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Sox - 22 years

$400 - Sox is a 22 year old Quarab gelding. He is sound, healthy, current on everything and stands at 14.2 hands tall. Sox is in great shape and has had excellent care his entire life. Sadly, his owner, a good friend of MHWF, recently passed away. He wanted Sox to come here to MHWF. Sox is super sweet, a little shy until he gets to know you, but is a nice looking horse, really cute. Sox has no special needs and just had his teeth floated. While we did not get a chance to learn much about his past, we are certain he was a trail horse his entire life and he certainly looks to have many more years left in him. We will post more updates as we get to know Sox better. In the meantime, if you are looking for a sweet gelding, not so tall, with a lot of experience, you might want to come and meet Sox. Sox's vet is also a good friend of MHWF, so we have his records for his recent vet visits over the past few years. We are honored that Mike asked that his life long friend entrusted us to find Sox his new home. Our deepest condolences to Mike's family and friends. Mike was a good person, a great adopter and a great supporter of MHWF.

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My goodness, he is gorgeous and perfectly qualified. My condolences to all who knew Mike. I am glad his horses will be safe and loved.
Jenni O.
He's gorgeous, and doors not look 22. Probably the Arab in him that keeps him looking young [wink].
BE Still my heart!   Oh my.. love him.    
My sympathy to all of Mike's friends and family.  What a good example he is to all of us.  Sox is a really cool looking dude with that white speckling on his back and flanks!  

Update: 9-29-2018

Sox got his first test ride the other day and did very well. He was concerned about being taken out of the herd and away from his new friends at first, but once he realized what was going on, he settled right in and it quickly became clear that he knows his stuff and is a good riding horse.

Jan N
Sox!!  So happy to see the Tentatively Adopted on your page!  Hope everything goes smoothly til your adopting family can get you to your new home. Best wishes, big guy! 
Rock on Sox hopefully you get to leave for your new home soon ..
Sox on his way to his new home with Heike B. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Barb S
Congratulations Heike and Sox! What a wonderful Christmas present for Sox he gets a new home. Lucky boy and lucky Heike gets this handsome gentleman in her life. Time of the year to count our blessings๐Ÿ˜‡
Yay for Sox! And going to such a good adopter. Win-win.
Congrats to Sox and Heike!
Donna R
Yay for Sox and Heike!  Great choice.  Congratulations!
Congratulations Heike and Sox!! How on earth did you adopt a horse and I wasn't there?! LOL
We also have a beautiful adoption day picture to share too!  Heike was kind enough to pose for a nice picture with Sox, even though I think there is a particular young man in the household who is going to be Sox' main person.  I know I have a picture from when they were here meeting Sox for the first time officially, but that is on my cell phone and I can't find that pic right now, but will eventually.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  

Thank you so much for fostering Cora for us, Heike, and an even bigger thank you for choosing adoption again and giving Sox a great home!!!  

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Here's Sox during and after breakfast, and getting more acquainted with the waterer. Since he's getting grain, he's in with Princess and Holli who aren't giving him a super warm welcome, but he's doing fine. 

- Heike

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Kristin W.
Congratulations! So happy for you Sox!
Jan N
Such a warm, melty feeling on learning Sox found his home and person with you and yours, Heike. This is awesome.
Hi guys,
Sox is settling in well.  I thought he'd probably be bottom of the pecking order (first Princess, then Holli, then Sox, then the cow), but he is establishing his place in the order of things and although Princess is still the undisputed queen, he's been displacing Holli at meal time.  This is actually perfect!  Princess is a slow eater, so no one will take her food away and she's too slow to steal anyone else's.  Then Sox, who is also a slow eater, and then Holli, who is a really fast eater but now won't steal from the others.  So each can get the amount they need without too much fuss or oversight.  We'll see how long the peace lasts!  The kids love Sox, he comes right up to the fence when we come by, and loves treats!  Sorry no pictures, it's dark for both morning and evening chores. 

- Heike B.
Heike!  Congratulations!  Great pick.  Sox was one of my top picks too.  I'll be excited to follow your thread and see him on the annual camping trip.
So glad Sox is finding his place, and making it easy for you too!!

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Love those frosty eyelashes!
Very cool frosty pictures!! 
Sox enjoying life at Heike's place ๐Ÿ˜‰

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