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This will be the donkey's thread where we will post updates and photos. 

Date of arrival to MHWF:  5/16/2010

We have something very special here in this trio of donkeys. There are two Jennys that are sisters, named Sophia and Flora as well as Sophia's son, the donkey John named Jasper. Sophia and Flora are each 9 years old and Jasper is 6 years old. They are all as cute as it gets, very friendly and have never been apart from each other. All 3 have their shots and were just de-wormed and are ready for a new home. They are friendly and pretty mellow and are all about the same size, around 36-39 inches at the withers. These little cuties have just been pets so they do not drive or ride, but who cares right? They are adorable and great pasture watchdogs. 

We are going to do our best to find all 3 of them a home together, but also need to be realistic and realize that it's going to be very hard to find them all a home where they can stay together. Because of this we are offering them at a big discount to anyone willing to take all 3 and keep them together. If this happens, some lucky adopter will not only get 3 very cute little faces, but will also be a true hero 
(I'm All Ears)

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So insanely adorable!

Denise S - WW
OGosh, I knew I shouldn't have looked!  Adorable!!!

Cute, cute and cute!!!!

mel d

That's certain...cuteness times 3!

Faye - WI
I just have to chime in on this thread. Donkeys are hilarious, adorable, personable, and fun. I just adore the 2 I've got and have been quite surprised that visitors always seem to ask a lot more about the donks than the horses. If anyone is on the fence about adopting donkeys, I gotta say I highly recommend it!
Jenni O.

They're so cute.  I'd take all three if I could.  And then I would waste all my time watching them.  Someone(s) is going to have to take lots of pics after they adopt these gals/guy.

I am with Faye!  Our two longears get quite the attention around here. Everyone has to stop to see the donks.  Shaggy and Harmony are just as sweet as they come, but they provide hours of entertainment as they goof around with each other constantly.  Shaggy has even taken to messing with the old TB, E.T. and he seems to quite enjoy it.

I would love to have this trio in our pasture was not already full.  There will be some lucky people out there that will bring these guys home.
Who can resist a longear?  Look at these faces. 

These donks are just as sweet as they come, and so friendly.  They already call to us when they see us come out of the house. 



they are so adorable!

Karla Joy

I can't believe these little ones haven't been adopted yet. I asked hubby if we could adopted them but he said "no way" to three of them. Now that I adopted one from the BLM I feel bad that she doesn't have another donkey. Maybe I should start working on my husband again . . . .  Who knows, maybe Jasper wouldn't miss his mom and aunt so much if he had a girlfirend.   It would sure be wonderful for them if they could all go together though.

Scott: MHWF
Hi Karla,

We do realize that finding a home for all three donkeys together is not really realistic. We are very much open to the idea of the 2 girls staying together and Jasper being a buddy to another donkey though.
Mary H.

Time to get that picture of the trio up on Equusite!  Mentioning they are available for adoption is sure to get someone interested.  Man - they are cute, cute and cuter!!

That is a good idea about Equusite, I have forgotten about that spot. 

These donks are just the sweetest and most adorable little things you could ever want to meet.  We have finally taken them out of quarantine and they are in Mista's pasture.  The big pasture with more horses probably would have been a bit too much for these guys, they are pretty timid around horses at this point.  Upon being put together, they were afraid of the horses in Mista's pasture, and the horses were afraid of the donks.  We could appreciate that because that way there was absolutely no chasing going on, just a lot of staring.  :)  They all just stood at a distance and looked at each other a whole lot the first day.  Now they are standing closer and closer to each other all the time and are not so fearful of one another.  Sophia, Flora and Jasper each have their own distinct personality, and each one as sweet as the next.  You will see Flora and Sophia always very close to each other, and Jasper wanders off a little from the two from time to time.  I do think at this point he is their "look out" and he is taking care of the ladies.  They bray to us when they see us come outside, it is just adorable, or just "squeak" to us.  Anyone who has never had a donkey in their pasture should really give it a try, you will never want to be without. 
Karla Joy

Scott & Karen, Are these three considered minis or standard size?


Hi Karla, these donks are mini's. 

I finally got around to sending in a pic to Equusite.  The lovable Jasper is there today.  :) 
Thanks for reminding me of the site Mary. 

mel d

Two big 10's for Jasper! Great photo!


got my  10's in!


What cute pic! Got my 2 10's, plus now I remembered to submit a bunch of my own photos :)

Laurie L.

At this point, we are rockin' the vote!  Very cute photo.

Carol in OC

My 10's are present and accounted for.  I hope these three find a loving family that will take them all in and just love them to pieces!  (Of course that is my prayer for every animal in need of a home.)

Wendy W - WI

Going there now to vote!  Sweet!

Sent my two 10's through for that cute guy!!
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