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Sassy was one lucky little girl yesterday and got a beautiful whole body clip!  Thank you so much to Jurita for coming and spending the day with us and the horses and for all of her hard work on doing this body clip.  

Wow, she looks fabulous and feels so good!  Thank you Jurita!

By the way, we know the halter is too big....she will need a new one that fits her better, but purple really is her color.  :)

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Nice job Jurita, she looks beautiful!!
If anyone is wondering about the patch of fur on Sassy's side..I was just goofing around and made a little heart to show the contrast of the color and thickness of her hair before and after. I did shave it all off in the end.
O my goodness. From the looks of it, Sassy is more sweetie than Sassy. Love the heart :)
Jenni O.
She was cute before but she's even cuter under all that hair! Great job, Jurita. I bet she feels fabulous with all that hair off.
Heather H
Aw, she is so cute clipped! How long did it take you Jurita? (The heart was cute btw). I might help Heather W clip Daisy the mini before her little show debut Friday June 13. Her hair is just so thick. We just have regular clippers though, not a body clippers.
Jurita can answer you on how long that took, I don't know exactly, but I want to mention how much work this is to do and how much we appreciate all the time and work that Jurita put into doing this.  It got really warm out and this was kind of a sweaty job and Jurita had hair stuck to her everywhere.  LOL!  I know it took a long time.  Also keep in mind that this is not something Sassy has ever had done before, and she hasn't had a whole lot of handling before getting here, and she did so well with Jurita.  Look at the pics of her getting her face and jaw area clipped, she is doing so good!  (next on the list for a full body clip is Katy...may or may not get done next weekend).  I bought that clipper myself last year so that I could body clip April, and it is an off brand, but it is more of a full sized clipper with one of the bigger blades.  It does work really well.  I had bought a regular smaller size clipper to try and do April and I can attest to the fact that a regular clipper isn't going to be able to do a full body clip on a horse, probably not even on a mini.  
I have to do a full body clip my mini's each year because the weather gets warmer well before they are even close to shedding out completely, and it is quite the transformation indeed! Karen, if you need a volunteer for clipping, I will do it.  Wherever you need me most, just let me know!
Sorry...I don't really know how long it took me. But it did take quite a bit of time. I started out slowly because I wasn't sure how Sassy would react and we took a few breaks so that Sassy and I could rest a bit and let the clippers cool off. The clippers were working pretty hard. Towards the end I said "okay Sassy we have to get this done" and sped it up. LOL! A smaller clipper would not have done the job. I am glad Karen let me practice clipping on Sassy but I think she looks really good with the new look even though it is a little rough :) I hope with this warm and humid weather we've had the past few days Sassy is feeling good. Her coat was so thick.
Maybe Christine can tell us how long it takes to body clip her mini. I would suggest giving yourselves plenty of time. That way you can go slow if you need to and take breaks. It is kind of hard reaching certain spots on those little ones :)
I am not sure exactly how long it takes, but it is a fun job!  The coat is so thick that the dirt and sand is jammed in there and definitely gives the clippers a run for their money!!  Last year the blade broke, and I could not find a replacement at the store, so I had to order one.  In the meantime, Frankie looked like a hot mess the way he was clipped waiting for the blade to arrive so I could finish the job.  It was pretty funny....poor guy!  I also gave my mini mare Tallulah (Lula) a "Mandy Mew" mane!  It shot up like a mohawk when I trimmed it to even it out :)

I love my mini's!
She looks great in purple...and love her haircut!  I love the pic where she is nosing Jurita....like she is saying THANK YOU.

UPDATE: 4-6-2014

All the minis are now shed out and looking beautiful. They are sound, healthy, current on everything (shots, trims, wormers) and are ready to go for the season. No health problems, special needs or history of founder, etc. 


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She looks like she is ready to jump into someone's arms and then into the trailer!!
What a cute little peanut she is. I told you she would jump!
Jenni O.
Wow, impressive! She is a doll. I just can't have another mouth to feed, otherwise I'd have the dog that the humane association brought to the mall yesterday too.
mel d
Wonderful photo and jump! Is Bella irrigating...bwa ha ha!
Gypsy and Harley
Hi Sassy!  Congrats on being tentatively adopted!!! 
Hi Sassy! Oh that picture of you jumping is stinkin cute!!!  
..and by someone I meant (you know who you are)  Congratulations!!!!
congrats to the lucky adopter! (I think we all know who that is...) 
I am afraid to guess, I feel dumb (again)
Congrats to the cutie and her new person!
Lindsey N
I have my guess locked in ;)  The suspense is killing me!!
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