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Snickers - 21 years

$400 - Snickers is a 21 year old Welsh Cobb pony gelding. He is sound, healthy, current on everything he needs and stands at 12.2 hands tall. Snickers is broke to ride and drive, although it has been many years since he was driven. He is very easy going, polite, cute and super sweet and likeable. Snickers has no special needs and is in excellent shape for a horse half his age. While he has been used for trail rides and giving the grand kids rides, he is not a pony for a green kid. His rider will have to know how to ride a bit or Snickers might take advantage and do his own thing. This is a great little pony in great shape with tons of experience. He started out driving on an Amish farm being driven by the kids and ridden around the farm. If you are looking for that sane, easy going pony, don't drag your feet. He won't be here long.

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Snickers managed to sneak in getting adopted on the last day of November!  We're really happy for Snickers and hope that will be exactly what his adopter is looking for.  Snickers is going to get back into some driving and I think he'll enjoy that tremendously!!  He headed all the way over to his new home in Michigan yesterday, and we look forward to hearing from Snickers and his adopter, Lynn, about their new adventures together.  

Thank you Lynn, and big congratulations to you and Snickers!  

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Snickers and one of his new pasture buddies (a goat) in his new home in northern Michigan!

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Kristin W.
Congratulations Snickers and Lynn! He's so handsome and fuzzy!
Yay for Snickers. He gets a home and a job
Barb S
That’s awesome news!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of Snickers driving!
Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
Sue J
Congratulations Snickers and Lynn! I can't wait to hear about your adventures together.[smile]
Lisa B.
Wonderful news!  I'm especially happy to hear that he will be used in harness.  I had a gelding years ago that loved it.


Congratulations Snickers and Lynn!  
Yay! Congratulations!
Snickers is doing fine. He is pals with the goat and ignores the mini. I haven't done much of anything with him during this awful winter. May there be an early spring!
Barb S
Glad to hear Snickers is doing fine. Hoping for an early spring here too.
I am with you on an early spring!!  Glad to hear Snickers has made a friend...LOL
There must be a pony under all that snow? πŸ˜‰

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Oh my....that is an impressive picture!
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