very loud.  Nothing else bothered her and there was a lot going on. 

She made it on TV and had a couple photos on the local newspaper website too. She was a big hit with the crowds where many children (and a few adults) were excited to pet her. Her own girl was not able to make it to the parade  but watched it on TV and when they stopped showing Sassy she cried.

Scott: MHWF
Very cool, an MHWF celeb!
I watched the parade on tv.  I was hoping I would see the horses In it again this year!  That goofy Holstein horse with the DROOPY udder was beyond hilarious!
Sassy at her most recent parade on Saturday. She was naughty. [frown] I think she was flagged for unsportsmen like conduct.

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Spring fever?  

Why on earth was there another parade?  Where are these towns that are having all of these parades?  LOL!
Scott: MHWF
I was actually looking for the "like" button and thought there was something going on with my computer [smile]

Jenni O.
She doesn't look naughty, she looks sweet and innocent! Sassy, not Jurita.
Granddaughter Luna on her mini horse "Sassy." We gave her a little pony ride on Sassy today. Not sure if Sassy has ever had a child on her back before but she was a good girl. 

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....and a child shall lead them...[biggrin]

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Jenni O.
Love those pictures, especially that second one! Were they baffled by the tiny human?
awe the second picture is beyond cute [smile]  what a great herd.
Scott and Karen: MHWF
Right there - makes it all worthwhile [cool] 
That's adorable!
Too cute!!!  The start of her love for horses [smile]
Donna R
So adorable!  Kids and equines.  Nothing better!  You are going to have a fun summer!
A couple photos of getting Sassy ready for the Baldwin horse parade. We were the Holiday Holsteins and took first place! I had to share the one of Sassy next to the trailer before all of her costume was on because of her hair and the look on her face. LOL!

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That is too cute!! Love it!!! That must be so much fun!!
Jan H
And that's why she's called "Sassy".  That look on her face is priceless!
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