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Scott, I am really, really thinking about the mini-donkey's... I have 1 horse that I want to have a companion for but at the same time I know adding one horse isn't ideal... but I don't want nor do I need 3 horses and all the added work... I'm thinking 3 mini-donkeys would eat about the same as one big horse, they would have each other and my horse would have companions in the pasture. 
I have a 5 acre pasture that my horse has almost free access too... when the grass is growing she is only allowed on it 8 hours a day - she is a very easy keeper... 
She has a large area in the barn where she can come and go as she pleases - currently bedded 2 feet deep with straw. I've had this horse for 3 years and the only time I have to clean the barn is if she has been penned up for some reason - like the farrier is coming and I want her hooves to be clean and dry.. 
or there is a major lighting storm and I don't want her standing in the middle of the pasture... 
Are the donkeys still available? Can they be on pasture? Are they handleable - like for getting their hooves trimmed.... I'd like to consider them and if you think they would make a good fit I'd gladly fill out an application and get the process started.
Thanks, Kim
Heather H
Kim - You can fill out an application online (processing $10) or snail mail one in for $5. http://www.equineadoption.com/applicationpage.htm My friend Heather W just adopted a mini this fall and she did the online one since it was quick to upload her photos of her farm. Then she got a call within a day or two of submitting it online (since Karen & Scott work full time during the day they are open for adoptions in evenings and weekends). The $10 fee helps offset the price of the ink and paper for them printing out your application at the farm. Why a hard copy? As we know all too often, technology can crash on us so always good to have back ups.

Then, once you are approved, Scott or Karen can call you and talk more in depth about what would work best for your situation. They both have regular full time jobs in addition to running the rescue so this helps them save time by getting all the proper paperwork in order first to have you approved before talking in more detail about which animal works best for you. :) You have a beautiful horse and pasture. Having recently sold a horse, I know first hand how people will email and call you and spend hours of your time and then end up not knowing even the basics so I wish I could have pre-screened applicants like MHWF does to save myself some time! haha.

I saw your other post and some of your concerns and it sounds like getting the 3 small donkeys might be good for your situation as your horse will have some friends to hang out with but you'll still be able to go trail riding knowing the 3 donkeys can keep each other company.

Thanks for considering adoption Kim! There are always horses coming and going too so having an application already on file & approved means you can call during regular hours when new ones arrive too.
Adoption application has been submitted!!! :-)
Lindsey N
Kim, I hope you are approved and that these guys would work well for you!  They are by far the sweetest little guys ever, just loving hugs and attention when they can get it.  They are on a large pasture at the rescue, so I don't think that would be a problem.  These guys really are the best, best of luck to you!
Kim if your application is accepted, I am very ANXIOUS to see the photos if and when you go to MEET the *three donks*... OMG, that should be an experience one will never forget... three buddies all together. LOVE IT... Maybe  this will lead to something BIGGER??? Lets speculate maybe 1200 lbs.
My best friend has 3 donkeys too... not mini-s though... 2 girls and a boy... Dorothy, Tin Man and Delilah...
I am quite excited. I need to submit more photos for my application, I only could get so many off my Facebook page here at work. Now, for above zero temps so my batteries in my camera don't die like they did yesterday!
Keep your fingers crossed for me... :-)
You are going to be soooooo lucky to have these 3!  Best of luck!!!
Going to meet the donkeys tomorrow, bringing my camera... Lets hope that the weather cooperates for my 2 and a half hour drive!!!
So excited for you!  Everyone I know that has donkeys, loves them and these guys are so sweet
Denise S - WW
Hope to hear some good news tomorrow Kim! :-) The 2 1/2 hours is well worth the drive! Hopefully Mother Nature will be in a good mood!
So far, today, Friday it is YUCKY out there, but on Saturday it will be a very TRICKY day for travel. From rain, freezing rain/ to maybe sleet/to maybe SNOW,,, the meteorologists really are watching the temperatures, wind and the air coming from the south. So, just be cautious/careful and take your time. Good luck, and I hope that *Flora* Jasper* and*Sophia* are all hyped up for company. Good Luck Kim. And one more thing, THIS is very exciting for me too like everyone else on this thread. OMG!!
If the roads are bad I am not going to make the trip - however - I have decided that I am taking the donkeys... doesn't matter what they look like... the purpose is to provide companionship for my horse and laughs for the family.... I'm going to talk to Scott about putting 1/2 down on them now and holding them till I can pick them up on the 25th. Its drizzling here now, temps are holding steady at 34 degrees, dropping to 32 over night and back up to 36 tomorrow with snow predicted... I have enough to keep me busy if I stay home, didn't get anything done in the barn last weekend with the cold and I'd really like to get the water tank scrubbed out and refilled with fresh water. Normally its cleaned weekly but with the weather didn't want to risk creating a ice rink... But if it looks like decent travel weather, be prepared for photos! :-)
It was a rain type thing a little earlier and now it is snowing to beat the band here.  I don't want to see anyone try to make a trip on bad roads, we had someone do that last weekend and get in a car wreck on their way here.  The prediction is for a winter weather advisory overnight until tomorrow morning.  If something changes and we don't get any of the weather they are predicting, then the roads should be fine in the morning, but unfortunately it is sure looking doubtful at the moment. 
Donna R

Then congratulations, Kim!  This is coming from  a two mini donkey household.   You won't be sorry. 

mel d
Congratulations, Kim! Use your good judgement with the road situation...you've already shown your great judgement in adoption ;-) Welcome to the family!
Congratulations Kim!!  What a wonderful addition these three will be for you and your family!  Stay safe, the trio will be there waiting to go home when the weather is better!
Kim, how exciting you are about to grow your family and offer a wonderful home to 3 new equines.
This will be an adventure I hope we read about often (with lots of pictures)

I have met Donna's lil Donks and it took me a whole minute to fall in love with them.

Be safe when you visit and transport.  Hope we see you at KMN sometime.
With almost 9,000 posts on this subject I consider myself to be very, very lucky to have found these three donkeys.... I made the trip to meet them today and did the paperwork with Scott.... they will be coming home with me on the 25th, weather permitting.... 
I hope Flora doesn't mind a name change... I love how Sophia, Fiona and Jasper sounds... I think Jasper will end up being my heart donkey, he can be a bit stand-offish but loves to have his hinder scratched.
Wanted to take some pictures but they were not very cooperative... 
Can't wait to bring them home!!! 

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Donna R
They are so adorable, Kim.  I can't imagine having only one :).  Welcome to the MHWF family.  Looking forward to hearing updates about these three! 
Congratulations Kim. I am sure you will love them. Thank you for choosing to adopt these three!
Donna M
January adoptions rock!! (especially when they come in threes) 

This is fantastic news!
Congratulations Kim and the donkey family! how wonderful!
Jenni O.
Congratulations, and can't wait to see how your horse reacts to its new buddies.
Congratulations to Kim and the donkey family!

My introduction plan is as follows:


My mare will be locked out on the pasture… then we’ll unload the donkeys and bring into the barn, brush them and give them a few treats… show them where the mineral and salt are… they will easily find the manager…. Once they are comfortable in there, I’ll let them into the drylot to check things out and find the water tank… Lana will be able to see them and we’ll judge her reaction to them… once they seem to be comfortable in the drylot I’ll halter Lana and keep her on a lead and we’ll switch them – Lana will go into drylot and the donkey’s out on the pasture. We’ll let them wander around out there for a while. Then I think I’ll switch them again – drylot the donkeys with a little hay, put Lana out in the pasture – once they are distracted by the hay and Lana is back to her digging in the snow for grass I’ll open the gate and let them decide where they want to be…. But I’ll be monitoring them… Does this sound like a good plan?


I am not going to give the donkey’s any grain – Lana  gets 1 cup a day of oats daily with her mineral and hoof supplement. I have free choice loose mineral and loose salt as well… (which reminds me, I may need to lower the height of the feeder) but also feed Equipride http://equilix.com/equipride.html - I’m going to offer that to the donkey’s as well…


So, once they are here and comfortable I’ll be collecting fecal samples and sending off for testing… grooming them like crazy – they have such itchy butts!!! Grooming is a good calorie free way to bond J My vet is coming out the end of February to do coggins and check teeth on my mare so the donkeys will get their teeth checked and their shots at the same time..


Now to get them home…………. I can’t wait!!!

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