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Congratulations to Kennedy and Sparty.  You two make a great looking pair.  Love Sparty's face, just love it!  Hoping you share pictures and updates with all of us!
Jenni O.



What a happy ending, he is such an adorable guy! Congrats.


Congratulations Kennedy!! * Sparty* is one HANDSOME boy. He has gorgeous color, and I like to think he is a *Chippandale MODEL* for the horse CALENDARS... hmmmmm Horses seem to KNOW, and when you and your mum met *Sparty* I bet he thought, HERE IS MY FAMILY. Good Luck and I sure hope you can bring ON the updates of your experiences.

Denise From MN
Just look at those happy faces!  Congratulations!
We are so pleased with Spartacus so far and we wish it would stop raining! So we can really get out there and welcome him into our family.  Thank you so much to the lady who donated him. I always believe that there is a Higher Power involved in everything and once again He has answered our prayers.  Thank you very much to MHWF for your patience and kindness and making this experience wonderful!  Kennedy and Spartacus picture is beautiful and I would love to order prints of what you took that day.  Kennedy is thrilled! She can't seem to stop grinning!  We are planning a camping/trail ride at the end of the month already!  Now I can go with both my daughters and I am so thankful to have one more "tool" (Spartacus) to keep my relationship with them strong. It is a gift and we appreciate at it to the fullest!
Denise From MN
Beautifully said Jenny!

OMG!! Jenny, you sure did nail it... Scott/Karen are a GIFT to all the horses because they make SURE that each one  gets a decent home with LOVE/CARE... It is one organization that we actually see the SUCCESS/PROGRESS actually happening...

Donna R

Congratulations!  Sounds like a wonderful match!  Love the picture of you two.

Carol A
Congrats Kennedy!!!
I am soo glad that Spartacus is part of your family now!!
He did a lot of good for the person who donated him, while he was there. I watched him grow from a yearling to the "man" he is today.
My barn owner was his original 1st owner, and she sent him off for all his training.
My friend Kris is the one who put a LOT of miles on him, and I got to ride him a whole two times before the person who donated him to MHWF decided he would be the perfect horse for her.
He has been a great horse for a few people and I know he will be a great horse for you and your family!!



Hi All - You know I am not the adopter of Spartacus but I did send Jenny and Kennedy over to meet him and adopt him of course.  The ladies do not get on the internet that often but I recently spoke with Jenny and she said they absolutely love that guy.  Sparty has blended right in with their mares and they are one happy family.  Just wanted to share that before I forgot.....:) 

Wendy W - WI
Very nice to hear.  I would love to see pictures of Sparty if you or they can do it.  He sounds very happy and I'm thrilled for them!
Gloria H

I second that - would love to see pics :) :) - sounds like a perfect match :) :)

MHWF, Inc.
Got this update to share about Spartacus today!

Just wanted to give you an update on Spartacus. We are absolutely in love with him. He is ridden just about every day. The past two weekends we have trailered him to two different locations to ride on the snowmobile trails and he has done so well. You can tell the horses are having just as much fun as we are. He has had 7yr old kids riding him up to adults. My daughter is planning to take him to school at the beginning of March for a school project (with good judgment, of course) some things still need to be worked out for safety issues, but still a good prospect. We have had the farrier out twice since we have had him and he is perfect for him. Again!! Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him. Vet work will be scheduled for April. So all is being taken care of so Spartacus is happy and healthy. He is a perfect addition to our family. My husband even likes him!!! Sincerely, Jenny B. and Family

PS. I will try and get some pictures out to you soon. We took some this last weekend when we were out for the rideā€¦I have to remember to bring my camera to work.


 Pictures would be great. He is really cute.

John B.

Wonderful update :-)  What a great match Sparty is with his new family


We got these photos of Spartacus via email today!


"I am going to attempt to send some pictures to you illustrating Spartacus' new life in his new home!:) I can not express in words how much we love him and how much he loves us. Thank you again for letting has adopt him."



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What a great photo update!  It's easy to see all the fun and love through the photos.  Thank you so much for sharing with us Kennedy and Jenny! 

Jane Liess

What beautiful pictures, and what a beautiful facility!  It's great to see everyone enjoying their horses safely (with helmets).  It looks like so much fun that I'm jealous.  Wonderful news.


Great update and photos!  looks like everyone is have fun to me!


I love the pics!  The girls were at Heartland Stables for a 4H clinic.  Kennedy's sister Amber is doing great with her mare Medi also.  Oh that Spartacus has a very good and healthy life with lots of fun thrown in too!  Jenny and her girls ride ride ride!  :)

Anna WI

Do you board at Heartland Stables or were you there for a booster show? I don't live too far from there and have rode in some of the fun shows!

Anna, if you meant me I live a short distance from Heartland Stables in Custer as does Jenny.  It's sure is fun to attend the shows there and watch everyone ride. 
Jenni O.

Love the photos, and the helmets.  Looks like Spartacus is a busy guy.

Time for an update on Sparty!

We are fortunate enough to be keeping our horses at the farm where Sparty lives!  Seems like no matter where we go, we run into a MHWF horse.  (We used to keep our boys where Robin Ole Princess was kept and we loved seeing her thrive.) 

Sparty is doing very well.  He's super happy and healthy and getting lots of good attention, handling, and riding. We just love this guy!  [love]

Jenny is a truly wonderful person and takes such great care of her horses (and ours).  Honestly, I can't say enough about her hard work and dedication to the horses.  She has been so great welcoming us to her farm, taking us in, and looking out for our boys. [biggrin] Here's a picture of Jenny and Sparty from our ride together yesterday afternoon.


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