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Katie I.

Hi, Congrats for sure!  Not to take away from the thread, but why do the donks get such a thick neck?  Mine is this way as well, I thought it was just him until I saw the last few pics!  Thanks!

Jenni O.

Those are some lucky donkeys and lucky girls!  Too cute.

Hi Katie! 
The donks will get that fat roll when they get a bit too much to eat.  ;)  I think there was a little mentioned earlier on and I may have posted a link with more info on it somewhere in the thread.  It's something that never really goes away.  Flora was the one who really had the fat roll going on. 

Wow....been busy and now I get back on here and look at all the great adoptions!!  Congrats on your mini donks...they are so cute!!


Jasper, Flora and Sophia - 9, 12, 12 yrs.

$300 for all three together - We have something very special here in this trio of donkeys. There are two Jennys that are sisters, named Sophia and Flora as well as Sophia's son, the donkey John named Jasper. Sophia and Flora are each 12 years old and Jasper is 9 years old. They are all as cute as it gets, very friendly and have never been apart from each other. All 3 have their shots, trims, were de-wormed and are ready for a new home. They are friendly and mellow and are all about the same size, around 38 or 39 inches at the withers. These little cuties have just been pets so they do not drive or ride, but who cares right? They are adorable. 


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Donna M
Now these are about the cutest little buggers I've ever seen. Looks like they were adopted a few years ago and returned. I sure hope they can be adopted as a trio again.
Yes, the family had them for three years and loved them, but have to sell their farm this summer and could no longer keep them. We hope we can keep them together too!
Donna R
I remember these three from when we adopted our first horses from MHWF.  How adorable!  I want to put a shout out to anybody considering mini donkeys.  They are a riot to have around.  We have two brothers, Ty and Thunder.  We have had them for a year and a half.  Only one was supposed to come home with us.  If you know us, you know we both have a difficult time saying no.  Bringing both boys home was a great decision.  They are wonderful buddies and love to chase each other around the pasture.  One or both greet us each day as we open the door to come outside.  We still smile every time we hear their cute little bray.  They love to cuddle.  Ours are kept in with our horses.  They all do very well together.  They are super easy keepers and make us smile every day...just like a daily dose of happiness!    
We were able to turn the donkeys out in the pasture with Wiekja, Sheba and Cherokee yesterday afternoon and they are doing great.  We are already getting greetings from them as soon as they hear us!  Oh how I love having donkeys around.  :) 
If only.......
Lindsey N
DOH!!!!  Let the begging begin.....
Scott: MHWF
Last month the whole world was asking us to get in some donkeys....here they are folks, but you gotta call to come see  them...cute and sweet as can be!
oh I wish, I wish, I wish! would love a donkey!

They are soooo cute!!!  I told my husband he could do all his gift shopping for me for the rest of the year at one time.  One for our anniversary, one for my birthday and one for Christmas.  I'm still begging......

Lindsey N
Oh...my....god.  These three amigos are TO DIE FOR!!!  I was begging before, but I just about popped all 3 of them in my trailer and dealt with the smitings when I got home.  (You know, its easier to ask forgiveness than permission??). The voice of reason (Kara) assured me that....disappearing...over 3 donkeys might not be good.  Man, (to Kara & Zach), if you guys thought the begging and squealing about long ears was bad before, it's about to get a whole lot worse. 

These 3 AMAZING donkeys are like giant dogs.  They tolerated ANYTHING I did to them, including playing with their beautiful, soft ears and smooshing my face into them.  They beg for attention and let me hug around their bellies, touch them anywhere without question and just soaked it up.  It would be a terrible thing to see these guys split up, maybe next time I will try to drag my mom out to meet them.  They can be her garden buddies! 

Seriously, to anyone that just wants a pet.  These are like dogs that you don't have to take for walks (only if you want to)!!  And they poop in their very own pen, you don't have to worry about yard landmines!  I would be willing to bet if you put one on a leadline, they would all follow.  They aren't pushy, mean, or anything and really would make some great companions.  I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about them!  I am in love....maybe we can "donkeysit" for a week and everyone else will fall in love with them too and they would be able to stay forever hehehe.  I'm only a little evil, but with good intentions ;)
Lindsey N
I have a glimmer of hope!  My mom said tonight "I can't go meet them because I know I would want them".  They were complaining about bunnies in their garden and I was trying to convince them to put a separate area of fence around the garden and that the donks might keep the bunnies out...or at least eliminate mowing!  Then they could go play with the donkeys before going into the garden.  I have this all figured out.  Think donkey-surrounded garden.  I am going to keep prying.  Tonight I got the "if you pay for all their stuff...blah blah blah...you can get them" talk from mom, but then got eye daggers from Zach and I know we can't afford it.  I just need to convince my mom they will be hers or Lily's.  I told her how sweet they were and how UNLIKE mini's they are (my parents have had bad experiences with naughty minis...and goats for that matter).  I got "Yah, but don't donkey's kick?".  I guess I can't speak with any experience whatsoever, but I just said "Nope, not these guys.  They are sweet as pie."  GAAH. I want some donkeys...
Lindsay, it sounds like the APPROVAL of the *donks* is just right around the corner. I get a charge how you can work it... Nicely done, SO FAR. Good Luck in convincing everyone!!
I would adopt all 3 of these in a heartbeat if the adoption fee was $150 for all of them.  It would be a horrible shame to adopt them out separately since they've been together for so long.  
Scott: MHWF
Hello Amy,

It was decided almost immediately after they got here that we could never split these three up, so when they do get adopted, it will be all three together. We will even give whoever adopts them a break on the adoption fee. It won't be $150 for all three, but will be a large break in the adoption fees either way. We even went ahead and lowered the adoption fee on their listing today.
Donna R
I am so happy to hear that the donkeys will stay together! I'm telling you, there is nothing like having long ears in your pasture.  Our daughter and son in law farm sat for us for a week.  Our donks were their favorites.  They are so comical and sweet.
Jenni O.
They are beyond cute! If I had room for extra equines, these would be the ones I'd bring home. There were donkeys at a campground we stayed at in CA and I really liked one of them. I wanted to bring her home. They steal your heart quite quickly.
I was wondering how the *Three Donks* are doing in this horrendous HEAT? As *Kane* Bella* & *Monty*, and ALL of the horses? It is thundering here, quite bad, so maybe we will get a little bit of rain... Hoses/Sprinklers are a real BLESSING in disguise, I guess. Just remember BACK when we were ALL kids, and if we weren't in the lake all day, it was in the sprinkler. Try and STAY KOOL!
Bump! let's find these 3 beauties a home. If my circumstances were different, it would be me. Love em!
Teresa L.
We have a great home for them, would love to have them! but do we have to get all three? 

All three donkeys do need to go together.  It has become pretty clear that we should not split them up, we don't feel it would be a very nice thing or fair to them at all.  I'm sure the right home that can take all three of them will come along and we are certainly willing to wait for the right home for them, it's the least we can do for these wonderful little donks. 
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