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I have one guess and I think it means a certain lucky guy is getting a new fishing pole.

Okay, looks like you've all been waiting for it....  

I think some of you may have guessed it correctly.  Mandy Mule adopted Sassy!  Unfortunately, Mandy had a previous engagement today, so she sent Jurita and Travis over to pick up her new little friend for her.  Jurita sat in for the adoption day pic too!  :)  

Apparently the equines over there aren't sure what to make of little Sassy yet, but we are hoping that tomorrow brings a little more peace, quiet and acceptance.  Mandy and Sassy are hanging out in adjacent stalls tonight and maybe Jax and Lobo will accept the new friend Mandy brought in soon.  

Thank you so much Jurita and Travis, and Mandy too!  We sure hope that things settle in quickly and look forward to hearing a report tomorrow.  

Here is a really cute adoption day pic of Sassy and Jurita from today.  

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Jane Liess
All of your work clipping was not for naught, Jurita!  Congratulations to Mandy, though she seems to be having second thoughts.  I'll bet they'll be best buds soon.
Congratulations to Sassy and Mandy Mule (Jurita and Travis, too)!
A BIG congratulations to Mandy, Jurita, and Travis!  What a perfect match!  I am sure things will settle in soon and everyone will be happy :)  Even though Mandy was otherwise engaged, Jurita did a great job in filling in and provided a very cute picture.
yay! congrats on your new addition! cant wait to hear of all the adventures of mandy and sassy!
Wendy W - WI
Congratulations!!!  Awesome picture!!
When Sassy came in I knew she was a pretty girl under all that hair. I thought that if I body clipped her  someone would see how pretty she is and adopt her. I didn't know it would be me. Sassy is a sweet little peanut and a good girl. She talks a lot,will follow me around, and when she gets prancing around she is as cute as can be. 

Too bad things have been a bit rough with herd introductions. Looks like the girls have it figured out now and we are slowly working on getting the big macho boys to accept her.

My equines just keep getting smaller and smaller. Now I  have big, medium, small, and extra small.
Scott: MHWF
Next year we add an extra large to the group!
All you need now is a draft!

Congrats to all!
Congrats Jurita.  I had a funny hunch it was you.
I banded Sassy Bean's mane today. Not the greatest job but I am trying to tame down that wild hairdo she has.

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Looks nice!
Awwww, that's adorable!  

I'm waiting for a Sassy and Mandy together pic.  :)  
Scott: MHWF
Yeah, me too!

Jenni O.
Squeeee!! She's adorable! I want one! Congratulations! Maybe I'll come down there to get my soaps.
karen- here's a sassy and mandy pic compliments of jurita's facebook!

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Donna R
Congratulations Mandy, Jurita, Travis and Sassy.  I'm sure everyone will settle in soon.  What a lucky little mini!  Can't wait to see what tricks Sassy will learn. 
Love it!  It really shows off that pretty little head!  And YES...Mandy & Sassy together pic please!!
mel d
Congratulations Sassy and Mandy Mule! What Mandy wants, Mandy gets! ;-)
Sassy has only been here for a few weeks but after a couple rocky days of dealing with herd introductions she acts like she has been here her whole life. She really thinks she is a big horse now. 

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Karin H
Its great to see her so relaxed. Those pictures are too cute. :)
Adorable!  She looks right at home where she belongs!  Very cute, thanks for sharing.
Way too cute!!!!  
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