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Thanks Katie... I've been told I care too much and that I don't have patience - I change things too quickly if I don't see results soon enough. I guess cause I see results quickly when I make changes with the horse I expect to with the donkeys as well, but it takes longer for them. Also, but cause they are adopted I feel more pressure to do the right thing by them.... 
I just need to buy a ticket and win the lottery so I can hire donkey grooms and exercisers..... :-)
LOL Kim!  You are too funny!  I think less worrying would be good for you.  [smile]  [smile]  
Karen, less worry would be wonderful... now I have something new to worry about, that I worry to much... LOL Talk about high maintenance.

You crack me up!  And you sound a lot like me.  Scott is always telling me I worry too much about things.  I can say that one thing I do not worry about is your care of the donkeys!  
Thanks Karen, that makes me feel good - one less thing to worry about as well. :-)

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I am looking at last picture, Donk looking straight at camera on the left looks like a bean bag chair with a cute face.  I have a strange sense of view

Seriously though Kim, they look great.  Not sure why I have always followed these 3, but am guessing probably because they look like they all have the coolest personalities.  I wish I could have them in our pasture.
Don't feel discouraged with their weight gain, Kim!

Mini donks are notorious for their ease of weight gain (kind of like Labs and Beagles) and it can happen quickly. I used to work at the Milwaukee County Zoo where we have 2 mini donks, Giuseppe and Chelsea (Mother and son). They are on dry lots, like the horses they are kept with. They get hay twice a day and maybe 1/2-1 cup of food (they get enough for us to get their supplements in...this may have changed since I left). Both of those donks are quite large! Chelsea has that cresty neck that is so heavy it tips over to once side. LOL.

Here are 2 donkeys on strict diets AND on dry lot, and they are still wrecking balls with legs. LOL. The battle is real. You're doing a good job with your three and though a bit hefty, they look nice and healthy otherwise!

I seriously want to see little donkey exercise riders though. You should develop and market that!

Donkey exercise riders ?? I don’t think my insurance company would think that’s a good idea. I was thinking more along the lines of 3 people to come over and walk and trot the donkeys by hand for an hour or so each day and take them through our obstacle course, groom them and give them each a massage before they go back outside.

I had plans of taking all three and pony-ing them off my horse. Chip wasn’t keen on the idea and my farrier thought I was totally insane for even thinking about it. I wonder though…. If we could teach them to pony off the golf cart and take them round and round the field a few times?? I’d bribe them to follow with carrots. Not sure if Chip would want to take part in that either though. I’ll run it by him tonight while he is having a few beers at the birthday party…  Esp since Lana threw a show and who knows when the farrier is going to be able to come fix that.

Donk update - farrier visit tonight - this is the 3rd time that Joe has trimmed the trio. I didn't have to hang on to Sophie or Jasper, they stood tied like champs, on loose leads and behaved very well. Flora was a tad naughty at first but by the time we got to her 2nd hoof she gave up and stood pretty well. 

Joe loves the donkeys and is more their size, I think the donks know he likes them. Every time it gets easier. Next up, not sure when, but getting their teeth floated is in order. Wanted to get it done this fall but time ran away from me, and since I'm having surgery in November, won't be able to do any donkey wresting.... so, next spring we'll get that tackled.

Otherwise, they are still fat, still happy and doing a great job of keeping me entertained and my horse company.

Bye for now, Kim
Scott: MHWF
Aren't having donkeys something everyone should experience? They are like living cartoons, funny, smart and goofy. Thanks for the update Kim!
or mini mules....just saying.
Jenni O.
Haha, Mandy. I love the donkey..and mini-mule...updates. Photos are a bonus!
Kim Van Drisse

Its been quite awhile since I provided an update on the donkey trio…. Not much new to report, they are still fat, sassy and keeping my mare company when the weather is nice enough for them to wander outside the barn… now that the snow is deeper than their legs in the pasture they stick to the barn and the yard mostly. Lana has made some trails through the snow but the donks don’t go out there unless forced…

We are trying something new this year – we turned their normal hay feeder into a slow feeder, right now it has a net with 2” holes and they are doing well with it, next week we will replace that net with one with 1.5 inch holes – hoping it will slow them down a bit. Those little chow hounds like to eat and I worry as it’s not even been cold out yet and they are polishing off a half a flake from a big square bale in no time at all. We bed with chopped straw and they tend to eat as much of that as they can as well…. Good thing we don’t bed deep! My mare spends most of her time in the pasture digging through the snow for grass while the donks just stand around and eat the easy meals.

I’ve not been out much, had surgery on 11/25 and doctors orders were to take it easy and not lift anything more than a gallon of milk for 4 weeks, abdominal surgery puts one at risk for hernias if they don’t behave. It’s been hard, going from doing everything to doing nothing. The last 2 weeks I’ve been doing more though, even did chores myself the last few days.

Soon as it warms up a bit I’ll be getting the vet out to do the donkey’s teeth, they were supposed to get done in fall but things kept coming up and it didn’t get done…. They are up to date on everything else though.

I’m feeling a little guilty as in the beginning, I was very regular with updates, but as time goes by I’ve gotten quite lax. Sorry about that.

Bye for now, Kim

Jenni O.
Get well soon! Glad the equines are all doing well. I hope the smaller hole hay net works out.
Get well soon Kim.  I would like to have these 3 to play with in my pasture [crazy]
Kim V.
You simply can not get a fat donkey to loose weight.... doesn't matter how little pasture they get or how little the holes in the hay net... I even tried the exercise route and taught them to pony off Lana but Jasper got a sore neck  and no one would come near me for days after we tried .... doesn't help that Lana can not walk slow enough for them. It is what it is...
Today they all got baths! I don't think they will talk to me for a few days now either... :-) 
They are still not shed out but at least they are clean....
Here is a new picture.... Kim

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Scott Bayerl
Teehehe..... [smile]
Thanks for sharing Kim, so darn cute.  I wish we had a couple in our pasture, they look great.
Jenni O.
Look at all the cute ears! How can you stand all the cuteness? They're not fat, they're fluffy. I think you should teach them to drive. That will be a way for everyone to get exercise. And when they won't let you catch them, everyone gets exercise from all the chasing!
Donna R
Our mini donkey boys are about half shed out too Kim.  We have the same problem with them and their weight.  The vet said they look perfect though.  Good for you that you were able to give them baths!  One of ours had a growth that the vet had me hose down twice a day. That was a miserable time for everyone.    Turns out it was a cancerous tumor.  And we were hosing it down [frown].  We are two years post surgery now and he is doing great.  He has also finally forgiven me for that few weeks of hell.  They don't forget easily.  Maybe not at all.
Kim V.
Jenni, teaching them to drive is a fine idea but not realistic. I'm gone to work 10 hours a day... I show my horse which means she needs to be ridden regularly... I'm gone to horse shows or camping most weekends and when I am home I am hauling somewhere to ride. I've also got 2 dogs, one which needs to be groomed alot - long haired Springer on a farm.. what was I thinking... then there are the chickens... All these need to be fed, watered and cleaned up after.... I have 3 pastures that get mowed and drug on a regular basis... I have a husband and a house to take care of, and laundry... dishes.... cooking... oh and did I mention I work and am gone 10 hours a day?
If I won the lottery, maybe I could quit my job, stay home, hire a trainer and get them broke to ride but till that day, they are pasture puffs... well loved pasture puffs.... 
Unless of course you want to come over and train them for me????
Bye for now, Kim
Scott: MHWF
Everybody should have a donkey in their life at least once.
Sophia, Flora and Jasper!

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Kim V.
My 3 little chubby donkeys... don't know how I ever got through life without them.... Kim
Jasper wants to know what ya got?

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