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UPDATE: Sky LOVES the apples from the tree 😉 especially when they come from my friends daughter, Aubree. <3
We had a great morning in the round pen again!

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Jenni O.
Love this!
I love this too!
Hey everyone! Popping back in to share about sky!
We ended last summer on a wonderful note and this spring is just the same. Her ground manners are absolutely glorious! We got some new tack for her so she’s all glitzed out. I can’t wait to work with her a little more and get her out on the trails with all our friends and her pasture mate Max ❤️

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Lisa B.
She sure is a pretty little girl! Enjoy!
Love seeing updates from the 1 day surrender horses. Sky is looking great and sounds like she's doing great also. Can't wait to see pics from her on the trails!
Even more pics!

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Sky looks awesome!
My sister in-law and I went out for a little road cruise this morning with Sky and her pasture mate Max! She did amazing! Only got a little scared at some weeds in the ditch line once but other than that she was looking at everything and so inquisitive but rode like a dream. We went past lots of cars, motorcycles etc. And it never even phased her. I’m so pleased to call her mine 🙌🏻😘

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Sounds like a great ride!
Today was a big day for sky! We went to the Eau Pleine trails and she did so good! Only got scared a couple times which I kind of expected but then she settled in very nice! She’s going to be a great trail partner and can’t wait for me fun times!
Sounds like another great ride!   I really like those horses who can settle back down after a spook or scare.  Awesome!
So incredibly proud of this girl for how far she has come! From our first year of rearing up, busting the hitching post, not completely trusting of me to now standing Ground tied for saddling, riding out on her own, and lunging like a champ! Today was our first ride of 2020 and she did amazing! For not being worked through the winter it’s like we picked up right where we left off. I can’t wait for this summer filled with trail rides and this fall when we hit up Caroline Colorama🙌🏻
A little patience is all this gal needed and now I can feel a very strong bond being formed and it’s the best feeling ❤️

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Barn S
That’s great news! Persistence and dedication are key. Happy trail season!
Great update!
Great update!
Tried out an obstacle course today and Sky rocked it !
Way to go!  Bet you are wicked proud of that girl!
MHWF, Inc.
New photos of Sky! 😉

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