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Kristin K
Lady has settled in very well. She is is getting along great with my 2 geldings and Saturday I caught her laying out in the sun with my one gelding. I took her for a short ride yesterday. I found she is definitely not as round as my gelding so the girth I had was too big, so didn't stray far from the yard, but man is she fun to ride! she did great and was completely unconcerned with the other 2, who were throwing a fit because she was taken away from them. Afterwards I convinced my 4 year old to come and just try sitting on her. He had never been on a horse before and was a little nervous but once he got up there I think his smile says it all. Lady did great and you could really see her being extra careful with Colton. He said she is now his favorite horse. We feel so fortunate to be able to have adopted her and can't wait for summer to finally get here!

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Donna R
What a great update!  Lucky you!  Lucky Lady!  This just makes me smile [smile]
What a great mare!!She looks so calm,he looks so happy on her,glad she is happy in her new home♡
Lisa B.
How wonderful! Looks like you have an upcoming riding buddy!
Awesome update!  Love that smile!
Kristin K
Lady is settling great! Her personality is really coming out now and she is a joy to have around and she is fitting in with the boys just fine, finally starting to put Scooter in his place! Sadly over the weekend we had to put down my older gelding. We weren't expecting this at all but are so happy we have lady as Scooter now doesn't have to be alone, so we are so thankful for that.

But lady is doing great! We went for our first true ride yesterday and she was a rockstar. We have had a lot of rain so there are some pretty big puddles across our trails and she went right through with very little hesitation! She rode out alone just fine and took everything in stride. I am excited to continue to develops a relationship with her and just enjoy.

Here are a couple pics of Lady and Scooter this morning.

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I am so sorry to hear of your gelding's passing.  It is always heart wrenching for everyone.  So glad that Lady is with you!
Jane Liess
Very sad tp have lost your older gelding; they leave such an imprint on your heart.  Lady came into your lives with a purpose, in addition to being a beautiful lady.
Jenni O.
I'm sorry to hear about your gelding. Glad you have Lady and it's great things are going so well.

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Here are a couple riding pictures from this weekend. [smile] Colton absolutely loves her as well.

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Scott: MHWF
Yesterday I got a call from Kristin, Sophisticated Lady's adopter, letting me know that Lady had either laid down or slipped on a patch of ice and they could not get her up. I gave Kristin some advice on flipping Lady over to get the legs that had not fallen asleep under her and about an hour later, we got this message and photo! 😉

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Hooray!  Glad she's up!
This ice is super scary stuff!!!!
Kristin K
I am so grateful for Scott! My husband and I had tried for almost an hour, we had some of that tube sand we were dumping around her and was throwing their free choice salt out around her as well. We got it to melt and good traction around her but she just couldn't get up.  I had reached my point of panic in my brain and couldn't even think anymore. Scott told me exactly what to try and really calmed me down and after flipping her within a couple minutes we got her pulled up. Was such a relief! She is doing well today, moving a smidge slower than normal, probably a little sore, but putting weight on all legs, eating and was impatiently waiting for breakfast this morning. Until we get snow, they will be stuck in the small paddock area that is ice free as I don't want to risk either of them finding any other icy patch.
Jan H
Are Lady and Scooter the same breed of horse?  Their coloring is almost identical.
Kristin K
Yes they are both the same breed. Although technically Scooter isn't registered Rocky Mountain as we never went through the registration process. He can be sloppy in his gait so would have been hard to get him registered. They are two peas in a pod in so many ways...color, personality...its really cool!
So glad to hear that your "adventure" ended well and without too much trauma.  It is always scary when you have a horse you cant get up!  Your twin horses are just so beautiful.
This ice...ugh! Glad Lady is ok.
Kristin K
I realized we have had Lady with us now a year already! It’s been a great year and I am looking forward to a lot more riding this summer! Here are a couple pictures of Lady in all her spring fluff. This is about as good of pictures as I can get on my own as she needs to come right up to investigate all the time. Thank you Scott and Karen for letting her be part of our family!

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Kristin K
Just a quick Lady update. Not much new has gone on...she is doing well and is a joy to have around. Looking forward to enjoying the fall weather!

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I just had to share...Lady and Piroska have really bonded. Where one is the other normally isn’t far  behind! With all the rain we have had our main pasture is a mud hole and their easy going personalities have made it so easy to set up temporary pastures, and have them respect that fence (can’t say the same for my gelding and pony 🤨) and get them out of the mud! The picture is them enjoying a dry place to lay!

- Kristin

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Kristin K
Piroska and Lady are just saying hi and to stay warm. Everyone is doing good over here. I did break down and put blankets on after I noticed Piroska and scooter shivering a little. Otherwise everyone is warm and happy!

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Such a pretty girl!
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