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Teresa L.
where are you located? if nearby we would love to take them all! any chance $50 each?


Teresa, I'm curious about how you found this thread on the discussion forum about the donkeys but you don't know where we are located?  I thought most of the time people found our website and then came to the discussion forum, so I'm just curious.  

Here is the website that has all of the information you need regarding how to go about adopting and filling out an application to adopt, the adoption horses page that has the information about the adoption horses (and/or donkeys), our contact information, etc. 

No, we will not cut the adoption fee on them that low.  The adoption fee is already cut low for anyone willing to take all three at $300, and that is more than reasonable. 

Teresa L.
Hi Karen,

We are located in Hudson, WI and were just wondering where Pittsville is as we're not familiar with your area.  We have Arabian horses and show all over the United States.  We have two miniature ponies that all of the kids absolutely adore and work with daily and would love to add the donkeys to our farm.  However, with the increased price of hay, and the fact that we weren't originally planning to adopt more than one, we were hoping you would accept a donation of $50 each.

If you are willing to accept a discounted adoption fee, we would be thrilled to provide them with a good home.  We appreciate your consideration.

Hi Teresa,

Pittsville is the exact center of the state.  I think we have directions posted on the website as well. 

The adoption fee for the donkeys is already a discounted adoption fee.  Normally a donk's adoption fee would be about $200 ($600 for all three), so we discounted them $100 a piece (knocked off $300) to anyone who wants to take all three.  I find that a $300 adoption fee for three donks is very reasonable (and we have more than that into them already).  The adoption fee on most horses is $500 to $600.  If a person doesn't have the means for the hay for all three donks, then it would probably be best to look for a single donk and not try to take on too much at once.  Dropping their adoption fee down by $150 isn't going to help in the long run for the price of their vet, farrier care and hay for the upcoming winters for all three of them.   
Teresa L
Thanks, Karen.  We completely understand your position and appreciate everything you're doing for the donkeys as well as all of the horses in your care.  Please just keep us in mind for the future in the event you have a single or if you're unable to find a good home for these three.

Take care - 

Scott: MHWF
The adoption fee is always the smallest expense in having a horse/donkey.
Jane Liess
Theresa, I'm sure that you would provide the donkeys with a good home, but (in my opinion) MHWF is about so much more than just placing animals in homes.  Each equine who goes through MHWF has a "home for life", and becomes part of the "family".  You will notice that many of the horses listed for adoption would be valued for far more than their adoption fees, and that some may seem to be valued at less.  But each one will be cared for by MHWF if no one adopts them, or if someone adopts them and has to return them due to unforeseen circumstances.  And whether the equine becomes lame and is no longer considered "valuable" or much training is put in and the equine has far more "market value" than reflected in the adoption fee, they are all valued as part of MHWF.  I know that Scott and Karen feel responsible for each and every animal entrusted to their care, and that care is therefore priceless.  I hope this doesn't sound too preachy, but it isn't just about the price.  It's about the commitment of those who care for them.
Lindsey N
I found out my dear Chelsea took some pictures of the Donks while I was loving them!  Seriously, best...donks...ever...

I wouldn't question their cost, and its true we all know that the lowest cost in owning these animals is the adoption fee.  I need to get my mum out there because she is in need of some big time companionship.  These guys are IT.  Like I said, best....ever! 

Lindsey N
Hmm, pics didn't go - lets try again!

donk love.jpg 3 donks.jpg 

yep, the adoption fee is the easy part, I would love all 3 of them, always wanted a donkey, but that would be 3 more vaccinations, 3 more trims, 3 more to deworm, 3 more mouths to feed, etc. it all adds up! Lindsey-love the pics!
Jane Leiss, very NICELY stated. Looking out for their well being and care EXTREMELY important. That is WHY MHWF is such a great organization.
Someone started a new thread asking about the donkeys and I'd prefer just to answer that here on their own thread and keep it all in one place.  The donks are doing great and feel right at home.  They are on the adoption horses page, and they are still available for adoption.  They are just vocal enough and not too vocal and are the cutest little things you'd ever want to meet. 
Heather H
I'm not that familiar with donkeys but this trio cracked me up! They were such cute little guys, rolling up to say hi to me and Karen as we walked into the pasture. It was like a group of little shadows....first came one, and then sure enough, up strolled the other two. They were a curious little trio and loved getting petted. I got a shot of one (sorry, not sure who this is) sniffing me. I didn't hear anyone bray the whole time I was there (maybe 1-2 hours).  They sure are cuties with those big ears.
Heather H

Ugh...late at night and forgot to attach photo. :)

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Jenni O.
I love them, and I haven't even met them. If I couldn't ride I'd have these three. And maybe a mini or two.
Bump, just to bring these guys back up.  We are fixing their link on the adoption horses page right now so that it works again.  :) 
Scott: MHWF
It's fixed now and we still have three beautiful and very sweet little donkeys desperately looking for a home!!!
tara b
Hi Scott and Karen, I saw (and shared) the Facebook post about these guys and wanted to ask if they are out with your herd and if they are used to being with horses. We just fenced another 2 acre area attached to the barn so that we could rearrange and extend our dry lot and I have to say that I have always wanted a donk but couldn't justify 3 when I adopted Lily, (who is doing great and a very quick PNH study!) But now.... fenced space is no longer an issue ;) I wonder how my guys would react to them...
Hi Tara!  It's great to hear from you!  :) 

Sophia, Flora and Jasper are pastured with a big Belgian/Clyde cross gelding (Tango), a Quarter Horse mare (CherKee), an Arab mare (Sheba) and a Friesian mare (my horse Wiekja).  They get along great with the horses, they mind their own business and don't get in the horse's business at all.  I was just outside and the 3 donks were eating at a round bale next to big Belgian/Clyde gelding.  Donkeys are known to do very well in herds with horses, and the many donkeys we have had here have always done well and the horses really seem to like having the donks around. 
Donna R
Tara, we have two mini donkeys and keep them with our horses and mini horse.  They do really great with all of the horses.  They also mind their own business.  We have an older quarter horse mare that absolutely loves the donkeys.  She is with them all the time and acts like their mother.  We planned to only bring one donkey home but brought them both.  They are full brothers.  It was the best decision to have more than one.  They are great company for each other, are very low maintenance, and give us a lot of enjoyment just watching their antics.  If we didn't already have our two, we wouldn't hesitate to adopt Sophia, Flora, and Jasper.  We have met them.  They are sweet as can be.
Tara, I have seen Donna's lil Donks right there with all the other horses together.  Cutest darn herd you ever saw.  I don't think horses view them as that different, heck goats and horses play together all the time once used to each other for the most part.

Those 3 sure would look cute in your pasture :-)  Whoever adopts them I sure hope they get to stay together just like Noel & Leon or is that Leon & Noel
John, I agree with you about the THREE DONKS staying together. It would be a shame otherwise. Someone will come along and NEED/WANT all three...PRAY

No worries John and Char, I think we've been pretty clear that the three donkeys need to remain together.  It just wouldn't be right to split them up. 

Since we are on a big campaign to find a good home for these three cuties, we decided to also lower their adoption fees!
Donkeys are also good herd protectors! These three are absolutely adorable.

When I had my mule Molly and my horse Marcy, Molly was very protective of her pasture. She would not let any dog, cat or any other animal enter while Marcy could of cared less. She would also go on high alert quite often, while Marcy didn't seem troubled by anything. Interesting for sure!
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