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So cute Jurita!  Congrats on taking first place too [smile]
Jennifer O.
I guess it was the weekend for parades. How many more are you planning on doing this season? Remember the show "Alf"? That's who Sassy reminds me of in the one picture, with her nose up and her forelock messy.
We just did the big parade in Menomonie on Thursday night. We are suppose to do one in Eau Claire next weekend and the horse only parade in Ridgeland in February. I'd like to take Sassy in one during the summer sometime too, but nothing planned for that.
A parade isn't a parade without horses in my opinion
Sassy, adopted by Jurita L. giving little Luna a ride.

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Jenni O.
Adorable! And Sassy looks so happy to oblige, lol. Mares and their ears.
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