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Kristin W.
What a gorgeous boy! Congratulations!
Jan N
Have not done cartwheels for about 50 years but I'm doing just that mentally on hearing this r.o.c.k.i.n.g news! The word miracle is used rather carelessly sometimes, but if you're Semper, it IS the right word as he embarks on the next phase of his new life, the life which began when Karen and Scott took on the humongous job that is the Lucky 13, and continues now in his new placement. Where I come from, miracles are usually born of hard work and tireless conviction, so I'm joining in acknowledgement and thanks to all who had a role here, including the many supporters who never met him personally but whose contributions, little and large, were made for their love of horses. All my best wishes to Semper and his adopters!
We absolutely adore Semper and can’t wait to keep everyone updated with his progress! We’ll let him settle in for awhile then we’re gonna start working on gaining his confidence! This is him in his stall last night! Now he’s outside enjoying the day meeting our other horses through the fence. They have all been getting along well 😊😊
Lisa B.
Congratulations!  He is a looker, for sure!  I look forward to seeing Semper in the pasture as I drive by on my way to visit my mother.  Best wishes!
Lisa B.
I watch for Semper as I drive by.  I've caught a few glimpses and he really adds to the scenery along that stretch of road.

Adoption is great...so glad you decided to check into it!

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Good to see him. Was wondering how he was coming along in his new home.
Semper looks pretty content!

Look who's back!  Semper came back to MHWF on 7/27/2020, and he arrived on farrier day so we got him trimmed right away.  

Semper really hasn't been doing anything but hanging out in his adoption home.  We will be looking for either someone who has experience training or is willing to send him to a trainer, or we will be sending him for training....but before we send him off for training we will offer him up to someone who can and will train him.  

When we rescued Semper, he went to training on 7/18/2018 and came back to MHWF from training on 10/4/2018.  Semper was adopted out on 12/16/2018 and returned on 7/27/2020.   Being that he was never handled in his life until he went to training, things started out with the very basics of everything (he wasn't even halter-broke) and he even did wind up having a few rides at the end of his training period.  His trainer did a phenomenal job with him!  Unfortunately, for such a green horse to not continue with their training, his training will need to basically start over at this point, other than he has kept the basics down like leading and basic handling.  He will need work with trailering as well as he was extremely nervous when he arrived on the trailer and did not want to back off of the trailer due to lack of confidence and being nervous.  

Semper is a beautiful boy and is going to make someone a fabulous horse.  

I didn't get official intake pics of Semper yet, but here is a picture of him getting his feet trimmed upon arrival yesterday.  

Another note and observation about Semper is that he has settled into the herd here beautifully.  He is being polite and allowing the other horses to tell him exactly how it's gonna be for him.  He is not being "studdy" at all nor is he trying to boss anyone or be any type of alpha.  In his pasture resides a mare who is in raging heat right now, so that is a true test.  While he was not gelded until we rescued him, he had never bred a mare.  

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Lisa B.
Semper is so handsome.  It's too bad that his training needs to be restarted, but I'm sure the right situation is out there for him.
MHWF, Inc.

Semper Fi - 8 yrs.

$500 - Semper Fi is an 8 year old Arab/Paint cross gelding. He stands at 15 hands tall, is sound, healthy and is current on everything, trims, shots, dental work, de-wormers, etc. Semper is a big, strong and very confident horse, very outgoing, easy to catch, lead, load, tie, good for the vet and farrier and is a good looking guy too. Many of you may remember Semper. He was one of the Lucky 13 horses and was one of the stallions we had gelded right away. From there we sent him to an excellent trainer who tought him the basics, being caught, leading, loading, tying, standing for the vet and farrier, etc. He was also started under saddle while in training and has a great start. Finish his training and take him whatever direction you want, trained the way you want him trained. He is an open book filled with potential.  Please, no first time horse owners, no green riders or handlers.      

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Shayna W.
He looks just like Riley!
Theresa S.

I applaud the entire team at Midwest rescue !

My trainer and I have been looking for a new partner for me as my beloved mare went to rainbow bridge at 30 !  So blessed to have her. We have seen six horses so far, with no connection.  Numerous times when reviewing postings someone would encourage us to check out adoption opportunites.  I had the pleasure of observing my trainer with a young horse for six months and she is the best horse ever!  So my trainer, Crystal Schwochert can commit to us. After discussion with Crystal we would like to visit Semper and recognize the commitment each of us would have to make for success.  

Please advise me if my trainer and I could come see Semper and if so when?

Thank you very much !

MHWF, Inc.

How to Adopt a Horse from MHWF

The process of adopting a horse from MHWF is simple, print out the application. Send that in along with a $5.00 processing fee and photos of your farm. Once it is received we will get in touch with you via telephone and will answer any questions you might have, whether they be about our program and policies or a particular horse in our program. 

If after that phone call both parties feel like one or more of the horses is a possible match, we will set up an appointment for you to meet the horses. If the horse is a match, you may choose to adopt it and take it home after a little paperwork.

1. You must have an application on file to inquire about adoption horses, no exceptions. 

2. You must call during our posted hours and not on off hours.

3. You must set an appointment via telephone with us before planning on coming to the MHWF farm. Calling or emailing to let us know you are coming is not setting an appointment and will not be honored.

4. You must be at least 18 years old to inquire about adoption horses or to file an application.

We try our best to make adoption as easy and fun as we can make it. It is for that reason that we have set these policies. Everyone at MHWF has a regular daytime job and we must make good use of our limited time as this is a volunteer job and the people who take their time off to spend with the horses and potential adopters do it because they love it and believe in it.

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