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Link to adoption application:  

At the beginning of June 2018, MHWF took ownership of and responsibility for a herd of 13 horses who have had little to no training and minimal handling over the years, and we are calling them the Lucky 13 herd.  

Semper is a 6-year-old gelding, who was just gelded on 6/14/2018.  He is up to date now with all of his vaccinations, deworming, Coggins, trimming, etc.  Semper has had no training at all.  

Out of the Lucky 13 horses, only two are still on the property. The rest are either in training, foster, two in the Trainer's Challenge, or right here at the MHWF facility. 
The two horses that are still there are Alex and Semper. Both were stallions a few weeks ago and are now geldings. Alex is 10 years old and Semper is 6 years old. Semper was cryptorchid and got the surgery done right away to turn him into a gelding. Both are sound, healthy, beautiful and fully healed from their castrations. (update: all horses have been removed from the property)

MHWF is currently looking for a trainer to take in either Semper or Alex. This will be paid for by MHWF. (UPDATE:  Semper is currently in training)

We will only consider people with experience in training horses that were once stallions and have the proper facility to keep them separate from other horses during their training. We are looking for trainers who will commit to at least 60 days with a goal of having them easily catch-able, leading, loading, standing for the vet and farrier and some riding.

If you are an experienced, capable trainer, willing to start by putting 60 days on either Semper or Alex, please contact us immediately at: scott@equineadoption.com

Thank you!

PS. In the meantime, for those of you willing and wanting to help out, we still have 4 horses in total from this adventure that we need to raise funds for to pay for their training. Any and all donations are much needed and much appreciated. The sooner we can get these 4 horses into training, the sooner we can bring them back to MHWF and begin to find their new homes.....hopefully well before winter.

Donations to the training of Semper, Alex, Hope or Belle can be made through any of the "Donate" buttons on our website, or by snail mail to: 

MHWF Lucky 13
10990 State Hwy. 73
Pittsville, WI 54466

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There were lots of people willing to help out and donate to get these horses Coggins tested, de-wormed, vaccinated, trimmed, dental work and food, but so far, only three people willing to donate toward their training. We need to get at least two of these horses, preferably three of them, out of where they are now and directly into training immediately. We are only half way through this project and the horses are only half way through their journey toward a new life. But, we cannot complete this without you and your support. Please consider making a donation toward their training today by going to our website and clicking on any of the "donate" buttons or by sending a check to the address on our contact page at: http://www.equineadoption.com
7/12/2018:  Semper will be headed to a trainer very, very soon!  

Semper is on the trailer and on his way to a trainer today!  We really look forward to hearing how Semper does, and we are wishing all of the best through this journey!  
Scott: MHWF
Semper was delivered to the trainer in Sheboygan yesterday and made the trip nice and calm. We really look forward to seeing his progress over the next couple of months.

A very big thank you to Jennifer for taking him on!

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7/19/2018, an update from Jen and Semper:  

He's been pretty good...we now tie.. lead ok...once in awhile if he really wants to go somewhere he will just go, but that's happening less and less..we started lunging today. Either he has had some work in the past or he's really smart!  

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Great to see Semper settling in and doing so well.  Thank you Jen for helping him move forward.

Semper is doing great in training with Jen!  She says he has been really good, he is taking to saddle and she has video of him carrying the tarp around.  

Please contact us to find out about adopting Semper and even meeting him at Jen's place!  

Here are a couple of new pics of Semper.  

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rodney&carol b.
What a nice looking bunch of horses the 13 are.

An update from Jen, Semper's trainer:  Semper is very good about leading, fly spray, getting a bath, tarp work. He takes the saddle ok.  Now the not so good...he is not good about approaching with objects on his right side...like explosive and will leave...and scared to death of ropes touching his body.  I was going to ground drive him...that's how I found that out.  We are slowly trying to work through this...he's a tough cookie..just wanted to give you the good, bad, and ugly!  
I appreciate hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly. We all know working with horses isn't all sunshine and good times. The hard times help us grow too. Thanks for posting and keeping it real.
Jenni O.
I love the good, bad and the ugly parts! Okay,I don't love them, but I think they are helpful to know about. Jurita and I were talking about this the other day. Setbacks are a part of horses. Seems like Jen is making good progress though. It's such a good thing these horses got into training to help them through these rough spots at the beginning.
Good to hear about all that is going well.  The tough stuff is always tough...some days more than others.  I too appreciate hearing about the ugly.  Most have been through something like it so we can relate...and maybe learn something new as well.  Hang in there and thanks for sharing.
Here is a video of Semper that his trainer, Jen, just sent over.  How beautiful!  

Jan N
That is just lovely. Lovely! I especially appreciate her sitting him so quietly and even though he looks like he's still figuring out about this "bit thing" (or pretending he doesn't know when maybe he does know.. lol) and also like her ability to maintain some contact without him tossing his head or obviously getting all fretted up. Impressive.
Love it!! He seems calm and relaxed

Who is this gorgeous horse named Semper? Semper is a 6-year-old gelding (gelded on 6/14/2018), 15 hands tall. He is up to date with all of his vaccinations, deworming, Coggins, trimming, etc. At the beginning of June 2018, MHWF took ownership of and responsibility for a herd of 13 horses who have had little to no training and minimal handling over the years, and we are calling them the Lucky 13 herd. Semper was part of that herd and an unhandled boy, but luckily with your support MHWF was able to send him to a trainer. His trainer, Jen Bender, has done a fabulous job with Semper and we are looking for someone to take that next step and adopt this fabulous boy!

Semper leads, loads, ties, stands for farrier, good with fly spray and bathing, and is being ridden at walk and trot (still a bit unbalanced at the canter and working on that). He has carried a tarp around and walks over tarp with no issue. 
Below are a few pictures of Semper and a video of him being ridden. 
Who wouldn’t love to add this gorgeous horse to your herd?! Just a mere $500 adoption fee and you can have the bragging rights of calling this guy yours.

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He really is a beautiful guy..and coming along quite nicely in his training.  Nice job, Jen.

Update: 10-4-2018

Semper had been in training since coming to MHWF (over 60 days) and is now back from training. He is now doing well at walk and trot and can be made available to the right adopter, who can finish his training.  

Semper is in the house!  Who is going to come and meet this gorgeous boy?  
Thank you so much to Jen Bender for all of her great work with Semper, and he looks absolutely fabulous!!  

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Semper Fi is in the house!  Not sure if everyone has noticed, but Semper is back at MHWF (read above).  

We had Semper settle into the paddock area and observe the herd and get to know the horses as they came up.  This seemed to be going really well, so yesterday while we had hours to spend out there, we decided to let him out into the herd and observe.  Things went super, super well!  Semper easily made a few friends and he is not trying to cause any trouble or anything of the sort.  

I caught this picture of Semper this morning, completely stretched out sleeping next to a round bale.  Super relaxed and fitting in great!!  It's a bad cell phone pic, but you can see him there.  😉  

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Such a beautiful horse!  So glad he is settling in so easily.
Anyone out there with a little experience really should take a second look at this horse. Semper was one of the Lucky 13 stallions just 3 months ago, unhandled and very assertive. Of course, he is now a gelding.

Jen did an excellent job with him. He is super easy going, mellow, really muscular and built up now, and he is living in the herd with other geldings and mares...ponies, and is getting along with them wonderfully. 

He is current on everything, leads, loads, ties and stands for the farrier like a pro. He rides nice too......up to walk and trot. This is going to be that once in a lifetime horse for someone, afraid of nothing, built like a tank, and ultra-mellow. Semper impresses us more and more every day and we could not be happier with the good work Jen did with him.

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Looks like Semper has some news to share...
ohhh....cant wait to hear!

Yes, this drop dead gorgeous boy has found a home!  We couldn't be more thrilled, this is such an exciting thing to have happen and to have happen in December in Wisconsin.  As you all know, Semper was a completely untrained and unhandled cryptorchid stallion just back in June of this year when MHWF took ownership and responsibility for him.  Semper got all of his vetting work done including the geld surgery, and then a magnificent trainer named Jen Bender took him in under her wing to get the basic training he needed to help him become more adoptable.  Jen did a beautiful job with him and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.  In this rescue venture, getting them healthy and getting all of the vet work done is the easy part...then the training comes in and adds another level of difficulty, but needs to be done, and then the hardest and most important part...having the right people come along and adopt. 

Lucky 13 was the perfect name for this herd we took in, and Semper was very lucky to have this father-daughter team come along and decide to take him into their hearts and pasture.  Semper wasn't even the horse they came to look at and it was not an easy decision between two lucky horses here, but Semper was their guy and fit the bill.  Kenzi and her dad, Brent, met Semper and handled him and have all winter to work on all of the great things like ground work, trust building and confidence building exercises for Semper.  We really look forward to hearing of their adventures together.  

Thank you so much to Brent and Kenzi for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations!!  

Here is a cute adoption day picture of Semper with his new people, Kenzi and Brent.  

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