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Spirit - 15 yrs.

$500 - Spirit is a 15 year old Kiger Mustang mare. She stands at 15 hands tall and is a well broke, very easy going and sweet horse. She is a veteran trail horse. We are told that she is sound and healthy and does not have any special needs or bad habits. Spirit cannot be vaccinated as the last two times she was, she had very bad reactions that almost killed her, so no shots. She does have a brand new Coggins and was just de-wormed, so she is ready to hit the trails. Super easy going and very quiet and polite, but has a lot of get up and go and definitely not a "kid's horse".

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Heike B
Wow, I'd snap her up in a heartbeat if I was looking, or even could squeeze one in!
[love]  What a lovely looking mare! 
I'm in love. Big sigh . . .
Barb S
She’s beautiful and ready to hit the trails. Someone is going to be extremely fortunate.
Super mare with look and training!!
Jenni O.
Ooh, love her! Can't have her, but someone is going to be very lucky.
Very lucky person...
That is one amazing horse
Who wouldn't want a Kiger mustang??!!!
We are incredibly happy to announce Spirit's adoption!  It became all the way official yesterday, 7/15/2019, when we delivered Spirit to her new home with Robert and Sarah.  Robert and Sarah live fairly locally, so it was an easy trip and we really love when we can deliver a horse and spend a little time with their new family.  Robert and Sarah have two adorable mini's that they have had for years (they drive too), and they will be Spirit's companions.  It sounds like they will be getting another full size horse in the future, and fingers crossed they come to MHWF for their next addition.  [wink]  πŸ˜‰  We hear that Spirit is settling in very nicely already too.  

We're so happy that Spirit got such a great home!  We look forward of hearing of her new adventures, and we thank Robert and Sarah for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations to them and to Spirit!  

Here are a few pictures from adoption day at Spirit's new home.  

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CONGRATULATIONS!! I know I am stating the obvious when I think that Java would make a heck of a cute full size match to your mini match
Congratulations to all.  Those minis sure are cute.
Jenni O.
Congratulations. That's quite the cute herd.
What cute minis!!  Love that shot of them looking at the BIG horse!  Congratulations!
Spirit along with her two miniature horse friends, Bullitt and Kate.

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Love your little herd of one big one and 2 mini's. We have a similar herd at our house. πŸ™‚

Update: 10-26-2019

Spirit was adopted, but is now back at MHWF. While her adopters loved her dearly, their set up was for minis and is just want not working out. They struggled to make the decision to bring her back, but felt it was the right thing to do. She was a perfect angel while she was with them and whoever adopts her now will have a gem...sweet, gentle and well broke.  Spirit is a great horse and just about anyone can ride her, but she does have a lot of get up and go and is not a beginner horse or a "kid's horse".  

Donna M
She is a beauty. If I had space your phone would be ringing right now.
Shellyn A.
Hello,  I have a Halflinger on a large semi dry lot(our own property) and turn her out for short times on a grass pasture. I got her for a trail horse but she has some quirks that make trail riding more of a chore than of pleasure. She is our only horse and I want to get her a pal, preferably one that enjoys the trails.  Since Spirit can not be vaccinated can she still travel to trails and interact with others? 

I just love her and wish I had a spot for her at my place!
Jan N
Shellyn, I'm no expert but it seems to me that so long as sponsors of events (trail rides, shows, fun days, etc.) do not publish any vaccination requirements for entry or participation in their events you wouldn't be breaking any rules to take Spirit to such a trail ride or whatever. She might be exposed to illness from an unvaccinated horse, or even from a vaccinated horse who was only mildly affected, but that is a risk you'll have to weigh yourself. It's probably smart to ask your vet for input on the subject, too.

She may be more at risk away from home if you do rides at times of year or in areas that have a known reputation for being particularly buggy because insect protection on rides is sometimes more challenging than at home. Certainly you should be having your vet do the blood sample and paperwork for Coggins testing yearly, because there is no vaccine for that and it is a horrible thing to risk your horse horse somewhere that it could be exposed to infectious anemia from a carrier (or sick) horse just because some some random insect targeted your sweetie. But there may well be plenty of rides without any vaccination requirements.

Spirit got her teeth floated on Vet Day on 11/2/2019.  She is doing very well and settled in and feeling at home here.  

Here is the Vet Day video.  

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