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Jenni O.
Yay! Betting this will be a fun little horse [smile]
Tracy H.
Good Morning Everyone,

Well it has been a week now and Roxie has settled in at her new home. She is doing great! When I go to the gate to get her, she is there waiting for me. Haven't done much riding yet, but that is going to start this week if the rain holds off long enough. She loves the kids and my soon to be husband and they all can't wait to get a ride on her.

Good morning Tracy!  It's great to hear from you, and very happy to hear that Roxie is settling in so well!!  [smile]  
Tracy H. B.
It has been a month and Roxie is such a sweet horse. She is doing very well with not throwing her head when being rode and is very gentle when the kids are on her. She walks slow and doesn't try to take off. I am very happy with her. She is learning what vehicles are as the pasture that I ride her in is by the road and the noisy cars and trucks don't seem to bother her at all. I can't wait to get her on the trails and see how she is, but small steps is the best.

Bryan and are now married and Roxie lets him walk right up to her in the pasture. I am teaching him how to lunge her and a little riding. We had a little mishap with a herd of deer running through her pasture and scared the daylights out of her, but all is good now. She is with a pony and another horse her age. She still won't let the owner of the stable touch or catch her. We are hoping to work on that more.

Sheza Roxie - 14 years

$500 - Sheza Roxie is a 14 year old Arabian mare. She is 14.3 hands tall, sound, healthy, current on everything and as you can see, nice looking and put together well. Roxie has been part of MHWF for two years and was adopted our soon after coming into MHWF, but sadly, her adopter ran into some financial and family issues and could no longer afford the board, so Roxie is back at MHWF and some lucky adopter is going to get a really nice horse. Roxie is broke to ride, always ridden Western, in the arena and on trails. She has no special needs and no issues, other than needing some work on learning to be tied. She is a horse that looks to her rider/handler for confidence, so she needs an adopter who is at least an advanced beginner. Once she knows and trusts you, Roxie is rock solid and a good horse who will do anything to please.

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Jenni O.
Oooooohh!!! I could have a matched pair! Someone had better snap her up. There's still fall riding to do.
So pretty!
Beautiful mare!  

Exciting adoption news for Roxie!!  Barbara has been looking for a horse just like Roxie for some time now, and lo and behold, Roxie showed up back here at MHWF.  Sometimes the stars align just perfectly for things to fall into place.  

Even though it has barely stopped raining for the past few days (I've lost count), Barbara and her husband, Roger, made the trek over, met Roxie and Barbara rode Roxie too and did great!  Roxie is such a nice horse and this looks to be the perfect fit for Roxie and Barbara. 

Roxie is still here with us, but will be arranging for transport soon.  We did snap an adoption day picture after dark in the dark barn out of the rain to make it official.  😉 

Thank you for choosing adoption, Barbara, and a big congratulations!  

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Barb S
Congratulations Roxy, Barbara, and Roger!
Hopefully it will stop raining so you won’t have to buy floaties to go riding.
Jenni O.
Congratulations and excellent choice!
Donna R
Congratulations!  Roxie is a beautiful horse!
Congratulations! She sure is a beautiful mare and sounds like you all fit perfectly together 🙂
Yay for the adoption and Yay for the indoor riding arena!
Congratulations to Roxie and Barbara!

Roxie left for her new home a short while ago!  The hauler came and picked up Roxie and they are on their way now.  Roxie had her teeth floated, dewormer and her fall shots on Vet Day, 10/13/2018, and her feet trimmed on 10/17/2018 and is all ready to go!  When the hauler got here the wind was blowing and it was snowing a bit, so we put Roxie's blanket on her for the trip.  I snapped a quick pic of Roxie getting some breakfast and dolled up in her blanket before we loaded her up.  

We look forward to hearing about Roxie's safe arrival home, and her adventures with Barbara!  Thanks again, Barbara!  

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We got word yesterday that Roxie is settling in well at the boarding facility and the owner/trainer of the facility, Judy, is working with her to tune her up for Barb.  What Judy is working on: "the owner/trainer has been working w/ Roxie on stopping when asked and lowering her head w/ riding along w/ backing up when asked. Roxie has been able to be tied
w/o any difficulty."  
Hopefully Barb rides her soon and has a blast with Roxie!  

Jan N
Good job Roxie!
Roxie is getting along well with my other mare and has adjusted well to living at my brother’s farm.

I just changed from the french link snaffle that was suggested by the trainer as Roxie just seemed to not respond well to it – seemed to run thru the bit a little. I tried the new Myler low port snaffle that I ordered on Roxie yesterday and worked w/ her on the ground – Roxie seemed to really like the bit so we will see how riding goes. Roxie has changed – seems more confident. She is always so polite!
Hope that everything is going well for you. Thank you for the work you do!

- Barb K

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