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This will be Spartacus' thread where we will post any new updates and/or photos. 

Date of Arrival to MHWF:  9/4/2011 
Spartacus - 9 yrs.

$400 - Spartacus is a 9 year old registered Pinto/Arabian gelding. He is 14.2 hands tall, a very easy keeper and has good ground manners. Spartacus leads, loads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. He is current on all his shots, wormings and trims and is ready to go for the rest of the year. He is easy going and has a very fun and likable personality. Spartacus has been ridden in the arena and on a trail ride or two. It has been a few months since he has had any regular work, so he might need some light refresher work and any rough edges worked out, but he is a very willing and likable guy who will be fun to spend time with. He also gets along real well with his pasture mates and adds some great color to the pasture.

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Denise from Denmark

oooo la la!! what a beauty!! wishin i would win the lottery so i could bring this  guy home!!!! wowza!!

Karla Joy

What a beautiful boy. Or, maybe I mean what a handsome boy!

Donna R


mel d

Color, personality ...gets along well in the pasture...what a great combo!

Butch Cassidy could be Spartacus' "mini me"....
 or actually Spartacus would be Butch's "maxi me"!!


What a nicely marked fellow Spartacus is!  He and Butch Cassidy would definitely make people look twice at that pasture..smile...

Carol A.
OMG.. I cannot believe Sparty is here...
He was supposed to come back to me if they ever decided they didn't want him.
I guess I should give all those who come here, Sparty's story.

Spartacus was purchased by a close friend of mine to be used as a stallion, he bred 1 mare, and then she found out he had pony blood in his bloodline and he couldn't be used for breeding for pintabians..
By the way, he is NOT a pintabian, he is a pinto, with a LOT of arabian breeding in him. BUT he is not a registered arab, just pinto. He was gelded and his daughter is taller than he is!! SOO cute!
Anyway, she sent Sparty off to be broke to ride.. he would be fine some days, and bad other days... on his bad days he was like a bronco.
He came home after 90 days PRO training at a well known Southern WI equestrian center, and was labelled unreliable.
My friend wanted to find him a good home that would put miles on him, and another good friend wanted a horse to ride.. so off he went to his new home.
Well she had him and rode him ALOT, was offered alot for him, she moved to Mayville WI, where she had problems with him and her stud colt, he would run the colt through the electric fence. Sparty had not been in a large pasture, since he was a young, young horse, probably before my friend bought him. And my other friend was keeping him and her other horses in a paddock or stalls then limited turn out into a really big pasture, that was used by dairy cows when they weren't being milked. She asked me to take him back so I did.  I kept him for a few months and rode him and that is when I met a lady who's family probably donated him to MHWF. She rode him and loved him, my friend who had put all those miles on him, got him past any thing bad and all the great training he had had, came forward.

The young lady had suffered an issue, I am not sure I am allowed to discuss, and perhaps it is what led to him being donated, changes that made it clear he was not being used in the way he should have. I do know that the family knew where he came from, and if need be they could have contacted me through my friend. I board my horses there.

But I am glad he is with MHWF, as he will forever have a home... I want to include some pics my friend had taken of him, while he was with her, I will get a pic of Beauty, his daughter, she is lovely!! I can post it later on today. If anyone has questions, PLS feel free to email me!!


Scott Bayerl: MHWF
Thank you for the info and history on Sparty! We appreciate that.

Yes, his donor did love him, but is having some major health problems and could no longer ride him. He's been very mellow and easy going here and will make someone a wonderful trail horse indeed.
Carol A
I have pics of his daughter Beauty on my camera and will get them up as soon as I can.
I always called him Sparty Bart.. no idea why.. just seemed a cute nickname for him.
My friend who originally purchased him from his breeders, named him Spartacus, because he came from the Sparta area.

Wendy W - WI
Sparty to me is gorgeous.  I love the bone and back of this boy.  He is sturdy and sooo handsome.  I like 'em thick.  He's had a ton of training and needs the right home to be in the same frame of mind when he was ridden regular.  Personally Carol, I don't need to see his daughter as this is a thread for Sparty.  I am looking forward to his adoption and hope that will be soon!  
Carol, if Spartacus should have been with you if the previous owner didn't want him, why aren't you adopting him?  It's not a big fee.  
Denise from Denmark
I am soo glad i got to come visit today with friends,, sparty is sooo cute and what an adorable face he has  .. just my size also  ; }  I am going to be talking with the hubby and see if we can maybe take a ride and see him , maybe Katie can test ride him ?  But then she will want Bob also..lol  so glad i got to meet Scott and Karen , thank you for letting me feed them carrots today. I am known as the treat lady at our barn..lol 
thanks again
Carol A
The person in the pics of Spartacus are of my friend Kris, she is the one who put MILES and MILES on him.
He is much too small for me, and I have 2 ponies, 1 unbroke mare and my husbands and my horses equaling 5 animals. I do self care and I know I am at my limit for what I can afford and care for.
I love Sparty, and would love to meet who ever gets him.
My friend who was the original buyer of him from his breeder has bred several horses over the years. She has stopped and still has a few 5 yr and 6-7 yr olds that are not broke. We can't keep track of all the horses that are sold but when or if they do pop up and if I can help give the history of a horse I know. I like to do that.
I am glad he is here, this is by far the best rescue I have EVER seen!!

Just bumping Spartacus' thread back up to remind everyone what a great horse this is here!  He has been such a good boy here and is really doing wonderful. 

Here are a couple of pics of Spartacus from this evening, 9/19/2011.  I think that white underneath his jaw is so cute (everything about him is so cute). 

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He does have the neatest markings!  I believe i see some pony in that face...grin...just a cutie!

Wendy W - WI
There is just something about this boy that draws me to him.  I think he is soooo friggen cool.

mel d

Just catching up and must say I am dang surprised he does not have Adopted under his name...


It was Spartacus’ lucky day today!  Kennedy and her mom, Jenny, came to meet horses today, as they needed one more horse to make their horse family complete.  We took out Spartacus first and they both rode him and he did just great with both Kennedy and Jenny.  They didn’t need to look any further, and I think Spartacus chose them.  It was really a great match and we are just thrilled that Sparty found such a great home!  Now Kennedy, Jenny and Kennedy’s sister will all be able to ride together. 

Thank you so much for choosing adoption and for giving Spartacus such a great home!  We look forward to hearing of your adventures together. 

Here is a picture of Kennedy and Spartacus from adoption day, 9/25/2011. 

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Awesome news and another beautiful adoption picture!!  You will be riding in style Kennedy!!

Yeah Spartacus! He has such a cute face.
Karla Joy

This is fantastic! So happy for Spartacus and his new family.


Congratulations to Spartacus and his new family!

Wendy W - WI
Congratulations!!!  There is just something about Sparty..... 

What a wonderful picture and you look great together!  I hope we get to hear (and see) some updates. 
mel d

Congratulations Kennedy! And Spartacus too...isn't great when a horse picks their people!!!

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