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Sophisticated Lady - 18 yrs.

$600 - Sophisticated Lady is a registered 18 year old Rocky Mountain Horse. Lady stands at 14.3 hands tall. She is sound, healthy, broke to ride and is in great shape, always having great care. Lady is beautiful of course, but is also a very sweet, easy going mare who simply wants to please. And yes, she is gaited. Lady was previously used as a brood mare, trail horse and lesson horse. The past few years she has been ridden twice per week.

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What a sweet face she has!
Kristin K
Pretty girl, She sounds like a great horse! Now I am kicking myself for not getting my application sent in!
Barb S
Wow! Another wonderful mare!
Donna R
I met this sweet beautiful girl on Friday.  She has it all.   Karen pointed out that she is a larger version of Bambi!

Looks, brains, personality AND she is gaited!  She won't be there long.

Lisa B.
She is a cute one...reminds me of a pony we had when I was a little girl, only bigger. She won't be on the farm long I'm betting!
Jan H
I am amazed at the number of different breeds of horses there are.  I've never heard of the Rocky Mountain Walking Horse.  When a new breed comes in, right away I go to the internet to find out a little more about them. 

She is beautiful and it was interesting to read about their unique "gait".  It would be fun to see a side by side comparison to a regular trot.

Thanks MHWF for peaking my interest on another horse.
The "walking" part of her description is more slang and was simply a typo....she is a RMH.

She's beautiful and I bet very comfortable to ride. Rocky Mountain's have always been one of my favorites.
If you think this horse is pretty well then you should see her in person. She is beautiful and has a really cute face. She's the color of chocolate and just as sweet!
Roxanne M.
Just met this girl...very very sweet
Just checking on Lady   How is she adjusting to her new "digs"?  Has she made any friends yet?
Sandy K
What a gorgeous mare ! I bet she will have those pretty dapples like Bambi does in the summertime . She sounds so well rounded and gaited as a bonus .
Hi Karen, Lady has settled in really well. It was nice seeing her lay down out in the sunshine today with her herd mates for a nap. She is one of the sweetest horses and we absolutely adore her. Thank you so much for entrusting us with her care. She is a joy to have here.
Thanks for the update, Karen. I'm not surprised she's adjusting well. Lady's pretty mellow. I know she's in good hands at your place. And I'm very grateful. Enjoy her... and please keep in touch!
Ann G.
My Rocky Mountain horse looks a lot like her, I love this breed,there so willing and good natured, ever one should have one[smile].
Oh boy...someone is a lucky person.
Looks like maybe I should come ride some more horses. [smile]
A big congratulations and thank-you to Kristin and Ben!  Lady is such a wonderful horse and this is one of those times where there is one lucky adopter and a whole bunch of disappointed people that it couldn't be them.  There is only one Lady, and we are thankful that we were able to be a part of finding her a wonderful new home during her time of transition in life.  Thank you to Karen for entrusting us with Lady's care, and thank you to Kristin and Ben for choosing adoption again with MHWF.  We look forward to hearing updates on Lady, and really look forward to seeing pictures of her with her new pasture mates.  Kristin and Ben have another Rocky horse at home, so it will be fun to see them together.  

Here is a cute adoption day picture from official adoption day today, 3/26/2017.  Complete with some mud from Caine on Kristin, and those strikingly beautiful eyes of Lady.  [smile]  

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Donna R
Congratulations and best wishes Kristin, Ben, and sweet, beautiful Lady.  Looks like you all hit the jackpot!   Hope to see updates from you. 
Jenni O.
Kristin K
We made it home safe and sound yesterday afternoon. Lady settled in for the 2 hour trailer ride nicely. A little nervous at first but after about 20-30 mins we didn't feel her shifting around much at all. She seemed a little stressed last night (I partly blame the weather as well as our herd of crazy cats that were scampering all over the barn last night sounding like elephants in the upstairs in a new place!), but this morning when I went down to the barn she was much more relaxed and was out in the pasture eating. She has my 27 year old in the pen next to her and I am hoping they will be able to go in with each other tonight. He doesn't have a care in the world and is always the first to make friends with horses so is my choice for a new introduction.  We are extremely excited to have had the chance to adopt Lady. She really seems like a sweet girl and I am looking forward to getting to know her better once she is fully settled!
Very glad for you, you got your self a great horseā™”
Congratulations! She is one beautiful, sweet mare!
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