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Jenni O.
Because you're staaaarrrving him, lol! Love that cute face. I just saw your reply about training them to drive. I'm pretty sure I'm not talented enough to get a donkey to do much of anything, besides eat.
I'd love for them to have a job other than eating, pooping, making messes and annoying each other... unless being cute, providing endless entertainment and turning my friends and family into donkey pez dispensers counts as employment. But, alas, winter is coming and it will be too cold to mess around outside for long periods of time, and I am staring down the barrel of gallbladder surgery next month...
But they are adorable, fun, happy, healthy (other than fat) and do what they were meant to... Keep Lana company... as well as provide daily laughter... Gotta love a couple of mini donks. Kim
Kim V.
Just spent at least an hour reading the old posts. donks have not changed.... they are still cute, fuzzy and fat... they still make me laugh and provide excellent company for Lana. 
Farrier comes tomorrow... everyone is due... then I'll collect poo and send it in and see what the counts are and figure out of anyone needs to be wormed. 
Chomping at the bit waiting for spring. Just started going out in the barn again, had surgery on the 9th - gallbladder and appendix were removed. Its always something and I am running out of parts that can be removed. 
Just wanted to touch base, say Hi, let you know these 3 are still loved.... 
Jenni O.
Glad to hear you're recovering well and the donks are doing well. Chomping at the bit for spring as well.
Kim Van Drisse
Took a picture of the crew today, I actually spent several hours in the barn and did some major brushing on everyone - they are shedding nicely... of course Lana will be shed out by the end of the month but the donks will wait till July to loose the last of their hair.
Fiona has another abscess in her front hoof... its been a never ending story with her, first the left, then the right and now the left again.. can't wait for the frost to be out of the ground and the frozen poo and ice to be gone so the footing is soft again... 
Vet will be here Friday to do health papers, getting it done early this year... [biggrin]  Farrier will be back on the 29th.. then Lana heads to the trainer for a tune up and the donks will have the place to themselves for awhile.
Bye for now, Kim

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I'm sorry to hear about the abscesses.  Hopefully this year will be a much better one and no abscesses.  

What an adorable equine family there.  [smile]  That Lana sure is gorgeous, wowza!!  

Jenni O.
So much cuteness. And Lana blends in...sort of.
I have a thing for matching... matching my shoes, belt and jacket.... matching my saddle and bridle and saddle pad.... even my cinch matches my saddle... :-) So no one was surprised when I made sure my herd matched.

Kim V.
Vet was out on the 10th to do the health checks on the donkeys - asked me what I was doing, as the donkeys look 'NORMAL" not overweight like in the past..... even wrote checked the normal box on their paperwork - - good condition, well kept... LOL  This winter we did something different - the hay feeder was made into a slow feeder with the help of a slow feed net and we kept hay in it at all times - but the hay we bought was 2 years old, late cut 1st crop grass hay. Low protein, low sugar. I think we fed 4 big squares - we had bought six from a friend after selling the good stuff we had... how many people sell good quality grass/alfalfa mix and buy 'old' grass hay? I guess donkey people.. We then provided the donkeys with a Equilix tub by Equipride and they got a handful or two of soaked no molasses beet pulp. 
This summer they will be on pasture but we have a pasture paradise setup so they have to walk all the way around the pasture to get to any good grazing and we'll keep the hay feeder full and see what happens. 
Farrier is due on the 29th, will get photos and send out the paperwork after that, since I already put that trim date on the paperwork with the rest of the dates.
cindy g
Hi Kim, We have 2 donkeys and have had the hardest time keeping weight off them as well. I am very convinced they can suck calories out of the air.
They both came down with Lymes in late fall and we kept them inside a lot (they were doing very poorly for a couple weeks) We also fed them some 2 year old hay in slow feed nets and they are looking much better now weight wise than ever before. I have been saving my really good hay for my old horse when she comes in for dinner.
Actually this is the first week (all winter) that they have been spending a great deal of time out with the horses and not hiding in the barn. Ours also get a few handfuls of soaked beet pulp (no molas) at dinner time when everyone is in for grain.
Wow. Those 3 sure hit the jackpot with you! You are really committed to their well being. So nice to see.
Kim V.
Paperwork is done..... this is the photo I am sending with..... does it work or do you want individuals? Kim

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Scott: MHWF
Love it, thank you!
Donna R
They look really great!  I would agree.  Perfect weight!  You have done a great job with them. 

I have two mini donkey brothers.  According to our vet they are at a great weight too.   Seems like at the blink of an eye  weight so easily slips on those little guys. 
Kim Van Drisse

Been a long time since I provided an update on the donkeys. Things were a bit rocky here for awhile and I actually thought I was going to have to give them up. Which would be absolutely heartbreaking. Long story and I don’t want to bore anyone to tears so …

Since my last post we have hired yet another farrier. Some friends of ours recommend Ike, who is a Amish farrier from Clintonville. I am absolutely thrilled with his work. He is the first farrier who has said that you can’t fix a club hoof on a mature horse, you just have to work with it. He also trims out the sole of the hoof (controversial to many) which allows him to bring the toe back where it needs to be. My mare’s hooves look awesome and the donkeys hooves actually look like little donkey hooves now and Flora is not rocking back on her heel in front and needing to be trimmed every 3 weeks… Our 2nd trim was 6 weeks after the first and no rocking back on the heel, and we are going to go 7 weeks between going forward. Their little hooves look amazing – still working on whiteline but that might be a never ending story.

Other than that news, not a whole lot going on. Been riding a lot, my last horse shows are this coming weekend and then its trail riding for the rest of the year.

Hope all is well with everyone… Kim

Jane Liess
Glad to hear you can keep the donkeys, Kim.  It has been great hearing about them since you adopted them.  Thanks for providing them a good home.
Kim Van Drisse
Just a new photo of the crew... they got a new sand pile to play on/in last night... their old one lasted 3 years but was mostly small stones now - which get buried in their hooves... so we hauled that one away and brought in fresh sand from the gravel pit...
Sophie had a visit from the vet, her eye is red, swollen and tearing... something irritated it so we had it irrigated and have some ointment to put in 2x a day... talk about a fight! Shesh, those short fat necks can sure drag a grown person a looongggg distance! :-)
Bye for now, Kim

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Kim V.
Donks had their annual wellness exam yesterday... Flora had to get her teeth floated again - one of her front teeth was longer than the others and she had some hooks on the back. I noticed she has been chewing funny as of late and when taking treats, turning her head sideways to take it... but she is all good now and today was super spunky! Saw me coming and headed for the hills at a brisk trot till she saw I had some homemade goodies...:-) she is a sucker for the maple syrup and oatmeal treats I made. 

I just need to get their fecal test sent in next week... shots are done, farrier comes next Friday. , but thats a regular visit. 

Wish I would of taken photos of Flora getting her teeth done, the vet was sitting on the floor to do her. But I had a crappy day yesterday and was just thinking about getting done and getting in the house for a glass or 4 of wine...

I'll get my paperwork in by June, with photos of fat, hairy donkeys... who make me smile every day no matter how crappy the day was before I got to spend time with them. ~Kim
Sorry you had a crappy day, but so glad you have those 6 long ears to make you smile!
Kim V.
Well, my truck is in the shop, had to get towed home on Friday, broke down 30 miles from home, the brakes keep locking up and my brand new trailer has been in the shop for 2 weeks.... had it home for 2 days and discovered an electrical issue... might get it home this week if they can figure out what is wrong with the truck... thats going to cost me a mint... add to that, we are paying in $800 in taxes this year (better than last year which was $8000, and no we don't make that much money.. was unemployed for awhile and needed to dig into my 401-K)... vet bill for the donks was only $150... 
Anyway, enough whining... here is a picture I took of the donks today, the girls are in heat and have been riding each other and making funny noises, Jasper ignores them both.. never an end to the entertainment they provide.
They much more enjoy sleeping in the marsh hay than eating it.... they look the same as they have since I brought them home.. fat, cute and sassy. 
Bye for now, Kim

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Kim V.
Someone, well, all 3 wanted to say Hello!!! 

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Dying of cuteness overload over here!!  Thanks for sharing Kim, this really made my day!  
Kate G
They are so cute, you'd think everyone would want one of these in their back-yard. 
LOVE the donks!
oh those ears!  oh those eyes!  Such cute donks!
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