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mel d

He rocked the vote! Hope someone out there saw him and wants the whole "family" :-)

Question.......Can someone tell me why these 3 beautiful donkeys haven't been adopted yet?   Seriously!!!  The price is right.

Scott: MHWF
A little birdie told me that there might be some new pictures of the donkeys showing up here on the forum today.

I also wanted to say that all 3 were pretty good for the farrier the other day, which isn't always the case with donkeys. 
Karla Joy

I sure hope that little bird is right!

I heard that bird squawking this morning too.  :) 

I will quick share 2 pics here, and when I get a couple more minutes I'll grab a few more.  Here are the three of them together.  You can see how wooly they were when they came in, so much hair!  They have the fat rolls on their neck too, Jasper's being the least noticeable.  They have shed out tons of that hair now and still have some to shed, but I don't think those fat rolls will ever go away.  Here are a couple pics of the three of them together, and I'll be back with a few more pics in a bit.  Most of the pics are so close up because I can't get them very far away from me when I'm in the pasture. 

Here together to show you their size, which is pretty close in all three (Jasper on the left)

Some more pictures. 





AWWW!  They are CUTE...love Flora's doe eyes! 


I so wish we had a farm already--I'd bring them all home in a heartbeat. They are sooo cute!


I love to make faces for the camera! 

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Wendy W - WI

OMG!!  OMG!!  That is the best picture!!!  What a great shot. 


Oh Jasper! stop that, you're gonna get me in trouble! I've always wanted a donkey and you are too darn cute!

That is to cute :) I wish I could get a donkey I would get Jasper if he was broke in a heart beat :) What a cutie Cmon summer coat all they way :)
 Will the donkeys shed out completely like a horse or how little Mandy did? I don't know a thing about donkeys! The fat rolls on their necks are so weird. Is that typical? I assume a person would have to be knowledgable to adopt a donkey, is that correct?

 They look sweet and Jasper looks like he could be quite a ham!
Hey Jurita, thanks for asking the questions.  You noticed little Mandy shed out a bit slower than the horses.  Donkeys seem to shed out so much slower than horses do, and that is pretty typical.  These guys were so extremely hairy with really super thick wooly hair when they came in (look at their earlier pics), and they were also behind on their deworming schedule when they came in (previous owner did not remember the last time they were dewormed), but they are really shedding out nicely now!  I forgot to mention that Sophia required a little haircut on her brow because some of that hair got tangled/matted and I had to cut out a couple of little mats.  But they will shed out still and do have some hair to lose yet.  Donkeys do tend to shed out much later than horses do and sometimes people will clip them when it starts getting hot out.  These guys have had no issues being too hot or anything and have lots of shade and shelter, so we haven't clipped them.  They must have been eating a bit too much where they came from, as they got those fat rolls, which will never go away.  Donkey's are typically very easy keepers and do not need nearly what a horse needs in food, and should be kept lower protein as well.  Donkeys are typically very easy to care for.  They really are a joy to have around. 

Here are some links for reading up on donkeys.  This is the website for the American Donkey and Mule Society.  They have loads of information and reading up on donkeys and mules. 

I will copy/paste one piece from this website that answers some questions regarding their feed and the fat rolls, which never do go away. 

Donkeys characteristically get by on less food than a horse of similar size, and need a lower protein content in their feed.  Good grass hay and pasture is usually all a donkey needs.  If grained, the protein should preferably be lower than 12%.  Donkeys can founder on rich food such as alfalfa and lush spring grass.   A fat donkey will develop a "roll"; on the neck, pones of fat on the barrel and over the hips that are quite unsightly.  Once there, these are usually with the donkey for life.  If the neck roll of fat gets too heavy, it will fall or "break over" to one side and never come upright again!  Beware overfeeding these hearty creatures!
          Your donkey should receive the same hoof care, worming and vaccinations that horses receive.  Although some basic research has been done in independent studies on the results of vaccinations in donkeys, there is not enough conclusive proof to show that regular horse medicines, wormers and vaccinations are not effective in donkeys. 
         The hoof of the donkey is a little more round and upright than that of the horse, although individual hoof shape may vary greatly.  Many farriers are nervous about working on donkeys - thinking the hooves are vastly different, or that donkeys are too stubborn and will kick - but a well-trained donkey can be just as easy to trim as any horse.  Most donkeys don't  need shoes - but if they do lots of work on hard surfaces, they might be needed.  Regular trims to keep the hoof in shape are usually all that is needed.  The ADMS has a hoof packet available ($6 ppd)  that can help farriers with their first donkey trims.

Here are some other links about training, etc.: 







I forgot to mention this.  It is fascinating to watch the behavior of donkeys, and they are really super intelligent.  On trimming day the other day, we kept the 3 donks close together in the barn, 2 waiting close while 1 was being trimmed.  At one point Flora didn't want to stand still and wanted to pull her foot away and seemed a little bit upset.  Jasper proceeded to put his head over her neck and stand there and comfort her, as he had gotten his feet done first and did great.  She settled right in and proceeded with the rest of the trim just fine.  They are amazing little creatures. 


I would just kill to have this donkey family. Donkeys are the best! Jurita, you asked if you'd need to be knowledgable to adopt a donkey. I really think as long as someone understands it isn't a little, long-eared horse, you'd be fine. Having a miniature donkey was one of the most fun and rewarding things I've done on a farm. They are sooooo fun!

Karen that is so cute now I would hate to seprate them :/ They are so cute together
Faye - WI
Our first donkey hadn't been handled much, and we noticed that she seemed to learn by first watching the horses to see how things went. When we first got her, she didn't pick up her feet for us, much less hold them up. As far as we knew, she had never been trimmed undrugged (the whole herd had been seized by the authorities) When we first had the farrier out we had him first trim Mr Perfect while she watched. She stared and stared and then was perfect for the Farrier.

Very smart and very funny. I wouldn't give up my donks for anything!

These three are so adorable!  I do hope they find a home together. 



I need new pictures of the fuzzballs for the adoption page!  I just looked at the adoption horse's page and realize that those old pictures are still on there.  Wow, these guys have changed with shedding out so beautifully.  Just a quick update on the donkey family:  They are doing great and very happy and settled in their pasture with Mista and that crew (the smaller group).  They adore attention, love being brushed and are just an absolute pleasure to have around. 

I will get some new pictures very soon to share. 
I did get out and take some pictures of the donkey's tonight, so we have some nice fresh ones. 

Now here is one that could have so many captions. 

Flora thought it was as funny as I did. 

You CAN'T do any better than this!! PERFECT to the MAX!! *Flora* is adorable, and a COMEDIAN in the pasture to boot!  That would be another good contest for these photos! Who can come up with the BEST words without doing the NAUGHTY stuff.... like 3$$$ are better than 2, and *Flora* just cracking up!

You should do a name that photo contest, charge a fee and apply that to the hay drive. I love the pictures.


Oh man are they cute!

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